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Does Netflix already physically ship discs to Canada?


no shipping to canada.


I wonder what the price will be and if netflix will start a streaming only plan in US?

Davis Freeberg

I really thought that it would launch in England or Ireland first. Should be interesting to see how many countries they add in 2011. It also makes me wonder if they might be planning to buy Zip.ca just in case streaming only doesn't prove to be as popular.


i'd think a 5.99 price point seems fair.


Why would anyone want a Streaming only plan in the US?

It's $8.99 for 1 disc at a time. If you don't want a disc don't add anything to your DVD queue.

Problem solved.

Plus not everything is streaming....Be glad we have still have discs....Plus you may goto a friends house & want to bring a disc over as they don't have any way of streaming Netflix.

Don't harp on the discs. ;)


I like the discs. If I was paying for my own plan, I'd probably stick to 3 at a time, but even if there was a $4.99 streaming-only option, I'd likely still go for the $8.99 for the freedom and flexibility of knowing I can get a disc for whatever I want (that Netflix has).

That said, I know my usage pattern these days is that -- sadly -- I get home, look at my eight discs, go "eh, not really in the mood for any of this stuff," and end up surfing the streaming catalogue. I suspect I need to do a better job making it so my queue has a variety of discs bunched together -- as it is, I fear that what happens is at some point I get on, say, a "thriller" mood, add a bunch of thrillers to my queue, and then some months later suddenly I'm stuck at home with Heat, Ronin, Righteous Kill, The Good Shepherd, Cop Land, Casino, Cape Fear, and Goodfellas, and going "not really in a Robert De Niro" mood :)



I have the same problem with my 8 at a time plan, I get into a mood for a certain genre, and when they arrive my mood has changed. There's a Greasemonkey script for Firefox that will randomize your queue, and I find it's a good way to get stuff you want, but not stuff you're expecting. It's really helped me get more dollar value out of my subscription.


Wow..how do you all have time for the 8 at a time plan? Besides there are not enough content that interest me to watch that much. The max I ever had was 3 at a time. Now that streaming is available, I am down to 1 movie at a time. I don't want to reach the point of diminishing marginal utility and waste money and/or time by renting too many movies.



I don't know about @S, but my plan's free, so ... why not? :)

Chris Utley

Roy, why not is because if you're on a gift subscription cutting it down to fewer discs will make it last longer.

uh no

i like how the youtube ad from blockbuster says they get the latest movies 28 days before netfli and say they have Green Zone available, when Green Zone is available on Netflix too, still sucks though about the wait time,


@Chris Utley,

I get a free subscription as part of the job (I work at Netflix)


I travel to Canada frequently. I'm guessing I still won't be able to stream stuff in Canada with my US account though.

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