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I rarely used Netflix for streaming until I got a Samsung Blu ray player with Netflix on my TV. Now, I watch more Netflix than my Satellite.

Netflix is the killer app for Apple TV b/c of the depth of content and pricing it offers.


No doubt netflix is coming to iTV (apple TV)


I'd be highly surprised to see Netflix on AppleTV. It seems like it would just cannibalize Apple's income from selling content through the iTunes store.


Netflix app is available for ipad, iphone, touch. All of those devices have iTunes. Its coming to apple TV.


Apple is more concerned with selling hardware. If they want to compete in the settop box market they will most definitely allow Netflix streaming.


I would be shocked if Netflix wasn't either in discussions with Apple about this, or actively developing/porting their current iPhone/iPad/iPud Touch application over to the new platform. Even though it may cannibalize iTunes, Apple allows Netflix on the other devices.

The only gotcha here may be if Apple is selling the devices at a loss and hoping to make up revenue from iTunes rentals and sales. At the rumored $99 sales price, I am wondering if that may be the case.

I guess time will tell.


Yes, the wrinkle is that Apple doesn't currently have a subscription service that directly competes with Netflix. If they start offering one with this new device, they may be less inclined to provide Netflix.


One thing to add to my previous post is that the rumored $.99 rentals isn't a subscription service, but it does put them closer to Netflix's territory than they are now with their purchase model.

Guy Jones

I would be surprised if Apple TV ever offered Netflix streaming. One reason for this is because, technologically-speaking, Netflix is aligned with Microsoft (use of Silverlight and VC-1 streaming technology; Reed Hastings sitting on Microsoft's board of directors). Also, Netflix is something of a direct competitor to iTunes movie and TV rentals and sales. I'm not saying it's a total impossibility; just that it's rather unlikely.


@Guy Jones
Wow..so pray tell, why is netflix on apple computers, iphone, touch, ipad??? Netflix is platform agnostic...


The more appropriate question might be, why isn't there an Amazon MP3 store app for Apple mobile devices?


iTunes may be a competitor with Netflix, but streaming-wise they're chasing different markets.

Netflix streaming you rarely stream current movies or HBO shows.

With iTunes you can get the above mentioned, but they lack the back-library that Netflix has.


They don't have Amazon MP3 because it doesn't sell. They have other MP3 services that sell, including Rhapsody. Apple wants to make a service that people get excited to see. "Wow this has Hulu, Kindles, and Netflix, I might just buy this."

Teji Luthra

yea, sounds rather tough, but then sales is a funny game... it could be just feature selling bid for apple or nflx coughs up a good chunk to be available on Apple TV.

An analogy would be similar to streaming in Canada and using Rogers' bandwidth & infrastructure, who is probably the largest internet provider in CAN, but is also the largest DVD retailer.

So the paradox goes, how do they allow Netflix on the network and be their own competitor... blockbuster dejavu... or let's be smart and make the most of it! So it's in the works...


Easy answer: amazon mp3 store is a direct competitor to iTunes. Netflix is not a direct competitor to iTunes.


I rent Movies on Amazon VOD... my samsung plasma hooks directly up to amazon.com so as long as i have web access, i can rent whatever... Its usually day of releases if i cant get it on Redbox. I usually buy TV shows whenthey have a sale. So much cheaper than buying dvd sets. (while still keeping it legal!)


I can't wait for the next big Apple product announcement that I'll pass on. So far I've managed to spend zero dollars on Apple for 31 years now. I've got to tell you it feels great. I might just frantically dance about in silhouette.


I do not see NF running on the new iTV. Why? Simple, Apple is a closed eco-system. Apple want total control over the customer. The only way NF will be on iTV is if Apple allows apps on the iTV. I may be wrong but I just don't see Apple allowing apps on iTV.

Jack of All Tirades


I did break down last month and buy a used iTouch on Craigslist. I have to admit, it's pretty damn nice. Other than that, Apple is pretty much for either designers or people with lots of money.

That said, Apple has been a great stock to own - they have the best designers in the world - no contest (Netflix hasn't been a slouch in that department either).

I see Apple TV with Netflix. Netflix will help them expand their hardware share - particularly in the living room - while giving Apple time to try and develop their own streaming service (good luck on that one).

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