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Between the two queues I have around 900 movies. If they remove the 500 limit, or increase it to 1000, I'd be fine with one queue. Although, it is easier to go through the Instant Queue knowing everything listed can be watched when I'm browsing with no particular title in mind.


I love the instant queue. There are some films I have no intention of watching on DVD (but wouldn't mind sampling on my laptop), so the instant queue allows me to put these films in order without it affecting my dvd queue.


Two queues never bothered me. I'd rather have the 500 item limit removed. I've been hitting the queue limit since the 2nd day I joined back in 2000.


Well, with the Instant Queue, I can group by category (Kids IW at the top of the queue, TV shows in one place, foreign movies, etc.). Obviously, the DVD queue is obviously sorted differently.

And, obviously Buzzkill is watching via the browser and not via a TiVo or other device, as he's browsing through the available titles. Getting rid of the Instant Watch queue would not make sense at all for everyone those watching via devices.


I think it's important to have the separate queues. There are several titles I'd watch instantly but would never have any desire to waste a DVD or Blu-ray rental on. And there are also movies that I really want to see in Blu-ray glory and probably wouldn't be interested in watching on WI. So for me, I prefer having the separation there.

And wouldn't it just suck if you mis-managed your queue and accidentally got sent a DVD of some movie or TV show you really didn't care about or had already seen -- a title that was just there because you thought you might want to, say, watch a scene or two or one episode on WI randomly at some point?

Also, as others have mentioned, I'm always at the 500 disc cap on my DVD queue, so if they were to combine the two queues, they would really have to lift the cap.


I am amazed when I read that people have 500 items in their queue. I have the 1 DVD plan and starting to run out of DVDs to watch. I have more items for IW as I am not as selective for IW stuff.

To answer the thread's question, I prefer if there were separate queues on netflix website for IW and DVD/BR instead of one.


Why is there any problem having separate queues? Movies on the DVD queue will eventually be sent to me in the mail; in most cases if something is available to watch instantly I don't want to get it in the mail. That's where the Instant queue comes in - it's for movies I plan to watch eventually with streaming and never want to get in the mail.

If it's your personal preference to use only the DVD queue you already have that option, but there's no reason to be vying for the removal of a feature that lots of other people like me use and would miss if it were gone. Hasn't Netflix already removed enough features?


Well a combined queue would be horrid.
But, I totally agree with the points made in the article. Nice to know we independently arrived at the same conclusions.
I have 500 movies in the DVD queue. With the IW queue I can add movies I am interested in but don't actually want to waste a DVD slot on. I would like it if I could add movies that aren't available via IW to an IW-Saved queue.
The problem is a "queue" is not the proper management model for IW items. I have thought for a long time that Netflix needs to re-work its IW software.
1) The idea of a IW queue needs to be abandoned. A system of user-configurable categories and sortable lists. So, more "queues" not less.
2) The software, particularly the Vista Media Center version, artificially limits the number of IW titles you can see. Even in the genre (e.g., Drame, SciFi, TV Shows, etc.) categories you can only see 200 titles. So, if I want search the genre for a movie I have to surf it on the PC and add any movies I find to my IW queue (making sure it is in the first 200 titles).

david v

i experiment a lot more with my instant queue. it's full of a lot of b-grade sci-fi movies. also, a lot of favorite mst3k episodes, guilty pleasure movies, etc. stuff i'm not going to think to watch 2 days out. stuff i might not even watch all the way through.

that and a lot of tv shows. i like picking an episode and watching it, not getting a dvd, watching 5 episodes in a sitting & mailing it back. there are a lot of useful things about the instant queue.


There are films/TV shows that aren't listed in Instant Queue, these remain in my DVD Queue to be shipped to me at some later date (I usually delete DVDs with an Instant Watch option). I move to the bottom of my queue any DVDs with a future Instant Watch date.


The Instant Queue is what shows up on your roku box if you have one. If they were combined, a whole bunch of stuff that you can't watch would be on the list.


I'd rather have two queues. For one thing, the ordering is different. If I am watching a series, I put it first in the Instant Queue so I can get it on blue-ray immediately but I wouldn't want it to come home. What I want is a "folder" function in the Instant queue. I have about 50 things in there I have to scroll through on the blu-ray. It would be nice if I could organize them in categories.


only things that go on my regular queue are the movies/tv show that are not available on instant. If there was only one queue they would have to find another way for you to show which dvds you wanted sent to your house.


Yeah its pretty simple. I consider the movies on my instant queue to be somewhat like a "temporary collection" of movies. Meaning, I watch some of those movies and TV shows two or three times when the mood strikes me.

The stuff on your DVD queue gets sent to your house and then it disappears from your queue once you've watched it. The dynamic of the DVD versus the Instant queue is very different for me.

But most of all, if it is available on Instant then I literally do not want to get it via DVD. Why would I? I can watch it anytime on instant but when it comes on DVD I've got to watch it immediately so I can send it back. I'd rather save my DVD queue for stuff I just can't get on Instant right now.

If everything was available on Instant, I'd never use the DVD queue.


this is a good call that I've often wondered about myself. One Queue. with the way search works for play now, I'm not even sure you need the instant queue at all.


i definitly would rather have two separaet queues. If you have one queue with a WI and DVD filter, isnt that the same thing?

Gotta be able to quickly queue up and reorder what you expect on DVD vs WI where i can surf thru my list on my 360


I wish there was the ability for MORE queues, not less. I have two Roku boxes on two different TVs. We have 4 people in our house all with different shows in the queue. There are TV shows or movies in the queue that I don't want my kids to watch or access so having their shows in one queue and my wife and my shows in another queue would make it much easier to monitor. Of course that being said the Netflix channel on Roku would need a slight modification to allow which queue to show on the TV (kind of like how they implemented disabling searching in the settings)


To me the problem is not that mailed DVDs and WI are separate, but that a "queue" isn't the best thing for WI. OK, they may need it to make the Roku and other devices have reasonable interfaces. But I have no intention of watching things in order like I do with mailed DVDs. I think what they need is more of a hierarchical (tree) type of interface where titles that I've previously marked as interesting can be browsed by category. In fact maybe they should have a category interface and a queue for both mailed and WI.

I tried to figure out how to email them my suggestion but couldn't find an email address.


Leave them seperate. I don't want DVDs of the items in my IW queue. That's the whole point of putting them in the IW queue to watch at some point.

Combining them into 1 queue would great confuse a lot of customers.

ps3 fanboi

Buzzkill Phil is a douche...


Just for the record, when viewing from a web browser, titles in your DVD queue that are also available for streaming can be played directly from the queue. So in that respect, one could simply use the DVD queue as a combined queue, and simply add the disc version of any instant titles you want to watch.

This wouldn't help with a lot of dedicated device apps, which often tend to be limited to the instant queue. Generally though I like the separation of instant and disc queues anyway.


Two queues make sense actually. First the IW queue is what drives your netflix read devices. Especially while xbox users don't have search. Even after that it's like a short hand pick list. Movies on my DVD queue stay on my DVD queue even if they get added to IW. I keep them lower though. If I get to them first on IW, I delete them, if not, I'll get them when I'm ready for them.
I do agree though the Instant queue needs some more advanced options.


I definitely like having two separate queues. As others have mentioned, there are some movies I don't want to stream because I want the quality of DVD/Blu-Ray (e.g. I wouldn't want to stream Avatar), and there are movies I would rather stream so I don't waste a rental.

Ben L

"If I'm interested in seeing something on DVD, wouldn't it also make sense that I'd be interested in it instantly?"

No. Even if something is available streaming there are times when I'd still be more interested in the DVD or bluray, usually because the streaming version is in the wrong aspect ratio. For instance, some 2:39:1 movies are cropped/zoomed down to 1.78:1.

The instant queue is very useful for keeping a running list of those things I want to watch streaming.



We don't need the removal of more features. Although I do realize that's Netflix's raison d'ĂȘtre.


I want separate queues. I prioritize my DVD queue by what I want to watch next. My IW queues is alphabetized (I run a script).

Plus, some things I'd be happy to see on IW, others I'd prefer on BD.


There is a simple hierarchy of image quality. 1. Blu-ray, 2. IW HD, 3. DVD, 4. IW SD.

There's often not that much difference between adjacent formats (e.g. IW HD and DVD) but there is a lot of difference between formats two or three apart.

DVDs are dying but NetFlix has nearly a 100,000 DVD titles. We'll have two queues indefinitely.

Type Name Here

The instant Q is absolutely necessary when streaming though a NRD

Ultimate Outsider

As others have mentioned, it's the fact that all Netflix streaming devices are not alike, and some have very limited and/or slow UIs. You need a more focused queue to limit the pain of using those UIs.

We use the Instant queue only for kids programming, so we can stream content to the TiVo in the family room. Not only are we (usually) safe in knowing the content in the instant queue is safe for kids (Netflix sometimes automatically adds titles from the DVD queue to the instant one, so I have to prune the list now and then), but we only have to flip through a few pages of titles on TiVo's extremely slow-to-refresh user interface.


As others have stated, I use the instant queue to save titles I have no intention to watch on DVD but wouldn't mind watching streaming.


Most of you are forgetting something; Netflix will be streaming all titles sometime in the future. So, the DVD queue would be gone anyway. What I want is to have multiple queues to organize IW titles the way I want.

Luna Saisho

Very basically, I do not want my Instant Queue spilling over to my DVD Queue. But if a movie is available instantly, I would love the DVD Queue to reflect that there's Instant available, or auto populate the ones with Instant to the Instant queue.


I would like a way to sub-divide the IW queue or have more IW queues.

I like to keep TV series together. I would also like to group TV series and movies by genre.

Having to button through 100+ titles on Roku is tedious.



Netflix has said in the not so distant past that they think they will be mailing DVDs until 2030.


Christian Calaway

Who is this idiot? I hate to be rude and negative, but seriously?!? Just as I'm drafting an email to Netflix ONCE AGAIN requested an expanded Queue (at least 1000), this guy is saying get rid of one of them!?! Both of my Queues are FULL and when one title is removed, another one is immediately added to the list. Leave things well enough alone!


I prefer the current two separate queues for management of how I use Netflix for rental movies. Sure it takes a little more time to manage, however, you do get the added flexibility. What do I mean?

Sometimes I don't want to wait until the DVD is released to see the movie if it's already out on IW - which is the case for a lot of Indie movies.

Sometimes I want Dolby Digital 5.1 audio for a movie, which IW doesn't provide but the DVD does - good audio is important to me.

And last, but not least, about 450 of my 500 limit in my DVD queue is taken up with "Saved" DVDs, practically all without release dates. The IW queue allows me a place to keep track of movies that are currently available.


They ABSOLUTELY need to keep it separate between DVD and Instant queues.

They should allow you to have multiple Instant Watch queues. I would love to have one for television shows and one for movies. Right now I have over 200+ items in my instant queue and it's pretty much useless.

Posting here in hopes that Netflix follows this site.

Actually a queue per device would be WONDERFUL. I have an iPod Touch my GF uses that I would love for her to have her own separate queues.

Parish Boy

I agree with others that the traditional "Queue" is not an appropriate means of organization for Instant titles. They definitely need a more advanced means of sorting titles by genre, rating, expiration date, etc. Currently I use a Firefox Greasemonkey script to accomplish this, but it would be nice to have the same functions available via the GUI on my Wii or Blu-Ray player.

I definitely still need a "Queue" (if you want to call it that) for Instant titles, if nothing else just to mark them as favorites or "hey I want to see this eventually but don't care when." For example I have all the South Park episodes in the Q just so I can sit back and have a smoke and watch an episode or two.


I like having both Queues, DVD and Instant, and usually keep 60 - 100 titles in each. I also enjoy having easy access to my titles via Instant queue using my Roku or PS3. For me, the Instant queue makes perfect sense and has an important role when delivering exactly what I want, in the order I what, to the machines I want to use. I think of the Instant queue as a "playlist" and I'm very deliberate in choosing DVD or Instant whenever a title is available both; particularly if I'm interested in Specials Features like Commentary, Out-takes or multi-cut options.

Streaming is very convenient but potential valued enjoyment of a well produced DVD could be considered a cost for that convenience. Of course, my point here is completely obliterated whenever the DVD rental companies are forced to or choose to use special "Rental Copy" versions. I'm really starting to hate having more of those scrapped down clones delivered to me.


For those of us with xbox streaming. The devices read off the instant queue.

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