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Jacob Neff

Please tell me these titles will be streamed in HD. If the quality is as bad as Starz Play, it won't matter how recent the titles are. On the other hand, if they will be in HD, this is fantastic news!


Checked out the movies that they currently/will offer some cool titles, and they will have some original series that I would like to check out, but currently can not because of the Directv deal. Thank you Netflix for putting our money to use.


Wow that would be a blockbuster (pardon the pun :-/) move by netflix. Netflix does need more newer movies to be streamable. I hope its in HD as that makes a world of difference. What other movies is this studio releasing this year and next?


I don't care if every movie in existence is available for streaming. Netflix will always send me DVDs or I will cancel. I will not stream a poor quality Picture because of DMR


They should totally have some sort of fund raiser where we can donate money for them to make these sorts of deals. I don't think most people would like the monthly subscription to rise but I would not mind throwing them some more money every few months if I knew it was being put to good use.

david v

that's pretty cool. epix is getting a lot of exclusive comedy specials lately, like louis ck - hilarious, louis black, the next evening with kevin smith special, etc.

that being said, there's no way i'm going to watch an action blockbuster like the expendables on streaming with 720p picture and 2.0 sound.

if it doesn't rasie the prices, i think it's great to add the exclusive stuff along with some quality catalog titles.


do u think it will happen


That sound good. Like some other people have mentioned i hope the selection will be on HD. 720p is fine with me.


"Please tell me these titles will be streamed in HD. If the quality is as bad as Starz Play, it won't matter how recent the titles are."

Es verdad.

I'd prefer that Netflix cancel its contract with Starz and spend the money on HD content instead. The whole Starz Play concept is deeply screwed up. (Or perhaps its just geared at mobile Netflix customers rather than HDTV Netflix customers like us.)

Every time I see the Starz Play logo on a movie at Netflix, it makes me want to cancel my subscription out of spite for a moment.

PS3 fanboi

HBO and Showtime - wouldn't that be great...


I like Starz Play,and a lot of the movies and tv shows they have to offer. The quality to me is good, but it could also be better.


Read the news. It's a done deal.


Strange situation we will be facing soon…so much greatness will be ever increasing on devices such as ROKU as we face the looming hurdle of internet caps.


Good news. I hope its in HD. Too bad its a 90 day wait tho.

Chris Utley

according to techcrunch this gives us rights to movies from Paramount, MGM and Lionsgate


We'll find out in a few weeks if most or all of the selections will be HD. In the meantime, from the press release:

"EPIX provides a powerful entertainment experience with more feature films on demand and online and more HD movies than any other service."

The very fact that epix's website is epixhd.com gives us hope.


@ things
No caps on my internet ;-)

@ PS3 fanboi
While I'd love to see HBO content on streaming, I don't see it happening. Showtime could happen tho. BTW XBox 360 FTW! :-D

@ david v
Netflix is supposed to bring 5.1 surround sound this year.


"The very fact that epix's website is epixhd.com gives us hope."

I agree.


Echoing the comment on Starz content, it generally sucks, frequently pan and scan or letterboxed 4X3 content and poor quality at that. They have many movies that I want to watch but not at the quality level that I want to actually invest my time in...


@ PS3 fanboi
If this pay tv company cost 1 Billion imagine Showtime or HBO those would 100% raise the rates if the deal came out today.

Future Epix films may include (you never know in show business): The Expendables, The Saw films, How to Train your Dragon, The Shrek films, and the upcoming Paranormal Activity 2 and Jackass 3D.


Title mentions "Exclusively". What is exclusive about this deal?
Are we talking exclusive as in other content providers cannot stream these movies? If so, then thisis a VERY VERY bad trend that will result in the consumer needing to subscribe to multiple services to get a full range of content.


Upon reading the press release again, an important operative word is used that could be important. The Epix press release sez "an array" of Epix movies instead of all. Does this mean only a selection will be available at a time or the big titles will never be streamable or what? I guess we will find out after september 1st. Too bad the wait is much greater than 28 days...

PS3 fanboi

I wouldn't mind paying extra for HBO. Netflix should add premium subscription rates for people who would like to watch premium content. That would keep everyone happy - $8.99 people could stick to watching their 80's movies, and I could watch latest releases + HBO content.


"Echoing the comment on Starz content, it generally sucks"

I'd disagree. The picture quality of Starz Play doesn't generally suck. It always sucks.

All of the Starz Play content is SD material, generally with lousy transfers. The picture quality tends to be worse than with most other Netflix SD content transfered from DVD. It seems about the same level of quality that you get out of Hulu. It may be fine to watch on a mobile phone, but it's unacceptable by my standards on an HDTV.

I'm sure that Starz is getting less money from Netflix by limiting the resolution of their library, but I wish Netflix would just keep the money and spend it on other content. There is nothing I hate more than getting excited about a movie I want to see appearing in the Netflix streaming library, only to be disappointed when the dreaded Starz Play logo appears.


My understanding is that their is a minimum 90-day wait from time of DVD release till the title could be available on Epix. Add on the 90-day wait for NF streaming and we have a total of 180 day wait till NF streaming. So a step in the right direction.

The important questions are:
1. Does NF have HD streaming rights or just SD?
2. Who is responsible for the encodes?
3. Who is responsible for the actual streaming?
4. What audio codecs can NF use?

James M.

I wish Netflix was spending the money on more streaming TV rather than movies. DVD works fine for movies because they fit on single disc, but streaming is nearly a must for TV viewing.


@ James M.
they are getting there, this SUnday they will add every episode the t.v. series Family Guy and American Dad. I also believe there will be even more additions when the t.v. season begins.


I love streaming so I’ll wait for any titles that will be abailable on IW and keep the DVDs by mail for the titles that have will not be streamed.


Cox Cable recently added Epix to its general movie tier. The trouble is that Cox Epix On Demand has listed the same 130 movies for 2 months.

Before Cox started the Epix deal, EpixHD ran a invitation preview. Their website said they had some 1500 titles, but only a few were actually available for viewing.

I hope the Netflix deal adds more than what the Cox OD and EpixHD website have.


"The very fact that epix's website is epixhd.com gives us hope."

The large size of the payment involved should also give us hope.

They wouldn't pay that much for Starz Play Part Deux, would they?


Cool. Netflix did all those changes to moving the site & such to use the extra money on these deals & still offer us the same pricing. Awesome Netflix! Keep it up! *Thumbs up*

I'm so sick of companies that always nickel & dime & raise rates.


Woot!!! more streaming. Bring more TV shows to streaming please. It would also be good if we could set up private lists on our streaming queues. That way I could dump the kids movies into their own streaming queue and keep my movies separate.


Engadget and the LA Times are reporting it will only be in SD for now, we can only hope it looks better than Starz.



Better than nothing....

Still have Blu-Ray that will always look better than streaming HD anyways....


i personally have absolutely no problem with the quality of Starz Play streaming movies on my Roku - some of you, in my opinion, act like spoiled children with your comments about not wanting to watch it unless it is in HD - like you won't be a part of it unless it is the most expensive option - grow up and watch the movies


This would eb a great opportunity for Netflix to remove that ridiculous 500-title limit on queues. I know you can have more than one queue in each account, but with so many streaming options coming our way, they should just get rid of it completely. I already have 435 titles on my instant queue; I can just imagine the onslaught when the Epix deal takes effect.

is there any way to start a petition? We should at least call Netflix all the time and bug them abotu this limit. (Calling right now myself.)


Okay deal but Netflix gets a lot of Lionsgate movies on streaming as it is right now so what's the difference? I want more new release movies available on streaming day and date. This deal definitely does not seem like it'll affect that at all. It shouldn't cost that much to get the smaller direct-to-DVD films available day and date via streaming.

I don't care if they can't get theatrical releases right away because I usually have already seen those in which I'm interested in theatres already (love going to the movies, do it at least three weekends per month depending on the films released).


Most starz titles look very good , must be your setup. We just watched up,spartacus and pillars of the earth and all are way above average especially the cartoon up which is stunning...The only thing i hate is when starz or anybody changes aspect ratio. i only have uverse 6mb and starz looks great to me.


"Most starz titles look very good , must be your setup."

It's funny. There is no problem with my "setup" on movies listed as being in HD streaming...

My setup is an HDTV, where 480 line video tends to look lousy. I'll put up with it for talking head documentaries, or for certain obscure titles not available in HD, but I won't put up with it for the bulk of more cinematic experiences.

And Starz Play material is intentionally crippled beyond even beyond the other 480 line material on Netflix.

Again, the Starz Play picture quality is about the same as you get from Hulu. If you think Hulu looks "very good", I'm sure you're quite happy with Starz Play as well.

"Engadget and the LA Times are reporting it will only be in SD for now"

Boo! Hiss!

I guess I'll spend another couple of months going through the Netflix library, and then cancel until they bring in more HD material.

"i personally have absolutely no problem with the quality of Starz Play streaming movies on my Roku - some of you, in my opinion, act like spoiled children with your comments about not wanting to watch it unless it is in HD"

Now, that's the spirit.

IMHO, I'm not a spoiled child. I'm a consumer allocating my video entertainment budget in an intelligent manner. And I spend my video budget dollars where I can get HD content that I want to watch.

Frankly, I think I'm pretty flexible in my picture quality requirements. Even Netflix HD streaming is of a pretty low picture quality in comparison to HD cable TV or to Blu-Ray. But Netflix HD streaming just barely hits my "good enough" standard. So I pay for it and enjoy it, and will cancel my subscription when I exhaust the limited supply of it in the library.


NF pays close to $1B for 5 years of SD content? That's crazy talk.

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