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imo, America's Funniest Home Videos should be in streaming. I don't really want to waste one of my dvd slots on it, but streaming would be gold! It beats watching it on youtube.


I think Netflix should be boycotted if they don't have Star Trek: Insurrection available.


Just checked on Star Trek: Insurrection, funny they have the Blu-Ray, but no DVD, weird.


I'd like to see the entire Dark Shadows series on instant.I watched the first collection on instant.Didn't bother renting the others because so many dvd's are missing.


The only film I've ever asked for Netflix to stock is Liquid Dreams because it stars John Doe. As far as what I'd like them to have on streaming...? John Woo's old flicks and all the other great Criterions. :)

As far as the anonymous Trekkie's complaints go... really, nerdheim? I'd rather stick my balls in a bucket full of pissed off toothless piranhas that try for hours to gum the genitals right off my body than watch "Insurrection" again. I know you're partaking in the Trekkie Rite of Passage but trust me, man, some traditions are better left behind with your ancestors. After all, old Trekkies only had to sit through "The Final Frontier", and they got "Undiscovered Country" to make up for it. Us? We got nothin', man.

But, if you insist on watching Insurrection, I direct you to this: http://www.redlettermedia.com/insurrection.html

Please, think of the children.


Muppet Christmas Carol. Like to watch it with the family every December. Finally bought it.

Closet Trekkie

Cracking me up, BP. I'm the closet trekkie who wrote this in and it's in great part due to reactions like yours that I'm still in the closet, lol. Also probably because I can't justify in any sane why I like watching, lol.


I got ST:I almost a year ago from them. I swear I turned it in in working order! Frankly, it wasn't the best of the ST franchise.


@ Closet Trekkie

Aww, man! I'm just giving you a hard time - from one Trekkie to another. :)


there is so much stuff that I was able to rent, which later disappeared from netflix availability.
I personally think they need to dig up more independent and short films from the 70s and 80s. Often tehre are TV programs that supposed to have existed on dvd, but which aren't there.
-Fright Night 2
-Scanners 2
-original black and white Astro Boy
-Maximum Overdrive
-Song of The South
-Yellow Submarine

Closet Trekkie

I know BP :). Interesting that there are so many films which were available before which are not available now, Yuriy. I wonder what the reason for this is.


I would like to see every episode of mama's family streamed on Netflix.


Though I am often mystified by titles going to Saved status when they appear to still be available on DVD, I do appreciate that NFLX doe smake an effort to get at least some of those titles on WI--recently, they added the classic Tom JOnes, and are set to release Witchfinder General and Blacula shortly. Whoo!
I dearly hope they ramp up their efforts to do that with as many Saved titles as possible.

Ultimate Outsider

Netflix only buys DVDs that are available new, although over the years I have seen cases where a disc went out of print, they ran out of copies- but when the movie was re-released on DVD in a new edition they got new copies of that.

Right now I have a number of out-of-print titles in my queue, including Topsy-Turvy (1999), The Big Tease (1999), Supervan (1977), and Caged Heat (1974). Woo, Seventies.


Years ago I was going through Deep Space 9 and Voyager, and they always seemed to have one season of the show unavailable, and questions about it went unanswered. I can only guess that it was to keep people from copying the entire series.

As for movies, I'm guessing if one disappears it has to do with licensing issues.


I'd liked to see the older tv shows, two examples I can think of quickly are Donna Reed Show and Father Knows Best... both were shown as Saved for a very long time after the dvds were out. Donna Reed Show did eventually come available but Father Knows Best is still in Saved limbo. :/


Bhaji on the Beach
King of Comedy(Stephen Chow)
Live Flesh(Pedro Almodovar)
Royal Space Force: Wings of Honneamise(1987)
The Street Fighter(1974)


They don't have The Lion King - it's one of Disney's most revered animated movies and Netflix doesn't have it. I'm not a Disney fanatic and I'm aware that it's out of print (what gives, Disney?) but, seriously, that is just ridiculous.

Also, Star Trek: Insurrection was certainly bad... but it was an odd-numbered Star Trek film, so what chance did it have? ;)

Thomas Carlton

The movie "The Relic" -- loved it years ago, been wanting to show it to my fiancee. I ended up buying it on Blu-ray when it was on Amazon for $10, but I really didn't want to own it, and having it in my Saved DVDs for months, when it is clearly available on Blu-ray (not on DVD, per Amazon at least), is annoying.


Cronos. Seen it listed in the top 10 list of vampire movies before. A shame they don't have it.

For streaming I would like to see Dexter Season 3.


Olive the Other Reindeer.


I second the disappointment of not being able to get "The Lion King" from Netflix and couldn't believe that it wasn't available. At least when the blu-ray comes out whenever, I'm sure it will be offered. But I also would like the live action "Jungle Book" which is less likely to come out on blu-ray. (then again I may be the only person on the planet who liked "Star Trek: Insurrection."


Use to have, but now they don't:
Kiddy Grade
Tsukihime Lunar Legend Disc 2
Martian Successor Nadesico

Completely missing
BBC version of Life for DVD and Blu-ray

The more netflix care only about streaming and less about DVD/Blu-ray, the more I want to check out their smaller competitors like GreenCine or even going to the dark side and trying the blockbuster movies by mail.


What I hate the most is the episodes missing from a series that is streaming. For example, the pilot episode for the Magnificent Seven tv series is missing the second half. What gives?

Also, it drives me bonkers when a episode is not available for a series that I'm watching because I like to watch episodes in order and when I finish I like to say that I saw the entire series. And I won't get a DVD just to watch one episode.

Does anyone know why we can get the missing episodes on dvd, but not streaming?

Andrew M

1. The first part of The Red Ridding trilogy is not on streaming. The two other parts are, but it's weird that the first one isn't. It does say streaming soon though.
2. Some Disney movies aren't on there, but that really isn't Netflix's fault, Disney puts them in the vault.
3. The Elephant Man isn't available, which is odd because of it's acclaim and Oscar nominations.
4. Chaplains, The Great Dictator. It is pretty old, but they have most of his other films, maybe their copy broke.

James C

What drives me nuts is watching a streaming HD TV shows only to find 1-3 episodes within a season that are only available in standard definition. Too add insult to injury the SD versions are not always in the proper aspect ratio cutting the left and right sides of the image off from the original widescreen presentations.


Orson Welles's The Magnificent Ambersons. There might be licencing rights that are still prohibiting it from being on DVD, but hopefully it can be streamable...


All five seasons of Dinner for Five. They have season 1 and episode 50. That's kind of crazy.


I would really like to see them add Homicide the movie. I just finished the Homicide life on the street series and would like to see the wrap up.


Over the last couple months many of the TV series I've wanted were made available (Stargate Atlantis, Red Dwarf, Black Adder, The State). But I still have a long list...

TV Shows:
The Young Ones
(more of) The Kids in The Hall
Will & Grace
Absolutely Fabulous
Are You Being Served?
La Femme Nikita
The Brak Show
Samurai Jack
Cow and Chicken

HD versions of Das Boot, Delicatessen, Tuvalu, & City of Lost Children.
Raffles (comedy from 1939)
...and just in general more Anime movies and better Horror.


Insurrection was a lot better than Nemesis.




Star Trek: Insurrection DVD is out of print Rent it @ amazon for $3.00



@ Andrew M:

The Elephant Man will be on streaming starting Sept. 1st.

Andrew M

@Joseph I didn't see that, thanks

Andrew M

One other correction, it looks like The Red Ridding trilogy part one is available for streaming, must of sneaked in there when I wasn't looking.


The ST:TNG TV series and the original Alien.


I've seen a lot of concert-performance DVDs from niche artists (like Gentle Giant, for example) that have gone to "Save" status on Netflix shortly after they've become out of print. I assume people are just stealing them and reporting them missing or something. Very frustrating. Which is another reason I look forward to all-streaming-content, so that these kinds of concerts never go "out of print".


They don't have Our Man Flint but they have the sequel.


Most titles released by Flicker Alley seem to go unnoticed by Netflix.

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