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Yes, I would be willing to pay more. How much? Depends on the content platform's offerings. For example, I'd pay $30 a month for a bundled HBO/SHOW streaming "platform".


If the entire library was available I would consider it for the right price.


If this meant more recent titles, then yes I would be willing to pay more and even endure some commercials.


Give me HBO and I'll am willing to spend some serious cash (and please hurry, before "A Game of Thrones" comes out next Spring). Canceled my cable a year ago - never looked back...

Tom MIller

I would gladly pay double for my current service, 1 disk at a time, for access to more current content.

Jeff Jones

Yes I would. Especially if they could make a deal with HBO and Showtime such as they have with Starz. This would be the final nail in the cable coffin for me.


I wouldn't. More $ + commercials = cable TV. Or, you could just subscript to Hulu. I know that when the first ad shows up on Netflix streaming, it'll be down hill from there so I'd be happy never seeing an add while streaming from Netflix.


Even though I'm in the same boat as Brian I wouldn't pay extra, I'm waiting for Hulu Plus.


Yes. Give me the FULL Netflix catalog and I would be willing to pay another $20 - $30 per month. Although, if I am paying that, I would expect not to see any commercials.

Streaming is SO dependent on licensing agreements though and if the studios don't want their titles to be streamed they will price them out of Netflix's reach to do so. This all comes down to the studios wanting their films/TV shows on streaming and how much they want for it. It isn't reasonable for Netflix to pay X amount of dollars and have to increase the subscription price by $40 or more dollars just to break even or make a tiny profit. Hopefully both Netflix and all of the studios can eventually see (sooner rather than later) that streaming is an excellent source of revenue for their titles especially the lesser known/popular titles. The more the studios make available, the more their titles will be seen and the more the likelyhood of it actually being bought by a consumer. I know there have been numerous times that I saw a show on stream and liked it so much that I bought the DVD at the store. I can not be the only consumer to do that.


I've only scratched the surface of what is currently available streaming, so right now I wouldn't want to pay extra to stream more current content. Perhaps in a couple years if I have exhausted what is available I would reconsider.

Luna Saisho

I would love to have a streaming only account. As is, there's enough to keep me busy, but I'd pay a few dollars more if it included newer movies.


$5-10 is the max I will pay. If netflix could get a deal with showtime and network TV to show their current programs a week after airing on TV, that would be great. Netflix also needs to have more content in HD. It makes a huge difference in terms of audio and picture quality.


Look, I've got the three disc plan, so I'm already paying enough. I think what would be best is if they raised the minimum for streaming to the two or three disc plan. I think a lot of people would upgrade their plans, helping to defer costs. Plus they are getting more discs out at a time, so it's not like they are wasting money. Commercials are not the way to do it and making me spend more when I'm already dropping around $20 a month is not the way to do it either.


I already have over a 175 titles in my instant watch queue and as soon as I watch a couple I add a couple more so I'm happy with what I've got.


My wife and I watch 1 to 2 movies per day and couldn't possibly watch all the movies we have in our queue. There is no need for more content. New releases are constantly coming out anyway--why do we need "more"?? I won't live longer than the number of movies to watch. :)


It would really, really depend on how it was executed, and even then, I'd only be willing to pay maybe $5 more than I am now, maximum.


I wouldn't pay much more. To me, Netflix is a "value" service -- something that I get a lot from without paying a lot. I have it because I can fit it into my small budget and get back lots of entertainment from it. Basically, it offers good bang for the buck. In return for "all I can eat" quantity (mostly, anyhow, obviously the DVDs are limited to how quick you can watch one and mail it back) at a low price, I give up getting the new releases I want sooner, and am willing to deal with the hassles of mailing things back, watching content that needs to rebuffer and such online (and be stuck doing it on a computer screen), and so on and forth.

If the price went up too much, I'd ditch it pretty quickly, and just get the movies I want on-demand or streaming per movie from someone else (and a lot quicker), or read a book or something. I don't want and can't afford another bill that takes off into the cable stratosphere. I'd also be a bit hostile to a tiered service where some people were premium members and I wasn't, or a lot of advertisements -- I don't want to be reminded that other people can afford things I can't everytime I log in, or be essentially paying to watch ads.

Netflix is a great service. I think they should just leave well enough alone and enjoy their success. It seems like everything good at some point makes a big money grab and "jumps the shark" (i.e. loses it's value) at some point. And then confused executives look around and wonder what happened to all their success. Stick with what got you to this point, I say.


Netflix would have to expand its anime streaming and allow for subs instead of dubs before paying anything else ALONG WITH getting rid of the 28 day new rental hold. I don't mind getting movies and tv in the mail, but anime tends to be intense and waiting three days between discs is a drag.


Oh, and I'm already on the three out plan, so I agree with the person who said they should bump streaming to the two out tier.


Pay more? Yes.

Commercials? NO!

If I'm paying more, I shouldn't have to watch stupid commercials!

PS3 fanboy

For people who want HBO shows, if you're lucky enough to have PS3, check out PS3 store. They added a whole section of HBO shows on there Go to TVShows->Networks->HBO. Even new season of True Blood is on there. Some of the shows are 1.99, but most run 2.99. It's still a good alternative if you just need to see what happened next, and don't want to wait for the next disc to arrive.

Steven Hoober

For the current selection and quality of service, nothing. It's still experimental. Fails, goes to excessively low PQ quality all the time, etc.

If they got it solid, and managed to get the vast majority of the shiny-disk catalog, a few bucks, sure. But it better be a damn sight cheaper than cable/sat alternatives because they do not have to lay cable, launch satellites, etc.

Else, I'll find the next free or nearly-free service instead.


"Internet TV" would need to be separated from their movie service. If I was forced to pay more for my current subscription, then I'd drop Netflix completely.

If it was a choice to add current content immediately at a predetermined fee, then that would be fine for me since they would be giving me an option to add current TV content for a price or keep my current subscription the way it is now.


Having just cut the cord on my $90/mo. DirecTV subscription when I moved this month, I'm definitely interested in any expanded streaming offerings from NetFlix in addition to other offerings (Amazon VOD, Hulu Plus). HBO is the one I'd definitely pay a premium for, during seasons of shows I care about, I'd pay up to $15/mo. even for HBO original content on same day or day after it airs on HBO. Other content, well, it all depends...



Tom Husband

Yes, I'd pay a bit more but it would have to work. During the past two months we've seen numerous problems. I certainly wouldn't pay for the inconsistency we've had lately.

I'd go $5-$10 a month with newer movies, no commercials and the option to drop DVDs and that added cost.

Chris O.

You people suggesting Netflix offer less to its customers (only offering streaming to those who have more discs) are...weird. And it doesn't even make sense from a business perspective. If Netflix eventually wants to go all or almost all streaming, forcing people to get more physical discs to have streaming in the first place makes no sense whatsoever. None.

The Great God Pan

I have no interest in HBO or Showtime, but if they do show something that I want to see (which I doubt) I'll just steal it off the internet.


I want a streaming only plan. Would I pay more for even more content? maybe... but it would have to be current content and unlimited.

But really, a streaming only plan is what I want.


To those that say bumping streaming up to a 2 disc plan so they make more money off the streaming, I say you're wrong.

Streaming is where they save money. It's much cheaper than shipping millions of DVDs every year especially with increasing postal rates.

I have the 1 disc plan, but I don't even open the envelope. I keep the 1 disc for months while I watch hundreds of programs on streaming.


i would pay $20/year for the new Dexter episodes, alone. so i'm sure i'd be willing to cough up more $ for more content. I <3 DEXTER!!!!!

HBO fanatic

"I have no interest in HBO" - you sir, are a weirdo... Nothing beats HBO shows. HBO really shows you how lack of censorship makes your TV experience better. I don't remember when was the last time I watched anything on Network TV. It's all watered-down, family-safe crap for the mindless masses.


I'm happy the way the service is heading. Anyone willing to pay more, especially upwards of an additional $20, must be cracked! The idea of Netflix is that it's cheaper than cable TV. If I end up paying upwards of $50 for Netflix I might as well just keep my cable TV and supplement new releases with RedBox.


depends on what content and depends on how new or old it is. i believe most cable companies charge between $15-$25 for hbo and some other chanels. live streaming of hbo in hd without having cable is worth about $20 to me. if its not live you can just wait a few hours until someone post the episode up on the internet. as for any of the tv shows that are not on premium chanels like hbo and showtime i believe hulu plus is trying to fill that gap

Cable Sucks

@Eric Rosario

Most people want HBO/Showtime - those are premium channels, that cost $10 each on top of your $50 cable subscription. I got rid of cable a while back, because I didn't feel like spending $70 a month, when all I watched was HBO/Showtime shows, and that only during new seasons. That's why most of us wouldn't mind spending $20-$30 extra on what basically becomes a-la-carte cable (you only pay for channels you watch).

And there's no contract. I can pay only during the months the shows are on, and suspend the extra service when we only get repeats.


Possibly. Without specifics, probably not. I would consider additional charges, but don't want to see the current service gutted.

I would not want commercials like Hulu, and preferably none at all. I am very content with the service so far, but would definitely consider different options they offered.


There are plenty of options out there to get what you want. If you want something specific that Netflix doesn't have try Hulu, Amazon, or iTunes. Films or TV shows that have been released on DVD will be available from Netflix via US mail within a day or two.

Instant watch is amazing. If you cannot find something to watch instantly at Netflix then you need to expand your horizons. I have far more films and TV shows to watch through Netflix than I have time to watch them.

Netflix is putting downward pricing pressure on the movie and TV industry. This is good for the consumer. If you want to pay MORE for Netflix why not just send them a personal check and a little note thanking them. Don't volunteer me to pay more. Don't volunteer me to watch commercials either, I won't. I will play xbox, surf the web, work out a bit more, read and find all sorts of other things to do and cancel my Netflix in the process. This is a value service and many of these recommendation remove or lessen the value. The latest shows are available at Hulu either for free or through a paid service...with commercials. Anyone who wants that go check it out, but leave my Netflix ALONE!!!

HBO Go and Epix both offer online viewing, maybe Hulu will offer those subscription services through a Hulu portal at some point in the future.


I would be willing to pay more if everything was available for online streaming and if the quality was a little better.


The whole point of me canceling my cable and sticking to Netflix was to save money. It could get scary charging for streaming. It could ruin it.


I'd definitely pay more for streaming, easily $5-10 a month, or pay what I pay now for a streaming only plan.

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