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No HD == no watch. Sorry, Netflix. You can do better.


All the Indy movies!

Now where the hell are they?

More so the first 3....However I wouldn't mind giving the 4th a second watch....Just to see if my opinions change.

Also the Original Trek films. Even though I watched 2,3 & 4 which I hear are the best of the bunch. I heard 1 & 5 were bleh. However 6 is suppose to be good?

Sadly I never watched the Godfather trilogy. So better late than never....

Also HD may be coming. Too soon to tell....

Mark R

are u kidding me son..i just watched a couple titles and they look awesome on my 61 HDTV..I truly cant believe some kids.We have Great selection Movies/tv shows/great documentaries but if its not HD all the sudden it worthless, wow some of you guys really amaze me..Get yourself a Roku to truly see what these streams can do...69 dollars at amazon..Enjoy


I wish copyright laws would stop getting in the way of a new millenium of how we consume our entertainment. Netflix is at the forefront, of changing the way we watch things, and I'm glad this deal with Epix has some quality films coming through.


Sweet. Garbage Pail Kids the movie!


I read when this Epix deal was originally announced that all Epix movies are cropped from their original aspect ratio to 16:9 to fill the whole screen on HDTVs, like what HBO does. Does anyone know if this is the case with their titles on Netflix? Iron Man would be one thing to try, since it has a 2.35:1 aspect ratio and should still have letterboxes on HDTVs. That cropping isn't much better than old-school pan-and-scan, and is kinda a dealbreaker for me.


I'm with Crow550...Where the hell are the Indiana Jones movies? I haven't seen them in years and was looking forward to watching them. FeedFliks lists them as being available as of yesterday (the 1st)...still not there this morning.


Definitely the Godfather movies (at least the first 2... don't waste your time on the 3rd). I am stoked about the new TV series too.

Larry Dallas

just watched Star Trek and it looked amazing!


Friday The 13th isn't out :( but 1-6 (if i can remember) are out. Wow, and today look at all the History Channel stuff out. That sites awesome!


Iron Man is cropped to 16:9, but it does look fantastic. There were times I forgot that I was watching a stream. Look on the bright side, it's light years ahead of the Starz content, which even when it isn't 4:3 letterboxed, looks rather bad anyway.


I don't like watching movies that aren't in HD. C'mon netflix, step it up!!!


So far the Epix content looks good, no artifacts and the audio is in sync.

As for Indiana Jones, I'll bet Lucas or Speilberg had something to do with that.


I noticed last night that a bunch of them (at least when viewed on the xbox netflix app) are marked to expire on Oct 1st. What the hell? What is the point of having a huge selection of new movies to only have them expire in 1 month?

A Movie A Day (A.M.A.D.)

The streaming quality is much, much better than the Starz Play titles.

A.M.A.D. is pleased.


My main issue with the Epix content is that there are different expiration dates for these movies. For example, some have 900+ days while some have only 60 days. The Godfather films and the Friday the 13th films have only 60 days.

I wish Netflix would update their site by adding a Countdown area in its movie description page and/or on the queue page. This would help make it easier to pick a movie to watch.

Chris Utley

I've noticed several times that movies remain even after the expiration date passes. Not always but often.


are u kidding me son..i just watched a couple titles and they look awesome on my 61 HDTV

I'm sure they do, but you seem to forget that a 61" HDTV is no longer considered a big set. I have a more or less standard size HD projection system. It shoots onto a an eight foot wide screen. That's 110" diagonally or nearly four times as big as your set.

What many people don't understand is that in the larger sizes projection TVs are cheaper, often much cheaper. A direct view five foot set may only cost around $2,000 today but a seven foot plasma will still cost $30,000. A nine foot plasma will set you back $100,000. There are several HD projectors capable of filling a nine foot screen for well under a thousand dollars.

So maybe this kid, @todd whom you disparage for preferring HD, has a big screen projection system. If so I understand why he won't watch SD streams.


@ PatB

Oh my God. You did it again.


@Mark R
I don't think there's anything wrong in wanting movies, especially those released on blu ray, to be streamed in HD. The difference is clear - I just had a quick look at Star Trek (on my tiny 46" HD set) and while it's by no means unwatchable, it's clearly SD.

Having said that, I'd actually be happier if they prioritised 5.1 audio over HD video. Actually, no... I demand both!



I seem to have a fan.


Iron Man would be one thing to try, since it has a 2.35:1 aspect ratio and should still have letterboxes on HDTVs. That cropping isn't much better than old-school pan-and-scan, and is kinda a deal breaker for me.

Cropping isn't very like pan and scan at all. The problem with wide screen or CinemaScope aspect ratio (2.35) movies on the standard HDTV screen (1.78) is that you get a much smaller image. On my standard size and shape 8 foot wide screen I have 36 square feet of image. If the movie is wide screen it's only 27 square feet. So I get a full one third more picture when the movie is shown in the native aspect ratio of my system.

If I watch an old 4:3 aspect ratio movie on my set I also get about 27 square feet of picture. In this case the picture is pillar-boxed rather than letter-boxed but it's still a lot of black.

Pan and scan tried to accommodate a wide image in a frame that was only a little more than half the width at which it was shot. Since directors and cameramen include important visual elements in the frame out to about 80% of the frame width, the screen kept shifting from left to right to show all the pictorial elements. Pan and scan worked poorly when showing a 1.78 movie on a home 1.33 screen and was quite terrible when they tried to cram a 2.35 image into 1.33 - the camera kept darting about trying to find who was speaking.

But today all TV is broadcast in 1.78 and many movies are released in 1.85 which is essentially identical to the 1.78 HDTV standard.

Of the current top five movies on Rotten Tomatoes, three are 2.35 and two are 1.85. The action oriented movie "The Expendables" is 2.35 while the chick flick "Eat, Pray, Love" is 1.85.

There is also the issue that movie directors today realize that their films will make back most of their costs on the home screen not the theater screen. That influences their shot composition. In the early days of widescreen you would see shots where the two characters would be stationed at the extreme edges of the screen. For example there are dialog scenes in Lawrence of Arabia that had the audience swiveling their heads from side to side as if they were watching a tennis match. That sort of framing helped emphasize how wide the screen was. You don't see that much anymore.

Today the extremes of the frame mostly provide what you would see in your peripheral vision. The action and actors play out in the middle of the frame. That's why cropping a 2.35 image down to 1.85 has so little effect. It is very seldom that you lose anything important.

I'm for personal choice. I would like the viewer not the broadcast editor to determine the aspect ratio. The Panasonic 4000 projector already has some ability in this regard. I want more. If a movie was made in 2.35 than I think it should be streamed or broadcast in 2.35 but I also want the ability to alter the aspect ratio at home. I would like to be able to crop a 2.35 movie to 1.85 so as to fill my whole screen or maybe to crop it to 2.00 as a compromise.

Almost no one has a 2.35 ration projection screen, but a few do. They should be able to fill those screens and I should be able to fill mine.

Larry Dallas

If someone goes out and buys a set up big enough to play replays on at a football game and wonder why it doesn't look all that hot with a PROTECTOR, well I got some beach front property to sell you in Oklahoma.

Jim HiDef

Agree --if it's not in HD (like most, if not all, Starz offerings) I won't watch it. Do better, Netflix!


@ PatB

"I'm the only one who matters IN THE ENTIRE WWWWOOOORRRRLLLDDDD!!!!!"


No HD. No love. Latest stats say 50% of US households have a HDTV. It's time for NF to raise the bar.

I would include my usual rant about DD 5.1 but that is suppose to be available by the end of the year. Of course there is no mention if the Epix titles will be available in DD 5.1.


While I don't require my streaming content to be in HD, I certainly prefer it.

As long as the Epix content is better quality than Starz Play (which shouldn't be difficult), I won't have a problem.


Thanks for the mention in the post!

I was sad to not see the Indiana Jones flicks, but I am sure they will be added eventually. I'm sad they have such short expiration's, because I wanted to see Godfather and don't have too much time right now.

I watched G.I. Joe last night and it looked perfect. I did notice that several of the titles have HD already...


I was hoping the titles would have a fancy Epix logo at the start & an Epix section on the site....

Also it would be nice to be notified better of when titles are expiring.

Then again knowing what titles are streaming on other User profiles would be nice too....

Anyways....More titles are cool....However for some reason...I'm just not excited that much? Like I was assuming we'd have maybe more newer releases? I thought that was the point?

I don't care either way. More content is more. Have so much to watch as is!


@ Jim, I dont think there is one starz play movie that is available in HD. All the Starz Play movies' quality is terrible.

I am impressed with the quality of non-HD Epix. Very pleased but still wish it was in HD.


I certainly prefer to get my movies in HD, but SD isn't the end of the world. As long as I can see what's going on without having to squint, I'm happy with the picture quality.


In my humble opinion, Netflix's online watching just got 100% better selection. I can only hope this is a sign of very positive things to come. I mean they added a whole slew of great television shows, and a giant slew of great movies with this addition to their online library. While no HD is a negative, it isn't the end of the world right now. Just the additions are a giant step forward for Netflix. With that I have to say: Wonderful giant step forward Netflix!


I forgot the Epix content was coming this soon. I prob check out GI Joe later. It would be nice if netflix site would add an Epix tab like they did with Starz to highlight the Epix content.


I'm glad most of the Trek movies are streaming now, but I wish they would get the shows streaming too. I'd love to be able to stream all 7 seasons of TNG.


Definitely agree that Netflix needs to add an Epix tab as I want to be able to keep up-to-date with the films added because of the deal. It helps with the Starz stuff.


Just finished watching GI Joe. Picture was good. Altho in scenes with black background, it did get pixelated at times. Netflix should have negotiated more and gotten the Epix content in HD. When will netflix bring 5.1 sound?


Man, what a bunch of HD snobs! Remember when we used to come home and watch our shows recorded from analog cable on VHS at SLP quality on a 19 inch CRT television...and be perfectly content? That wasn't that long ago, you know.

Now its, "If it isn't in HD, I'm not watching it!"

Having said that, I do wonder about the reasoning behind the resolution choices. I can understand an older film that has never been released onto DVD being offered only in SD, as it has probably never been encoded in a higher quality format -- a costly and far from simple process. However, there is no excuse for more recent titles, such as Iron Man and Star Trek. My only guess is that the studios are demanding exhorbitant fees for licensing the HD versions and Epix had to choose between offering 100 titles in HD or 1,000 in SD.

Hollywood Greed: Keeping its programming from the eyes of audiences for a century.


"I'm sure they do, but you seem to forget that a 61" HDTV is no longer considered a big set."

Are you kidding me!?

Well, I watched Iron Man on my measly, bitty 26 inch HD TV and it did fill the screen. However, I thought it was very good, and very good quality for not being HD. In fact, surprisingly good quality. Not that I can tell with my postage stamp sized TV that I have to watch with binoculars.

I am disappointed that the Indiana Jones movies disappeared, like many others.


Some folks are complaining about expiration dates on these new movies. I know and see that some movies/tv shows only have 60 days on them but that is merely licensing issues. For example Lost Season 1 - 5 comes up for licensing every 60 days, and it never fails; Netflix renews the license. Netflix is not going to let any hugely popular movie or TV show not be renewed. So the bottom line is going to be: How much is it watched on line and is it worth it to renew the license for it. Watch the tv show/movie enough and I guarantee you that the license for said tv show/movie will be renewed.


I was a little upset that the new epix titles were not in HD but when I thought it over and realized I was only paying something like 17 bucks a month for such a large online assortment of movies and tv shows I decided I could live with the quality. I cancelled my cable last month that only had like 10 HD channels and even those channels were not brodcasting in HD all the time, and I am saving $80 a month using Netflix. If there is something I just must see in HD I just Q the blu-ray

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