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I'm on my third disc. I have a 60GB PS3.


i have gone through six discs....very annoying


Thanx Marc I had all types of problems, never thought it would so simple to just washing the dish with sopa and water its back on and working fine now thanx, again :)


On my third since March for my 80GB original. We do use them a lot, but we tend to keep it in the PS3 to minimize wear and tear of being scratched. Netflix is very responsive with sending out the a new disc, you just have to remember to do it. I too would love to see an app/program that can be loaded from the PS store.

Joseph Davis

I've had Netflix for my 60gb ps3 since November last year. After a month I had to order a new disc, and the second one gave me no problems, until about a month ago.

It would start up just fine, but now I have to enter the activation code EVERY TIME I start it up. Also, when trying to watch a movie or tv show, it stops during the retrieving process half way through. I can try this twice, then it gives me some "you have two movies running, try later" message.

Neither Netflix nor Sony has been able to give me a straight answer. Netflix thinks it's a problem with the system, or something else, it can't be them. Sony thinks it's my network, but I have no other problems, other than with Netflix.

Anyone else encounter anything like this? If so, any advice to fix it? I'm tired of watching on my wii...

Thanks in advance.


Joseph, I've had exactly the same issue you're having and I haven't had any luck either. Actually, after several days of searching for information about this issue, you're the only other person I've found who is experiencing it.

We got a new router and modem to replace the crappy combo unit that our cable company made us get and we're getting ludicrous speeds on downloads so I know it's not an issue with the network.

Netflix sent me a new disk, which does exactly the same thing. I even tried restoring the ps3 and that didn't help. The only thing I didn't try was to see if netflix worked after the playstation was restored but before I restored all the data. That may be a step for a day when I'm completely free to spend hours restoring crap all day. Though, I really have a feeling it won't help.

I really hope someone else finds some information about this error as it's really annoying. Netflix on my tivo kinda sucks since there's no search function.


Update - I found this information that might be helpful for that type of issue


Already tried all the steps except adjusting the time. I'm going to try everything in specific order and if it works I'll provide an update.


Yes I believe that the 60GB system is part to blame for the netflix disc issues; I'm on my third and it has died as well, I insert the disc and it literaly will not even show up to be played (use to give an error code), it also has problems ejecting from the system because it won't even realize there's a disc in it! I'm not sure what to do other than keep replacing the disc, and considering there's no issues with ANYthing else on my system I don't yet feel the need to replace it; blarg!!!!


I have 2 60GB PS3 systems. The disc will work on one system but not the other. It actually was working on both systems at first and then it just stoped working on one. It looks like the problem is the system not the disc.


I'm on my 6th disc in 3 months. GRRRR

joe blow

What disc? I downloaded netflix and it doesnt play movies. It just freezes every time i pick a freakin movie.

Real Gamer slash stoner

I am on my 2nd netflix disc and 4 playstation 3 and to think my super nintendo and ps one work great ..... seems like they want us to rebuy stuff over and over and yes the orginal playstation laser sucked and why messed up way to early ... and then when i go to replace it ... no more backward compatibility that is bs .. oh and did i mention they make me pay to play games i had and work on first deck ..now i have to purchase to play now. SCAM

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