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This is just a polite way of saying as of today BB is on life support.


make sure you rewind those tapes before you turn the lights out, blockbuster.




Looks like giving the greedy movie studios more money not to have the 28 day window paid off for them. Good riddance Blockbuster.

Bob Emmerich

Cramer held up a HUGE Netflix envelope yesterday on his show and made some comment about Netflix destroying BB. Funny stuff.


Too bad. We need alternatives to Redbox and Netflix. Even with these two companies dominating the market, there are still a lot of customers to reach.


CEO Keyes shouldn't have mocked me. Some great turnaround artist.


@ Matt

Apple TV and Amazon VOD


@things: I'm thinking another type of "brick-and-mortar" store. Of course, nothing on the scale of Blockbuster, but similar to Redbox. I think there are a lot of ways the Redbox business model can be improved and a competitor could step in to capitalize on them.


@ Matt

Oh I see what you mean. I can tell you tho, after using streams so muhc (legally like roku) I barely bother with DVD's anymore. I've had The Road sitting collecting dust for awhile.

I do think the future is streaming altho I recognize that me and people who use this site are the early adopters of course.


Chapter 11 is re-organization. The debts will be discharged or restructured and BB will emerge in better shape, in theory.

Chapter 7 is liquidation.


Before everyone starts planning the demise of Blockbuster, let us remember that KMart filed for ch. 11 several years ago, restructured, and made enough profit a few years later to buy out Sears. Anything is possible!


This brings tears of joy to my eyes. BB really went out of their way to earn my ire back when I was a customer.

Whoa. Like whoa!


What's K-mart?

Seriously the two K-marts in my area are gone.

Well one left shortly after the area got a Wal-Mart and the next closest K-mart stayed opened but was a ghost town.

Been to the Sears closest in my area a few times. It's like a ghost town too....

Another sad thing is local businesses in my town and the town next to it are a joke in prices compared to the big chains. Sadly. I never or rarely cruise downtown and rarely shop at the stores. Which again they are like empty too.

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