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I've had mine since release without any issues at all, and I remove it and put it back into my PS3 almost daily.


Use mine all time, no problems here. I have a PS3 Slim.


I'm on my second disc. After awhile the PS3 would stop reading the Netflix disc. I have an original 60 GB model.


I ordered mine as soon as they were announced and I've popped it in and out a few times a week since. No problems here.

Though I still wish they had software loaded onto the PS3 like the XBox 360; crossing the room to put in a disc to run an internet-based application is rather silly.


I am on my 4th disc. Every other month it becomes unplayable so i usually have a new disc on standby.

P.S At just 3 years old my PS3 60G just died on Saturday. (No power at all) I just paid Sony $150 to swap it with a the new slim model. Not to happy with Sony.


Mine died shortly after I had left a movie on pause for a long time. I figure maybe it overheated. I'm on my second one and I'm careful to not leave it on if I plan on walking away for awhile.


On my third disc since April I have an original 60 GB model.

James Y

No problems with my original disc from December on 120GB Slim model...


I'm on my 2nd. I think it's just very highly sensitive to scratches.

John Galt

No problem with my disc (and I use it a lot) - I have a 3 year old 80GB unit.

Ninja Scroll



I'm starting to wonder if it has something to do with the 60GB models.

I've been using the streaming disc since before release on a new Slim model. Zero problems.

John Galt

I used to kick myself for not buying a 60GB model 3 years ago (backwards compatibility), but seeing the problems people have with those (higher occurrence of YLOD), I'm glad I went with the 80GB model.


I have a 60GB PS3 and one of the original streaming discs.

My disc failed two weeks ago. The new one works fine.


My brother has the original PS3 with backwards compatibility. I imagine that the later PS3 models have less problems because they don't get as hot.


I have the original 20gb and just ordered my 3rd streaming disc. Decided to go ahead and get 2 discs so that I'll have a backup if the new one quits working too


I've had to replace the disc once so far. The previous one was locking up my PS3 and showing a black screen after playing one movie or TV show. So far the new disc has been flawless.


Nope. No problems whatsoever! I still have my original disc, and I eject and insert it frequently since I also play games.


I had to replace the disc once. They do seem failure prone on the PS3.

On the flip side, I clicked "request disc" on the netflix site and had a replacement in 24 hrs. So not a big deal.


Here's the thing, those discs have a super durable coating because the extra-fine tracks are more difficult to read on the blu-ray disc. Fingerprints will impede the reading of the discs. Just give them a wash with soap and water, and towel dry and everything will be OK.

Jirah Cox

Slim PS3 (bought in May). I'm on my first Netflix disc acquired in May, used almost nightly.

Tim S.

I've had the PS3 Slim and the Netflix IW disc since last November. It's safe to say I've logged over 1,000 hours watching shows and movies with the disc. It also gets removed from and inserted into the console on a frequent basis. I'm on the same disc that was originally sent to me.

When I got it, I went to GameStop and asked if I could have a blank PS3 game case for free. That case has been the permanent home of my IW disc since day 1. I feel it's a safer way to store the disc.


i am on my second disc got 40gb ps3. i try to keep my disc in the ps3 now instead of taking it in and out daily. netflix sent the replacement disc very fast though so it wasnt a big deal. washed with soap and water, disc had no scratches but just seemed a lot less durable then when i first recieved it


I thought Sony was going to release a Non-Disk based Netflix app??????? I've had my disk since launch with no issues.

PS3 fanboi


The non-disk based Netflix is coming this November. You can thank Microsoft exclusivity deal. I hate Xbox...

Michael H.

im on my 4th disc now. from what i've notice you to get another one every couple of months. which is really annoying. i hope sony and netflix come together to make an app soon.


Disc started flaking out but instead of bothering with it I've resorted to using my Wii instead. It's easy when my house is full of Netflix-enabled devices. One goes down I just reach for a different remote.


My disc died after about 2 months. Oddly it causes weird problems when I put the disc in my 80gb PS3. It will no longer read any disc after I put in the netflix disc until I do a restore of defaults on my PS3 and then discs start being read again. I've been afraid to use my disc or get a replacement as I already had to repair this PS3 due to a optical drive malfunction. I find it very odd that single disc can block the drive from working which makes me wonder what's different about this disc compared to games, DVD and Blu-ray movies?

Nipsey Russell

what exactly does the disk do??? realizing that a non-disk solution is coming in the fall, what is the disk doing that couldnt be done via, say a usb that stays in the PS3 a little more permenatnly than a disc????

PS3 fanboi

The disc is there for Netflix to work around Microsoft's exclusivity agreement. It does nothing - other than load the app into cache on startup (you'll notice it doesn't even spin once the Netflix application starts).


I ordered mine the day they were available and have never had a problem with it. I use my PS3 almost exclusively for Netflix downloads, with the occasional DVD or Blu-ray disc.


Still on the initial disk after 5 months of heavy use on a 60GB.


Original PS3 60GB. Received the streaming disc when Netflix originally released them and it failed two weeks ago. No amount of cleaning helped. I think it just got fine scratches (barely visible) from usage over time.


Well if the app does come out in November. It better come on the Wii too.


I legit just got off the phone with them, asking for a new disc!


2 ps3's, 60gb and 40gb, 2 disks since day 1, never had a problem.


I have the 80GB PS3 Fatty (swapped out the 80GB for a 500GB HDD) and still using the initial Netflix streaming disc delivered on rollout - never experienced any problems what so ever. But I have to say that I use it as a supplimental source, maybe a 3-4 hours total per month.

Nipsey Russell

PS3 fanboi, thanks thats what i thought.....so has anyone developed a workaround to install to the HD or on a USB?? That is ridiculous.


My first PS3 streaming disk stopped working, I'm now on my second disk and right after reaching the end of a movie, I pressed stop on the BD remote and that was that! The netflix stopped working, now any disk I put in my PS3 (30 gb) is not recognized. I'm trying to avoid restoring the system as I'm going to lose the progress on my games. WHAT IS GOING ON WITH THIS???? THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE!! PLEASE FIX PS3 STREAMING DISK PROBLEMS WITH OLDER SYSTEMS ASAP!!


I've been using the PS3 streaming disc extensively since the discs began mailing out, and I've never had an issue. The only issues I've ever had with the BD drive is with unbalanced DVD's skipping large chunks of scenes (these discs also make my laptop shake like hell when inserted, thus proving imbalance). Never had a problem with a BD.

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