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Cool, the more competition for movies the better.


I wonder what sort of price point they would be shooting for? Would they try for a subscription try to match their physical pricing somehow? It seems like they might have trouble getting the price that low since there are people out there doing single rentals online and the price is usually 2-4 dollars.


As long as they maintain the philosophy of their kiosks with their online business I think they'll be wildly successful. This means no subscriptions and hitting the price point of $1 per title. If I could rent new releases for $1 a pop and stream them through my Roku box I'd probably use this service once or twice a month.


It's doubtful that Redbox could stream a-la-carte movies for $1 when the competition(Amazon, VUDU, etc) is $3-6, streaming requires licensing fees from the studios.

A buffet style(like Netflix) would make better sense.


Redbox is losing lots of money with the whole prepaid credit card deal. If you havent heard, if you use a prepaid debit/credit card on those Red Box places, you get the DVD for $1, and then you keep it. There is no bill, so they started losing lots of money, they have said they fixed the prepaid problem but new cards are always coming out more advanced then the previous.

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