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The 28 day period isn't a big deal for me but a deciding factor is if Netflix gets "rental only" type DVDs which are bare-bones with nothing but the movie and requires a retail purchase to get a version with supplementals and such.


What do you expect them to say?!

No company is going to admit their "new service/procedure/etc." sux and is worthless.

If some people are so desperate that they cannot wait 28 more says to rent a movie, that's pretty sad.


How could they possibly know whether The Blind Side and Sherlock sold better because of the window? Perhaps they were just movies people wanted to own.

Joel Moore

Not that I care about the window all that much but I strongly doubt they have any idea of how effective this policy is based on the sales numbers of a few DVDs. I wonder how accurate their sales predictions are generally.

Will Dearborn

This is the stupidest thing I've ever heard.


These decisions don't affect me in any way possible.

I either want to own a movie, or I don't.

If I don't know which it is, I rent it once to find out and then in the future if I want to see it again I buy it.

If I don't plan on buying a movie, then I can wait a month to rent it. Doesn't make a lick of difference, all it does is irritate customers.


I have to agree with K, those two movies noted by Warner were popular so they sold better than a bad one(which is common nowadays). Warners evidence is anecdotal so I'm taking this announcement with a grain of salt.


There are some movies that I want to own and I will buy them, otherwise I'll just rent it. This 28 day window has no effect on my buying habits. One stat I would like to know is if the 28 day window has increased piracy.


This just encourages me to download from the internet more often. If netflix doesn't have it yet, I just grab it from a download site. Way to go, TW.

David D

hasn't this just made video on demand through services like InDemand a lot more popular? Those who aren't inclined to buy a mediocre movie on DVD but would be willing to pay a rental fee to watch it once will go wherever the cheap, temporary option is.

Did Time Warner cut off InDemand from offering their movies during that same 28 day sales window?


as long as I can que them when they come out on dvd im fine. Never bought one because of that wait yet. Plenty of other movies to tide me over till then.


The movie business is in transition and we don't know what the final configuration will look like. Certainly this 28 day waiting period will not last for very long.

Before 1950 all movie revenues were from box office sales. In those days everyone went to the movies irrespective of what was playing. The studios owned the theaters and every neighborhood had a movie theater.

All that has changed now but the remnants of those practices remain. Today people need to be pre-sold on a particular film and soon they won't be real film at all. The big money for studios and other content providers is currently in DVD sales - but that too is rapidly changing.

Physical movie theaters operate as a kind of preview service where new movies are first shown to the public as advertising. TV advertising is already more important. Theaters are closing everywhere which can only accelerate the process.

My guess is that in a couple years the "opening" of a movie will be the day it is first shown on TV. Theatrical showings will be like the studio previews that used to precede major movies. They were a form of market research. Sometimes the final film was much different from that seen in the preview.

This 28 period will be forgotten along with bingo at intermissions and newsreels.


First off, Sherlock and Blind Side are going to be high sell through tittles because of their gross at the theaters. What happened on some of their other titles.

But did they make more money on those titles. One has to take into account that more than likely they took in less money per title from NF and RedBox because they paid less under the 28-day delay. The problem is that there are no hard numbers on the discounts that NF and Redbox get for waiting 28 days.


I'm with those who say that it makes no difference. But I don't see why Time Warner would lie about it. They'll do whatever makes them the most money, like any business.


Meh...I can care less as I don't buy movies. Buying movies is a waste of money since after watching once, rarely do I watch it again. If I waited for a movie to be available to rent, what is an extra 28 day wait? I hope this means more movies will be allowed for streaming.


While the 28 day window doesn't bother me I'll state again what I said previously, I will NEVER again buy a movie from a studio that thinks I should wait a month before I can rent it. I'll download it, watch it and then delete it. If I want to watch it again I'll then rent it.

As far a what Jeff Bewkes said, he's talking through his freaking ass!


28 Days? What about 28 days? I've got so many choices in my DVD and streaming queue that 28 days is nothing. I'm more interested in those rare cable shows that are actually worth something instead of the 99% of cable that is crap. If the movie is actually something I'll watch more than once, I'll buy it. So far that has only been the Harry Potter movies (for the wife), James Bond movies and Star Trek movies.


A 1% growth is a positive increase... WooptyDoo! 1% of 100 is only 1.

Plus you have to include all cities in all states, not just your preselected test market. My SIL works for Walmart and says that Walmart as a company is actually selling "LESS" dvd's since they started the 28 day waiting period.


Is annoying the hell out of me a "Positive result"?

Then success, my friends, success.


Successful parhaps but also successful in making Netflix way less worth it. Torrenting and redbox are gaining, and as a netflix shareholder I think the 28 day window is the worst decision they ever made. Once jobs pick up in this country I am dumping my shares, and before that I will be dumping my netflix account.

I (like MANY) have HD satellite for 95% of the older stuff so I'm interesting in primarily newer blurays. First they jacked up the bluray price, and now delay the new movies. Screw me twice? Shame on ME


BLAH HA HA and a hearty ROFL at hueristix!

I bet you didn't whine this much when your shares paid out dividends.

But at least you got that last part right!


hueristix, I don't understand your comment. It sounds like you think it's Netflix's decision.

I commented before, I'm in the "it doesn't matter to me" camp, but I can see where it will matter to some people. The distributors promote the DVD release which makes some people want to see it immediately, and now they'll have to buy it or wait.

The Beer Soap Company

I really do not mind waiting 28 days to watch a new release. There are plenty of things to do and watch in the meantime. A little patience pays off for me.


SPIN SPIN SPIN - TW Spinmasters are in expected form! Whole purpose of their statement is to get other studios on board... Who knows for sure if sales are greater than they would have been since that is impossible to prove.


@CJ - to what end? If they aren't really seeing increased sales, why would they care about the 28 days?

Fred Talmadge

I don't anyone who is buying new movies, unless they are the ones kids will watch a hundred times without getting bored.


I think DVD sales were high because for $10-12 I could buy a movie and have it right now, or I could go to blockbuster and IF they had it, I could pay ~$5 for it and have to return it within a specified time. If I missed that time I could end up basically paying for a new movie anyway, so why not go ahead and buy it. Netflix and Redbox killed this model because they offered better value.

I hope something similar happens to iTunes. How can a 30 year old digital music track cost the same as something new?

Many Blockbuster B&M stores still do exceptional business. If they could be divorced from the parent company and all the short sightedness of upper management they could stick around for some time.

The IW selection has dramatically increased over the last year. If this is attributable to the 28 day window, then I am all for it.


People still go to the movies. It is a social event for people who can't sit at home all the time, just like they go to see plays, baseball games, ect. We may have more direct to video offerings in the future, but a huge blockbuster film on a 100° day in July will always draw people in.


That's hilarious. Pick two popular releases and use them to state something that cannot be proven one way or the other. This spokesman would have flunked his college introductory logic or statistics class. TW can go to heck and I can wait 28 days.

The Whiz

Of course those two sold well, they're 2 of the most popular movies of last year. Let me guess, "Avatar" sold well too?? Geez.

I'd much rather hear how this impacted sales of other flicks like:

The Invention Of Lying
The Time Traveler's Wife


Screw them. I still won't buy the DVDs.

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