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I'm currently streaming Jack & Bobby, and it's a pretty great series. "Up" is a great kid's movie, but who hasn't seen that movie a million times?


I haven't seen that movie once. Probably because I don't suffer from that scourge known as offspring. I get to watch grown-up television.


I am streaming Capitalism: A Love Story. I don't agree with Michael Moore, but it is interesting nonetheless.

Davis Freeberg

I'm thinking of taking advantage of the recent Veronica Mars addition on Watch Now and checking out the series.


I'll be streaming "A Lobster's Tale" and watching "A Single Man" on blu-ray.


I WAS watching "Party Down" Season 1 but then Netflix decided to heartlessly take it away.


Stephen Tobolowsky's Birthday Party - awesome movie


I'm watching the last part of the "vengeance trilogy" by korean director Park. I loved OldBoy so i tried Mr Vengeance, now I am going to watch Mrs. Vengeance. All 3 are on streaming.


I'm watching "An Ice Cream Show" by Rick Sebak. Rick has one of the most entertaining documentary styles.


Streaming "30 Rock - Season 2" right now.


I'm watching Pushing Daisies, which was just recently added to Watch Instantly. Just finished season 1 and will probably plow through most of season 2 this weekend.

I second the nominee for watching Veronica Mars, though. Awesome show and a wonderful new addition to Watch Instantly.

Larry Dallas

Arrested Development Season 3
Futurama (random ones)

Chris Utley

I just streamed an eastern european movie called Kontroll and gave it 4 stars. It isn't a kids movie and is subtitled.


Just finished watching Season 1 of Lie to Me. Wow, what a great show, can't wait for Season 2!

Also have been working my way through a second viewing of Season 3 of Doctor Who.

Looking forward to Girl With the Dragon Tattoo also. Most recently streamed movie: Convoy. Hilarious piece of 70s culture!


Just finished and recommend Brooklyn's Finest and The Crazies.


American Experience: Truman
American Experience: FDR
-Great, if somewhat idolized, stories. I knew nothing about Truman. Very interesting to see how he rose to power, basically through the "flukes" of politics.

War Made Easy: Great insight into how our politicians spin the "h$ll" out of us to serve their and their owners interests.

A Single Man: Wow, great story!
Rollover: Again, interesting Alan Pakula story about Power and Corruption.

MIke D

1.) Hero
2.) A River Runs Through It
3.) The English Patient


Red Cliff.

This is a true treat for streaming viewers.



Before the Fall

Yes, see American Experience: Truman. What a story!


Doc Martin. Only Season 1 has been streaming, and I've watched it many times. This week, Seasons 2, 3 and 4 posted. Guess who's the happy fellow?


i've been streaming "Jack and Bobby" and also been streaming "Heroes" lately. both are really good shows. not sure what else i'll be streaming, probably a movie but don't know what yet.

John Belucasdi

Mary and Max

James M.

Ditto on being upset about Party Down -- I was in the middle of Season 2. A little more warning would be nice before they yank something down.


Rampage directed by Uwe Boll - A surprisingly good film. Not for kids or those who don't like to see violence.

Revanche directed by Götz Spielmann - Gritty and depressing but a very good film.

District 9 - The best SF movie in years


OK, I'll watch your girl tattoo movie. If I don't like it I can always blame you, but if I choose my own movie and don't like it - what can I do?




I will be finishing Season 1 of Friday Night Lights. I swear if women in Texas are like Mrs. Coach Taylor....I'm moving there. She's the perfect woman.


I am watching Adam 12 Season 5 and Futurama Season 3....


Just finished "The White Ribbon". Very good - 5 stars all the way. Might watch "A Good Man" later tonight.


You don't have to have read the book to enjoy THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO. Watcj it. Good stuff.

Hunter McDaniel

I've read The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. A good book, but it has several incidents I really don't want to see on screen.


We're watching a forgotten Aussie horror gem from the 70s, Thirst.


I think in general it's better to watch a movie before reading the book. When you read the book first you are pretty much guaranteed to be disappointed. Anyway, The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo looks great, added.

I'm thinking about starting Babylon 5.


Just finished season 2 of Ally McBeal and started season 2 of Dragnet 1968. Highly recommend both. Tried to watch Downhill Racer this morning but kept falling asleep. Watching season 2 ep. 8 forward of 24 tomorrow.


True Blood Season 2 Disc 5 - craziest vampire horror flick ever


I really do not like any Anime type of cartoons, but since the movie is out in the theaters, I highly recommend Avatar The Last Airbender animated series for the kids. Also adults might enjoy it as well.

Its an "American Anime" so it doesnt have a lot of annoying aspects of Japanese anime. There are no cutscene recycling and the dialogue is much more realistic than most cartoons.

Skip the movie, and watch season 1 to see what happens in the movie.

joe fan

I watched Good Dick, Severance and The Stepfather so far this weekend.


I've been watching episodes of Futurama, Ren & Stimps, Red Dwarf and the movie Wonderful World.


Been streaming Rugrats. Great for youngsters!

Donn Ed

Syriana; Dr Who - Season 1 (several); PBS Broadway Series (exact title?)

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