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That's not entirely accurate. Mine shows me as only having been a member since July 2008, but that's because I had suspended my account for ~6 months (wasn't watching the DVDs, and instant streaming wasn't on devices yet). This particular account has been on Netflix since at least 2006, and I had an account waaaaaay back in the day (1999) when I bought my first PC DVD-ROM and it came with a free Netflix trial. Netflix has definitely gotten much better since then :)


Member Since June 2008, 8 Netflix-Ready Devices (Three Computers, Two Xbox 360s, One iPad, Sony Blu-Ray Player, Wii). I tried the three at a time plan when I started, but it seemed that netflix was sluggish in turnaround times, I switched to my current one at a time and pay the same per disc/month and still unlimited streaming. I went on a Netflix hiatus from Aug. 2009 to Nov. 2009 because I was dissatisfied about the 3-at-a-time plan an was unsure if I wanted to cancel or switch plans.


Sep 2002 with no hiatus. First heard about it from a co-worker who had it. Have switched between the 3 out and 4 out options throughout (currently 3). Devices are computer, iPad and Samsung Blu-Ray player.

Luna Saisho

Dec of 2008 for me. I haven't taken any breaks, so that's it for me. ^_^ Almost 2 years for me. ^_^

For Netflix devices, I have 360, PS3, and a laptop and desktop computer.

Vince Averello

September 1999 for me. I've still got the nice plastic holder Netflix used to send out to hold your DVDs and the return envelopes.

Device-wise, we've got: TiVoHD, PS3, XBox360, 2 BluRay players and multiple PCs.

Hunter McDaniel

May 2003, no breaks. I had heard about NF from friends at work several years before, but waited until I got my first HDTV to subscribe; by waiting I missed being grandfathered for the 4-out plan.

I have one NF device (a Roku player) but I only have a slow DSL connection so I do most of my netflixing by DVD still.

S Dot

I recently started my membership again, mainly because of the streaming functionality. I had a membership back in 2002.


I originally joined in December 2000, but I took a break in the middle because I moved and when I rejoined I created new account. I've spent most of the time on 3 out, but I've been as high as 8 out and I'm now at 1 out. I recently changed my cable plan to "local channels only" and bought a Roku.


April 2001 through a family member who had just started. Back then it was 4 days for them to send a movie and 4 days to return. Now, there is a hub in my city. I started with 3 movies but since then I've gotten married and have 2 kids so it's down to one. Glad to have streaming. Bought a ROKU the first week it came out. Simply a great service.


January 2003 for me, I got a gift certificate from a friend for 3 months and have loved it ever since. I have had 3 out at a time the entire subscription. Was especially great throughout college.

I have streaming on a PC hooked up to the TV through Boxee (got this first), Xbox, PS3, and Wii.

Awesome service!


Nov 09 when I notice my PS3 had an add for the Netflix IW. I singed up for one at a time and never looked back. I stream to my PS3 and a Roku XR.


May 2005. Seems like longer than that. I had Blockbuster Online & Netflix at the same time for a while and went back and forth while they shook out how their plans were going to work.

I've been up to six-out, but am currently at three-out, considering going lower.

Just a PC and a TiVoHD for my streaming.

Rob Hood

January 2010. I love the streaming videos. I bought a Roku devise and then got NF. My daughter introduced me to it. I get 1 movie at a time. I have 3 devises, i Roku and 2 computers.

Corey Stup

Member Since November 2000. I netflix.

PS3 fanboi

Member since 1997. Back in those days we used to get VHS tapes shipped to our houses.


March 2006, friend in college had it and I thought it was awesome. Started on the 2 at home, jumped to the 3 at home when it was only $3 more and I was watching TV shows heavily. Now I'm down to 1 at home because of the Roku player I purchased a few months ago. I also don't have a blu ray player [yet] and my old DVD player had horrific picture quality on my new LCD TV. I only have 2 Netflix-ready devices, laptop and Roku player, but I've read you can hack your iPhone. I might look into that.


May 2005. I was using Walmart DVD rental but when they quit the biz they pointed us in Netflix's direction. Picked up the Roku when it first arrived. Love that little box. PS3 showed up a little while ago but I rarely use the PS3 for streaming. I do use the PS3 for Blu-ray.


About 7 years.

A few breaks here & there but only for no longer than 2 months. I have 6 streaming devises, 2 laptops, 1 desktop, 1 ps3, 1 wii and Roku.

I have given two gift subscriptions and both people still use the service.

Honestly as long as they don't screw up and get too big & greedy like most companies seem to do (hello blockbuster) I will keep going indefinitely..


Since Feb. 2003. I did switch accounts several times in the early years to try & prevent throttling but have been under my current acct. since Apr. 2005. I never had a break however, just switched accts.

Chris M.

Since Aug. 2008. Before that I had signed up as a trial, didn't like it at first, then dropped it going back to crummy BB. After the last straw with BB, I finally came over to Netflix on a permanent basis and couldn't be more happier!!


September 2003, no breaks. I have two Roku players, and the Wii Disc (which I never use, but got just in case)


May 2000. No breaks in service. Discovered the 500 disc limit years ago. Streaming on XBox, Blu-Ray, Roku, PC, Mac. Love Netflix.

Mark M

Since 1999 with 2 breaks. I bought a JVC DVD player Back then and there was a Card inviting me to try Netflix so I did.. Now I have 2 Roku, 2 DVD players that are Netflix ready, a Wii with Netflix on it, my iPad which I stream Netflix, and of course the laptop in my daughter's room which she uses to watch Netflix all the time.

Mike S

March of 2002 with no breaks... and streaming via Xbox and a Roku (though the Roku is seldom used to be honest)...


Sometime in 1999. I even remember the first movie rented. Bride of Chucky. >_>

Things were a bit different back then though. No unlimited subscriptions for one.


3/time since June 2001. (4 days to receive/return DVD's back then to the only distribution hub in California)
No breaks, but several plan changes. Love the streaming and use it often with Roku, ine PC and a two laptops.


I joined NetFlix July 2003 after a recommendation from a coworker. However, NetFlix wasn't my first DVDbyMail account. I had a short few month membership with DVDBarn (I think was the name) but the mailer turnaround time was horrid. I've mostly been on the 3-out plan the entire time but I did try the 5 or 6-out plan for a few months. I've never put my account on hold or cancelled/re-subscribed the entire 7 years. I have 3 devices: Roku, PS3 and Wii.


Joined in late 1999 as soon as they introduced the monthly subscription plan.

Quickly went to the max plan, and stayed with it until early 2007 when I made the HD transition and cancelled my subscription.

Came back this year for the streaming to my TiVo. Thinking about leaving again in a couple of months because of the limited HD library, but we'll see...


1 month for me. Love it so far. Have the 2 out plan w/ unlimited streaming. Devices include: 2 pc's & a Wii.


November 1999. Free trial offer with my first DVD player.

Still have the plastic holder for the discs and envelopes that they sent shortly after

Like some other long time subscribers, get 4 out for 3 out price.


March 2004, though I think I did have a trial membership sometime before then.


October 1999, no breaks. Remember when they had stamps on the envelopes? Had a friend that had a movie out so long that postage rates changed.


Member since Dec 2003, with no breaks. We have always been on the 3 at a time plan. 5 Devices: (1 PC, 2 Macs, LG Blu-Ray, and Wii). And soon to be 2 more when they release the iPhone app.


Joined in May, 2010. LOVE the service and pricing.

We have 2 netflix enabled Sony Blu ray players, a PS3, and numerous PC's that we watch Netflix movies on.

I'm on the 1 Blu ray plan.

we watch more than 50 movies a month. many of them are streaming (obviously, with that high number/month)


Member Since September 2003. No Netflix devices - still just use DVD players. Never took a break, through endless address changes. I think I heard about Netflix from a newspaper article. Newspapers, remember them????


September 2007. No breaks, though I've switched plans a bit - started with the 3-disk plan, went down to one, and have since settled on two.

Sean McKenna

November 2000 with no interruptions. First rental was The Third Man (Criterion Collection) and I was hooked. Most viewing now is streaming. Roku Box, Tivo 3, Wii. Have not tried streaming on the computers.

Mark Moline

May 2001. Continuous. 3-at-a-time plan. Did the 6-at-once plan for a few months. Realized 3 is just right.

Streaming devices? Aside from all the computers there's 1 Roku, 1 Wii, 1 TiVo HD.

Marshall Guthrie

Sept 23, 1999 was when the Subscription service launched, I've being going since July 2002.


Member Since April 2008.

I was actually with Blockbuster for quite a while. I had the unlimited in-store plan in college because it was a few blocks away so I could switch-out movies 3-4 times a day while working on projects. They talked me into the online plan when I was told I could swap out envelopes for movies since I had started running out of options by that point. But then they started throttling that and I went to Netflix for the selection and stayed for the streaming.

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