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Larry Dallas

Not once


Just received a completely cracked Blu-ray. I blame the mailman, though, because I had 2 days worth of quite a bit of mail crammed into my tiny mailbox.

S Dot

All of the DVD's I have received have received are OK.

Big Dave

I have received many over the years. Mostly kids stuff that was scratched to death. Almost every kid's dvd I get takes a bath before being put into my player. Too much PB and J i guess.


I've been a customer since 2003 and have maybe had 5 unplayable disks in all that time. None this year.


The last one I got (Red Dawn, 1984) was pretty scratched up and had a little trouble playing. It's an old disc that's been in circulation a while.


I just had one that was cracked. But that's one disc in 3 years as a customer. Pretty good track record as far as I'm concerned.


Many, many, many...

chuck till

About 3% of discs have been unplayable. Another 3-5% have a spot that can be read, after I clean the disc myself.


I've been with Netflix about 4 months now.

The 2nd month, I got one disk that was cracked from center to outside edge. I notified Netflix and they sent a replacement I got the next day.

I figured the damage was due to either their or the P.O.'s sorting machinery.

All other disks have been okay. I did have to wipe/clean the surface of one for my DVD player to read it.


Yes, just yesterday. Cracked all the way through. Never had a disc this bad before. Sucks too because it's one in a series of 5 of a TV show.


Last week: received disk---big crack. submitted problem to Netflix. received replacement (same movie): also cracked. we'll see about the replacement's replacement when i get home later


I recently rented The Princess and the frog, and it was unplayable. So I sent it back and requested another copy only to have that copy be unplayable as well. I finally gave up, and just watched it online.


YES - increasingly I'm receiving severely scratched and abraded DVDs that are unplayable or skip badly. Glad that Netflix is going to have much more streaming content soon & will probably drop to 1-out plan.


Not too often considering the number of discs I've had over the years, and not in quite some time.


If you're into anime, good luck. Looking at my list, I've been a member just shy of two years I've sent back 12 total as being damaged; 9 of which were anime.


Only 2 discs in nearly 8 years. Curiously, both were Hong Kong gangster movies.


Over two years, I've had two discs that where cracked and one that was unplayable.


Rarely. But I tried to watch Happy Go Lucky TWICE and got severely damaged discs both times. I felt like an ass having sent them the "damaged disc" notification once and then having another one, I figured they'd think suspicious things of me if I notified them twice. So I gave up on watching it.


just one--but it was the brand new player that was defective! LOL! (a sony blu ray player, from costco). I had 2 new sonys in the house, so I took the disc to the second unit and the disc played fine.


I've had six damaged discs since I joined just over three years ago. If I remember right, two were cracked and the others were scratched too much to play. I haven't noticed an increase in the number of unplayable ones. I've only had to report one so far this year. (Then again, I dropped down to 1 disc at a time when Netflix rolled out Instant Watch on the Wii, so I haven't been turning discs around as fast.)


I Think I've Had about 12 in 2 years. all bad cracked. I've had 1 unplayable recently reported it sent it back received replace same thing unplayable reported it, waited until I received the second replacement & then sent the other back. The Replacement. I have recently received a cracked disc reported it but did not tell them to send me another one. The Bad thing about reporting damaged disc Having them send a replacement you have wait until the replacement comes & you get cheated of a mailing. I still will not stream poor picture because of DMR


I Can Think of Only two Reasons Why some of you are saying none.

1. You Only Get new Releases

2. You get 1 or two at a time keep them for 2-6 months which why a lot people are must a year for movies.

Their actually some who said 2 in 8 years. I would willing to bet. That person has only received about 100 in 8 years. Being guilty of hogging movies & make other people wait 6 months


I Have received over 800 movie in 2 years. I don't Hold movies longer 2 - 4 Days. I realize you can keep as long as you want but Have older movie in my queue on short waiting list for more than 6 months & in some cases over a year. Their are people keep movies & only send them back when their ready making everyone else who is waiting that movie wait 6 months. I Have about 130 movie in my saved queue & 30 of them went short wait to unavailable sense the first of the year. I still Have 60 movies on a short wait list That I have been waiting for for over 6 months


38 in 8 years, I see a higher percentage of scratched disks when I rent from the Library in comparison. About 20% from library vs. maybe 5% with Netflix.


I get about 1 cracked DVD per month. I just enter the info on their web site and send it back. I then get a replacement in a couple of days.


I've received many. Almost all were blu-ray. I've had disks that would not play anything other than the previews, others that would skip and freak out my player mid movie requiring a power down to recover. On some disks if you look close you can see what appears to be a defect in the disk, not a smudge, crack or a scratch but more like a distortion in the reflection you can see in the plastic. Honestly I have not inspected the disks that worked, so maybe many disks have this and it has nothing to do with whether they play or not. It also seems to me that the "bad disks" seem to go in cycles, could be firmware updates to my blu-ray player are part of the cycle, maybe not. Had a relative give me a Maxell blu-ray disk cleaner with "wind tunnel technology" for my birthday. This operates under the theory that it could be that the lens in the laser is dirty and not the disk that is bad. Maybe its just dumb luck, but I have not seen a bad disk since I started using this lens cleaner.

Luna Saisho

I've had no bad DVDs, but I've had 2 bad Blu-Rays.

David D

As far as unplayable, I seem to average that about every 3 or so months. I sometimes go through a bad run too where I might get one bad disc two or even three weeks in a row.

As far as why they're unplayable, that reason can vary. Most of the time, unplayable on my end is because of a cracked disc. Nothing on my end can be done about that but to report it and have Netflix send a replacement.

On a few occasions, I'll get a discs with heavy scratches that run in circular patterns that make it difficult for my player to run through that bit of the program without serious stuttering and freeze ups. Maybe if I had a different player it might power through it even though I might have some serious pixellization.

I think about 4 or 5 times since 2004, I've had DVDs that get a deep indentation. No crack or scratch, but it looks like a piece of machinery had indented a portion of the disc. Not really apparent until you really study the disc.

Considering the number of discs I've had through the mail over the years, it's a really small percentage. And with all that could go wrong, I'm surprised more don't end up missing completely, cracked, dented, etc.


I've actually had a lot more problems recently. Most of the problems I have seem to be because of the scan sticker they started putting in the center of the disc.


I have not had a cracked disc in years. I have had a few "hang up" recently causing me to advance to the next chapter to continue. I use SD DVD's.


Just received one cracked earlier in the week but that's the first bad one in probably over a year. I returned it and requested a replacement for it which Netflix had to send from out of state so a delay. The thing is when that happens they're supposed to automatically send you an additional disc from your queue which didn't happen. I called customer service for that extra disc. I guess a software glitch since the original was local but the replacement wasn't.


I've only ever gotten one that was outright cracked. Probably about 10 that have been scratched piece by piece into unplayable. Some also work better in different DVD players. It's rare, but it does happen.

Crazy Uncle

I've received about 300 disks per year for four years now. (I watch a movie just about every day.) I may get 1 unplayable disk per year.

I think my good luck with disk quality is because I tend to rent better movies (award winners and the classics,) the kind that the masses think are boring. These movies have lower turnover, and I would guess that the people who rent them, being more intelligent, tend to be more careful with the disks, too.

(I see my sister's family handling disks, for example, and it makes me cringe that people can be so careless with works of art.)


Star Trek blu ray played for about 10 min then froze. Had to get a new one sent.


In 8.5 years and over 1200 disks, I've received 6 that were broken and only four that wouldn't play due to scratches or whathaveyou (The secret to making scratched disks play is turtle wax). Since I switched to Blu-Ray, I've received two that displayed a message "Copyright Violation." I find the idea of a copyright violation on a rental disk both curious and inevitable.


Having been a steady subscriber since Nov 2003, I get an average of 47 dvds a month and never rent new releases. Since then, I can remember about three damaged dvds. I went back and checked my rental history on my account page and it shows I reported 4 disc since 2003.

Also, I've never had a problem with blu-rays.


Plan: 3 out - no BD. Member since April 2003. I have had one broken disc the entire time. I clean EVERY single disc before playing. Been using a Toshiba HD-30 for the last 3 years. Only one disc that was unplayable. Maybe 3-4 disc that I have had problems playing straight thru. This player plays just about everything you can throw at it - even badly scratched. My prior DVD player would have problems with about 5% of the titles, especially in the summer.

My take, the quality of the player is the major factor in how many problems you will have.

Dave Yuhas

I once got same cracked disk back after reporting it returning it. I chalked it up to a disgruntled Netflix employee.


Mr. Turtle Wax. I don't think it's a good idea to use Turtle wax to clean the disc. If you go to Wal-mart or wherever & buy a DVD cleaner that comes with a solution to clean the disc. if you read the ingredients one of them is alcohol. For those who want to clean them before using & don't want to run to Wal-mart & buy a cleaner a small spray bottle with a little water & Alcohol (Rubbing) shake well works good & that is all the cleaning solution is water & alcohol. Mr. Turtle wax is most likely the reason everyone is having problems with disc he ruining them with a Corrosive cleaning most likely damage the playing surface. I'm considering reporting Mr. Turtle Wax to Netflix

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