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Roku: Not a coincidence (re: price drop)

Apple: I am a Mac/Netflix user, but I hope for now Netflix stays private

Toffer Peak

If Lala is any indication, I sure as heck hope Apple doesn't buy Netflix.


I want netflix to stay independent.

If I had to choose between Roku and apple TV. I'd go for Roku. Well it also depends on the apps available for apple TV. I have no interest in itunes as the movies are too expensive.

With so many devices only supporting streaming, I wonder how soon will netflix announce an ultra cheap, $5, streaming only package in US?


Neither, just get a Blu Ray player (like my Samsung) with apps (Netflix/Pandora). It works great for Netflix, plays Blu-ray/DVDs, and is one fewer box to clutter your house with.


Apple TV (had one for several years) is a good product, just not great. Netflix streaming would make it a very good product, but not a must buy in the category of a nice smart phone. The cable tv companies are in a raw panic as they see their business go out the closest fiber optic line. I want to be able to stream just the channels that I want.


I wouldn't get an AppleTV if it was given to me. I've no desire to have my tastes dictated to me by big brother.


I'm not sure how Apple could "dictate" your tastes any more than Roku -- or any other company -- could.

I have a Roku DVP, so I'm not likely to buy an Apple device any time soon. But when it comes time to buy again, I would definitely look at the pros and cons of what Apple brings to the table.


I'm in the neither category also. I watch DVDs by mail and stream via Xbox. Can't get any more convienent than that.


I have not been enthused about any of the companies rumored to be interested in buying Netflix. There really is no need for Netflix to become yet another ungainly appendage of some massive media corporate monstrosity. I would be sorely pressed to continue patronage of the service depending on the owners.

That being said, if Apple were to even start the process for buyout approval I would cancel my subscription immediately and use Redbox and other means to replace Netflix.

Apple very much controls the content for their various services, even to the detriment of the wishes of their consumers. This is routinely seen in iTunes, iPhone apps, even the iPad services.

I can think of quite a few movies that a certain judgmental CEO would be more than happy at denying people access to due to his perception of 'taste'.

Mark R

I have two rokus and will buy a third from amazon.

I do hope you joking saying apple does not dictate...You need to get out more my brotha!

lets see if they dont decide to block nc-17 or hard r movies from playing on itv.

Like DUDE!

No one should ever buy Netflix....Period.

Stop, knock it off!

Enough with this will so & so buy Netflix bull shit!

Seriously. I doubt Netflix will sell themselves. Nor plans too.

Anytime Netflix does a big deal. A story about them being bought pops up.



Unless Apple TV could bring something really compelling to the table, I would probably go with another Roku. I love the one I have.

I was going to just stick with the one Roku and eventually replace an older CRT TV with a new flatscreen that features native Netlix support, but with the price drop it's tempting to go ahead and pick up a second one now.


I just bought the Roku XD a few months ago and have no interest in Apple TV.

Roku could use a serious facelift of their interface. It is cute, but becomes impractical as more channels are added.

K.I.S.S. - Keep It Simple, Stupid


Plus Roku is offering 1080P in the XR model while the Apple TV only will offer 720P?

Even though currently most web content is 480P with some 720P.

Still nice to offer it for future use & for people with 1080P local content. Also for if Vudu streaming comes on the Roku platform....

Plus Roku has been in the streaming set-top game longer. I wouldn't count them out.

The 6th a whole slew of new Roku channels will appear too.

Well see though. Competition is always good. So let the streaming set-top box war begin.

Well when Google TV & Boxee Box gets here....

No one cared about the PopBox....Or the Western Digital Live either....

This will be interesting.... *pops popcorn*


I had an older Apple TV, wouldn't buy a new one. I just don't care for Apple and it's draconian corporate policies.

Do have Rokus, and a blu-ray with internet access. I still prefer the roku, because of the interface, the searching, and the ease of use.

Plus the prices are hard to beat.

I certainly wouldn't want Apple to buy Netflix. Netflix is led by a savvy, smart guy--any other corporate intervention would just screw it up.


"I wouldn't get an AppleTV if it was given to me. I've no desire to have my tastes dictated to me by big brother."

Jesus, there are some drama queens on these comments.


What if Comcast bought Netflix? They could either raise prices to keep themselves competitive, or they could destroy it. Just by keeping Netflix where it is and not expanding it could be a win for them, and they could get some cash as it withers away.



I was originally a big fan of the "get a BD player that does Netflix" as a way to minimize the number of boxes connected to my entertainment center. In fact, my first NRD was the Samsung BD-1600.

Sadly, however, I'm finding that the people who have Netflix as a feature of their firmware (mostly TVs and BD players) seem to rev their software least often -- and from what I hear, the BD-1600 may never get significantly revved when it comes to the Netflix feature (so, probably, no search feature).

These days, the Roku is my 2nd-favorite NRD (and my favorite for other people), with the PS3 as the single device remaining in my entertainment system. It can do everything from letting my wife play Red Dead Redemption to letting us watch Iron Man on streaming (assuming she's done herding cows for the day).



Blockbuster & Comcast are merging: http://www.hackingnetflix.com/2010/08/comcast-blockbuster-beta-testing-dvdsbymailcom.html

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