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Chuck Drake

This chart was originally posted on Lifehacker, and is kinda outdated now, for example about 8 seasons of Family Guy is on Netflix Instant Watch now.


those are only a small handful of tv shows on netflix... the netflix catalog blows hulu away... Its surprising that the chart only points out a small collection since Ive watched numerous full seasons of other stuff online...



LifeHacker posted a link to the chart, but Autistic Domain created the original chart (and I credited LifeHacker for finding it).

I think it's interesting to see what the studios will let Netflix and Hulu have in convenient chart form. The content selection is always changing, and I'm wondering what the selection on both sites will be like once the fall season starts.

- Mike / HackingNetflix


The focus of the chart is on what Hulu has and then comparing it to Netflix, not what Netflix has with a comparison to Hulu. Netflix has far more TV offerings once you start digging into the back catalogue. The chart shows 3 seasons of the BBC "The Office" with Netflix only having 2 seasons. There were only 2 seasons, of course watching 2 seasons on Hulu with commercials takes the same time as watching 3 seasons so that must be the difference.


The major benefit hulu has over netflix is current episodes. But netflix still is the better value.


I'm amused that Adam 12 is included as a comparison; that show is the TV equivalent of comfort food to me, and I've been devouring the episodes just as fast. I watched it rapturously as a kid and haven't seen it since then, and love the fact that Netflix has the entire series available for streaming.


this is great..esp now that the Roku prices have dropped!


It seems that Hulu is more interested in getting a few seasons of every show, while Netflix wants to get the complete series of every show- which is why they have less t.v. Hulu I would rather watch the whole series, then all the way to season 4 and stop. IMO


i wanted huluplus but they waited too long
netflix is the best value best catalog best of everything they see streaming is the way
now the studios and hbo and other owners of film need to give netflix the respect and do business with them as netflix has a far head start now people when they realize will all fall into place with netflix i saw this coming a long time i cut the string from march and saw i can do without cable for four months and then decided to go netflix and now there is no turning back
what i would like to see is come company distribute broadband at reasonable price to keep going


I presume the streamed 21 jump street has the same messed up music as the DVDs?


I was really disappointed that Netflix didn't have all the episodes in each Family Guy season. I find it really odd that only certain episodes within a season were not available.

Retro Jordan

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