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IMHO the content is much more important than HD. For anyone who thinks HD is all-important, just buy a few Blu-ray discs and watch them over and over again.


There's nothing wrong with wanting the content in HD. The capability is there and many other movies are in HD so why not these. There is a noticeable improvement in the quality. Why all the "I used to walk to school both ways uphill so you should be happy with SD" comments?


Nothing wrong with wanting HD - it's the "I'm not watching because it's not HD" attitude that I'm talking about. If you can't understand the difference I can't help you.


If it's not in HD it's not worth my time - I spent thousands of dollars on my HD home theater and they expect me to watch it in SD and be happy about it? Personally, I'd rather wait for the blu-ray in the mail. LoL @ the guy with a 60 inch TV that says his roku non-hd stream looks "awesome". So let me get this right, you spent big $$ on a 60 inch HDTV and are fine movies 480p? You're not doing your TV justice. That's like buying a sports car and never taking over 20mph.

Joe Young

I watched Troll 2 last night. Awesome movie.


I must admit that I am greatly disappointed that the Epix content is not in HD as it does make a huge difference in picture and sound quality. For netflix to have supposedly spent a billion dollars for this was a bad deal for them. They should have waited longer and Epix would have caved in. I guess I will stick with HD content (e.g. mostly TV shows unfortunately) for streaming because SD streaming can do a poor job with dark scenes.


I have to agree that not all SD streaming is created equal. There is a huge disparity between what is and is not Starz Play. The non-SP standard def stuff looks similar to DVD quality more often than not, but the SP stuff really does look horrendous, especially on a large screen. Ghosting, artifacts everywhere, some bizarre frame rate complete with screen tearing. It's come to the point where I won't even bother watching a SP streaming feature -- at least you can tell which content is and is not one of them.

As for Epix, I have no problem with older titles being standard def, but there is no excuse for Star Trek and the like not to be HD. Films like that demand HD.


@James - nope, sorry. You're attitude is like saying "I have a fast sports car so I'm not going anywhere where I can't drive as fast as I want". That's fine if your point is simply driving, but not if you have places to go. Your post confirms what I suspected - some people went out and paid big money for a fancy system, now having HD is more important than what you watch. To each his own - personally I think it's backwards. (And in a most likely futile attempt to keep us from going in circles - I'm not saying you should be happy about watching SD, only that maybe having HD shouldn't be the main concern.)



I'll watch my HD and you will like it. Now bow down and fetch my next HD movie/tv show for me.


Nice try.


Still don't understand why the Indy films got pulled? I mean it's not like we can't add the discs?

So what would have streaming hurt exactly?

Odd....Very odd indeed.

Mark R

@wozza jim HD
Agreed but many want "everything" to be HD or they complain like little kids.. We complain not the rigt OAR, not hd, nothing to watch, no 7.1 audio you guys want it all and still only pay 9 dollars a month. For $9 a month we get so much that is excellent quality. You mention star trek well that looks amazing playing through my roku with a 6mb connection. I truly think we have become a bunch of spoiled kids.


@Mark R

Or they request they want to pay more to get more. Which is like.....Okay then get Cable or Satellite for that....


Good news the Indiana Jones series is still coming to Netflix I work in the call center and was bummed it was not their so I asked my sup and it just got pushed to later this month do to some issues with licensing. Boom bull whip to the face.

Caravan in Brean

Another reason we should get Netflix in the Uk !!! gahhhh come on guys .. Netflix for Wii PLZ UK !!


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