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it looks legit... but gosh, the big question is, did they take the time to put it into practice... im shocked that alerts are allowed to be patented... Like, when i set my AC to 75, when the tempeerature hits 76, the thermostat clicks "alerting me" and then turns on the AC unit lol

i know its a stretch, but jeezus... practical use shouldnt be patented. like the enlish language shouldnt be copywritten... i.e. monster lol


Lawsuits like this are a double-edged sword.

On the one hand, it's pretty terrible when people try to sue their way to victory. I'm no legal expert, but this strikes me as frivolous. Is the money you can potentially gain worth the damage to your credibility? Do you want to be known as that guy who sued when he wasn't getting what he wanted? That's the grown-up equivalent of tattling.

On the other hand, they're absolutely wonderful to follow, for the sheer absurdity. Who doesn't like seeing a ridiculous lawsuit fall flat on its face?


At last, a lawsuit more ridiculous than SCO (/sarcasm).


Patents are one of those things where they aren't tested until someone sues. I'm thinking (and hoping) that this patent will be tossed out for being insufficiently vague.

Sock Puppet

What an absolutely stupid lawsuit!

My impression is that Paul Allen is simply an idiot who hasn't any common sense whatsoever.

Co-founded Microsoft with Bill Gates, yet Bill is a Billionaire and Paul is not. Hmmm that fact alone speaks volumns...

Then he waits for nearly 10 years before he thinks "hmm it looks like all these multi billion $$ companies are using my "page search and database processing invention", and my "Flash an annoying box so that managers can see it out of the corner of their eyes" invention"."

What a joke! Actually the lawyer that took the case is even a bigger joke, but I guess we will have to keep dealing with them until some laws get revamped and some changes get made to the BAR that will allow the disbarment of any attorney who insists cases like this have any merit!


I am sorry but there is so much more important stuff that needs to be in the court's view instead of silly stuff like this.

Walt D in LV

@Sock Puppet::
Umm.. Paul Allen is a billionaire. I remember watching a documentary, Revenge of the Nerds, if I recall, that starts in the NBA team Portland Trailblazers' stadium, and the narrator says something like, "Many people say team owner Paul Allen is richer than God. Well, Bill Gates is even more rich than him!"
Paul Allen also owns the NFL team, Seattle Seahawks.

A quick look at Wikipedia states that Forbes magazine listed Paul Allen as the 37th Richest Person in the world at about 13.5 BILLION.

On a side note, in July, 2010, Allen stated that he plans on giving away the majority of his fortune, following in the footsteps of his friend, Bill Gates, who has already given over $28 billion dollars to charity.

I don't know the motive of the lawsuits, but maybe it's not greed?

Walt D in LV

Walt D in LV

Oh, the documentary was "Triumph of the Nerds", and it's available on Netflix:


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