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Gamefly should just die! It's a dead business model and the service just sucks.


re " the USPS has offered to accord the exact treatment to GameFly at First Class one-ounce rates which it provides to Netflix "

... sounds like Netflix pays 44 cents for each DVD they mail, or 88 cents for the round trip...


Sounds like Netflix has decided to play hardball: leave us out of the proceeding; no special treatment for Gamefly; and whatever you do better not effect Netflix. Or else... we'll take our ball and play somewhere else (i.e. Instant Watch)


A few friends of mine used the trial for Gamefly a few years ago and they have all said that the service was just awful. My brother recently tried it a few months ago, he had roughly 20 Wii games in his queue that were not new releases. Nothing was shipping out and he called their customer service, their solution, add more games to the queue. The real problem is that Gamefly has a total of 4 distro centers, compared to the 130 that Netflix has. In relation to their argument that Netflix receives preferable treatment, are they even taking into consideration that Gamefly uses business replay mail? It requires an additional accounting step to determine the return postage amount which increases their turnaround time. Netflix uses permit reply mail and the return postage is pre-paid. Sceondly, the post office estimates that Netflix has 97% of all dvd mailers, Gamefly is about 1%. That's 1 Gamefly disc for aproximately every 100 Netflix mailers, so of course it's going to look like they are receiving preferential treatment just based on volume alone. This is just a desperate action from a company that probably won't exist in the next 2-3 years.


"We think this is untenable: Gamefly does not want nondiscriminatory treatment; Gamefly wants its own special treatment."

Oh please. Netflix gets plenty of special treatment too. It's not like they didn't know a ton of post offices had special Netflix slots. It's not like the post office forgets Netflix is its biggest customer. Cry me a river Netflix.

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