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Interesting. Very interesting. I will have to take a look at their catalog. Hopefully they have a decent selection. If so I might have to give this a try. What do I have to lose? $10?


hm...this looks like a a big failure, why would anyone rent art?

Greg Finley

Anyone else reminded of this Onion article?

Chris Utley

I guess there's a market for anything.


I think it's a great idea at the core. I've always wanted to buy some full-size art, but balked at the triple digit+ cost of a frame + high quality print. Oh, and you have to worry about transporting it safely when you move too.

This is a lot easier and you can swap pieces out as you see fit.

The only drawback is that the selection appears to be pretty narrow. But I think this is something I site like allposters.com or deviantart would do very well with.


They exchange it every 3 months, so you're actually paying $30 to have a 12"x16" print for 3 months. It doesn't seem worth it unless you're serious about buying art and want to preview it (and those people *are* out there, believe it or not).


When I was a kid our library did this...for free!Although you couldn't buy. Being a kid I didn't pay attention to the loan length or anything but I always thought it was an interesting concept. I went on their website though and it appears they don't do it anymore

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