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I usually have around 80. Scrolling through a queue of 500 would suck. If the queue was categorized it would be bearable.


I hit the limit when I first signed up for netflix about 6 years ago. I went on a rampage of adding dvds to my list. Through 6 years some dvds have fallen off the list, I've added some, deleted some, and just recently I notice I wasn't getting any dvds in the mail. My list was empty. I had watch around 750 dvds in 6 years.


Are you kidding me? 500 movie limit? To quote "Its really impossible for a person to keep a running library of currently and past titles that come in and out of streaming availability with this cap." Impossible? Cap? You mean to tell me you can't simply take time out of your precious day, or lift your butt off of the couch from watching movies to add several titles? Can you say lazy?


both my queues are always at the max. it sucks. i wish the limit was 1,000 each. that would be perfect.

Greg Finley

You say 1,000 would be perfect, but then you'd start to approach that limit ...

I wonder why Netflix is doing it. Making a long list of movies won't seem to be very taxing on the servers.


I didn't realize this was actually a problem for some people. After 4 years, I'm just under 400.

If someone is going over the limit, I think it makes more sense to stop looking for movies to add and spend more time watching instead. Even if you watch two a day, it'll still be well over a year before you make it through the entire queue.


I realize my math may be confusing... I'm taking into account that not everything is available streaming, time in postal transit, Sundays and holidays with no delivery.... I didn't calculate it, just a rough guestimate


I'd say it's actually a rendering problem. 500 movies will take down many versions of Internet Explorer. Actually one of the reasons I convinced my wife to switch to Firefox.

They really need to queue up the movie list additions to the page, so that they can have their javascript return every so often and render the page partially.


Yeah that's true if I had a higher limit eventually I'd want more. :)

I do watch a lot of stuff but part of what I like about Netflix is the discovery aspect. Many times, watching something sparks a thought to add two or three more titles to my Q.

One thing I notice that Nflix does is that if you are at the max, and something becomes newly available for Instant Watch they put it in your Q anyway. Now my Instant Q is usually 502 or 503.

Now that I think about it, 500 slots per GENRE would be perfect. :p


I have been wondering if I need a streaming queue at all. It seems to me that the streaming queue is a remnant of an early technical approach that has been rendered obsolete by the new grid interface.

A 500 title straming queue is rather like a personal collection of 500 physical DVDs. Something I also never understood.


I've had both my DVD and instant watch queue maxed out since shortly after signing up late last year. I'd love to have a larger queue. It's annoying to have to delete an item from the list when something new becomes available that you want to watch immediately and then have to struggle to remember what it was to re-add it afterward (I know, I know, I should write it down...).


my dvd queue is about 70, and IW is around 80


"It seems to me that the streaming queue is a remnant of an early technical approach that has been rendered obsolete by the new grid interface."



Impossible? That's implying that all the other Netflix members also have this problem, which they don't. They get on just fine, making it quite "possible"...

Will Dearborn

I'm just a little under 400 for my DVD/Blu-ray queue.


I agree with PatB, the new browse and search function on Roku and game consoles makes the IW queue obsolete.

If you need more than 500 then you should spend time watching them.


the only thing, and i do mean the ONLY thing good about blockbuster online, is they give you 1,000 slots in your queue.


"I agree with PatB, the new browse and search function on Roku and game consoles makes the IW queue obsolete."

A tiny fraction of the watch instantly inventory is available via browse. Not having an instant watch queue and having to search through the console all the time would be maddening.


Yes searching all the time is maddening. I am Traye the OP. I wouldnt mind having a total que limit of say 1000 between dvd and instant. My email was in regards to instant, not dvd's.

If we could have a total que of 1000 that would be great. I dont need 500 dvd's on my que. If I want to ORDER something through the mail I look it up. This would be perfect as I would generally have about 10 DVD's on my que with the other space dedicated to instant.

With instant, for me at least its about having a collection of titles to look through, much like a collection of DVD's.

If I add something to my instant que its because I like it. I dont want to have to delete it and then add it back at a later time to watch. If I like it then I want it to stay there. If I have friends over, they should be able to browse through the titles in my que. Having to delete titles to make room for more keeps this from happening.


Also I just prefer an ordered queue to the flashier grid interface. It works better with my brain.

Just because a there's a new way of doing something doesn't make the old way 'obsolete.' It's just means you have a new option.

Sometimes I download a PDF of a book and read it on my phone. That doesn't mean I still don't like to curl up with a big fat novel in bed at night.

Mark Young

I signed up for Netflix in July 2002. Before August was up, I was hitting the 500-disc limit.

I started making a paper list of movies to add to my queue.

I learned the hard way of three disadvantages of having 500 items in one's queue:

1. If there is a must-see title (such as a strong recommendation by a friend), one has to delete an entry or exercise patience to open a slot to add the title;

2. The queue page takes a very long time to load (even Netflix customer support commented once when he was taking a look at my titles for some issue I had that it was taking a long time); keeping the queue half or a third of the limit speeds up loading the queue page tremendously.

3. Sometimes a saved title becomes multiple discs. This is typical of TV shows. Around 2003 or 2004 I had issues with several shows: by the time the title would expand to several discs, instead of doing so and kicking me over the 500 limit, it would instead generate an error saying that it could not be added to my queue, and the title would go poof. Ever since then I have striven to have enough slots available to for a title to expand, so I don't know if that is now treated differently.

Anyway, I now try to keep the number of titles in my queue at a total of half the limit, specifically trying to aim to have the DVD queue around 150 or so, and the saved section under 100, and the queue page loads a lot faster now.

Oh yes, I gave up on the paper list, and now I use a table in Access to store the names of the titles I think I will want to watch. I estimate that, at my current watching activities, the table of titles is running about 4 years 3 months long, with the Netflix queue running another 3 months, but I do prioritize titles Netflix thinks I'll give 4 stars to when I enter the titles in the Access table, so 4-star and 5-star movies wait maybe six months instead of the full 4.25 years. (Also, I noticed the phenomena that some titles start out with very high average ratings; but as more ratings are made, the average goes down and sometimes the prediction Netflix has on whether I would enjoy it go down even faster--the six month wait has turned an occasional 4-star title into a predicted 2-star title, which I can reevaluate when the title reaches the top of my Access table and either delete or reposition it to where it would have been if I hadn't prioritized that title.)

As far as the Instant queue goes, I don't think I have ever had it over 100 entries, first because I don't really like watching movies on an under-powered old PC, and second because, when I finally did purchase a Roku a couple years ago to watch Instant movies at home, there were reports of it having difficulties with long Instant queues. Even today, if one wants to watch an Instant title out of queue order, it is easier to find the title if the Instant queue isn't so long, even with the current Roku interface.


@Mark Young.

Jebus man, you're like the Orson Welles of Netflix Queues.

Using Access tables to keep track of overflow?!? Seriously... I think you're my new hero.


I hit it a few years ago. I had a lot of Star Trek seasons in my queue. Eventually I decided to delete them and a bunch of other things. Now I'm usually around 100.


The 500 limit is maddening for me, especially Instant Watch. The Xbox360 doesn't have the search function yet, so anything you want to watch has to be in your queue. I find it easier just to dump anything I want to watch into my queue, sort of creating a curated library of Instant Watch titles I'm interested in (either to watch for the first time or again) - otherwise, it's too hard to remember what is available on Instant Watch.

Similarly for DVD, I'd like to just throw, say, every film on the "1001 Films You Must See" list in my queue so I don't have to think about finding them all the time. I try to keep up with those things now with a set of spreadsheet lists, but that's a PITA and I end up never watching anything from it, because if it's not in my queue, I forget about it.

I have easily a few thousand films on my "want-to-watch" lists, and it would be a whole lot easier if I could just use Netflix to keep track of these rather than having to use multiple programs/formats to do so.


I run into the 500 limit all the time. Once TV shows started coming out it became almost impossible not to. "oh look Dark Shadows, and Taxi, and Barney Miller and crap it won't let me add any more". Sitting at 473 right now, which means I must not have added anything in the last week or so.

Ultimate Outsider

Yeah, I've been hitting my head on that ceiling for about a year and a half now, and it's all movies (no multi-season TV stuff). I set up a worksheet in Google Docs of movies that I want to queue once I free up some space. I go through 6-9 discs a week so 500 titles is 1 to 1-and-a-half years worth of stuff.


I have five Qs for the 5-at-a-time plan (I rarely stream onto my tiny computer screen), two of them are around 400 now, the others 200 to 300. So I figure I can watch movies and TV shows for about 3 years without even looking at my Qs, although I do occasionally have to move new releases to the top.

If they got rid of profiles, I might be in trouble, as 500 titles would probably last about a year, plus I would have to make room for new releases.


If you add a title that is coming soon it instant into your regular queue it moves it automatically to your instant queue once it becomes available even if you are over 500. At least that is what I have noticed. I agree with everyone else though, I should just watch more instant watch movies, I like to just add them and go oooh I'll get to that one day.


*coming soon to instant watch


I wish the instant queue was sortable by genre or alphabetical in addition to not having a limit.


In Canada, Zip.ca allows 800 titles in the Queue and anything after that gets added to the Parked list (no limit and no ranking for the Parked List). We can set our lists to display only 15, 25, 50, 100 or 250 titles (or show the whole list) at a time to reduce loading time. We don't have streaming so Instant watch titles are not on any list.


Fohf, I provided a formal request to Netflix to modify the queue pages so that they are sortable by columns, just like the Sortable List View works when looking for movies. They understood what I meant, and agreed that would be nice. Whether or not my suggestion is implemented is another story!


i pertty much live on the road, so ive been using instant watch way more than DVD. so yeah iven even called they said "there is no reason (technically) why there is a 500 limit, but there is". ive also complained about the expiration dates other sites have them months in advance, xbox has them 2wks in advance, though netflix only posts the dates on their site a week in advance. i like keeping expiring titles near the top because i know i have to watch them first, this makes it more difficult. example: http://twitpic.com/21bku7


I am at my limit of 500 for both mail and instant. I don't NEED 500 in either category. But those are movies I know I want to watch sometime. That way I don't have to go searching for them and adding them when I actually want to watch them. The instant DVD list is the one that needs to be updated to accomodate more DVDs the worst. I sit down to watch a movie and I can scroll through all 500 in a matter of minutes and want to see something else, but keep those 500 titles for later. Its maddening. Then when I want to add something I have to figure out what I am going to delete to add it. It shouldn't be this way.


I find it hard to believe ppl have 500+ items in their netflix queue. There is so much junk on IW. Amazing that so many crappy movies have been made over the years. Talk about wasted money...


I've been hitting the limit for years. Too many old movies I wanna see :)


Yes, I’ve repeatedly run into the 500 limit. I find it far easier to keep one list on NF than to keep a paper list.

John McLachlan

I live at the 400 limit. Between series and recommendations and surfing for 'other movies this actor is in' you hit the limit pretty quick. Now if I could watch that fast :)


I've hit 500 once. I hover between 300-400 usually. Mostly comes from adding tons of tv shows with multiple dvds.

I don't really maintain a queue, I'm glad browse/search is available on Roku now!

fallen earth chips

Similarly for DVD, I'd like to just throw, say, every film on the "1001 Films You Must See" list in my queue so I don't have to think about finding them all the time. I try to keep up with those things now with a set of spreadsheet lists, but that's a PITA and I end up never watching anything from it, because if it's not in my queue, I forget about it.

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