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How can they not be available on TV?
What magic do they want to use to prevent me from playing it on my HTPC? I watched that episode of fringe on my living room TV using the HTPC, so it sure seems their magic does not work.


Well.. get used to the confusion. The content providers are all doing term contracts with with whichever internet delivery service they can get the best deal. It's getting totally fragmented. And you thought cable/satellite TV service was complicated to just find out what was playing on which channel and when...


Please please please FAIL!!! I either pay a subscription for commercial free content, or I get free content that is supported by commercials. If Netflix can deliver a two hour movie for .03 cents to stream + content costs, WTF are the networks doing? How can this not be paid for through advertising? This is syndicated TV, not live sports, why does it cost more if I watch something on my phone than if I watch it on PC?


If it is the free version, great. Subscription version, forget it.


The free version of Hulu might not be around in a year, Comcast(who is buying NBC) might pull the plug. CBS might be coming to Hulu Plus which would be great.


What kills me is that the shows I like are available for free with hulu but aren't available from the hulu plus apps... If the access problems are the same by the time this rolls out then they won't get my ten bucks a month... I'll keep the cable and hulu will continue to be a stopgap.

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$9.99 with commercials.

No thanks.

$9.99 without commercials -- and a full offering of current and old TV programs.

Strong maybe.


I'd like the free Hulu on my Roku box, sure, why not. But since I already have satellite, and networks on rabbit ears if I want, I don't see a real need for it. As for the pay service? Never, especially not with commercials.


billy bob Hulu was the inverter of Hulu.
one heck of a nice guy .

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