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Steve I

That's nice......

But when are they FINALLY going to get streaming to the PS3 without the use of a disc.....and how about some DD5.1 sound, some closed captions.

You know, all those things that make Netflix something more than just usable......


@ Steve

Don't be a dumbass. Sony's all ready announced that in October you'll be able to stream without disc. It's Sony's deal, not Netflix's.

I thought that the ultimate goal here was to watch movies. If you NEED 5.1 sound, if you NEED closed captions, RENT THE FUCKING DVD and SHUT THE FUCK UP. That IS what you are PAYING FOR, streaming IS just a FREE ADDED BONUS. Or are you one of those cheap bastards on the 1-at-a-time plan that wants it NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW because waiting for the fucking mailman is too fucking infuckingconfuckingvenient?

I hate you fucking people.


Steve I

I'll be as polite about this as I can...

Fuck Off.......

ron felder

There's nothing wrong with getting 5.1 audio with streaming from netflix. after all amazon vod offers it.

your state @steve is totally stupid


@ Steve


Steve I

I guess some children just don't play well with others......



Steve I

Guess my point here (before I was so rudely attacked by an idiot) is that I personally feel some frustration with Netflix jumping to other technologies/devices before some of the most popular are completed/perfected (not that I'm looking for perfection).

I don't need any dimwit to tell me what part of my Netflix service I pay for and which part is "free"......I pay a monthly fee that includes all of the services they provide.

And on at least one platform I use (which is probably the most popular available) part of that service is lacking.

During a recent "marathon" of watching a series on streaming I found that sometimes the episodes were listed as being in HD, sometimes they weren't (???)...not that my internet speed was changing (I've got 20mbps service)....Netflix was listing stuff in HD one day, and not in HD the next, huh??. Would love to hear their audio in DD5.1, and I know that's coming....but in that same "marathon", I found that nearly 1/2 the episodes audio streams to be out of sync with the video.
And it would be damned helpful if the programming stream included closed captioning. Closed captioning with Netflix is available on some platforms and not on others (again?????).
No matter what some rude idiot has to say about it....my frustration stems from Netflix seeming to "move on" to other platforms before completing those already in service for them......


You tell 'em, Steve-Dave!

In one post you both whine about being victimized by an anonymous guy on the internet AND prove yourself to be so much more utterly and completely incompetent than a thousand of my posts ever could have. You're the kind of technophilistine that blames their computer for "NART DOINS WOT I TOLDS IT" when you get a virus from MadMen1080p.rar.torrent and your Xbox 360 for "CHEATIN SUNS R BITCH" when you lose at Halo 3 Legendary. It's ALWAYS everything else's fault. Steve-O could NEVER possibly be doing it wrong!

Oh no!!! Better call the WAMBULANCE!!!11!!1!!1!!1!


Steve I

You are clearly insane.




Guys, can't we all just get along? I really don't want to start approving comments before posting them, or resorting to banning people.

It's ok to disagree, but try to keep it from turning into personal attacks, ok?

- Mike / HackingNetflix.


While BP's responses are a bit over the top, I agree with his basic point. It doesn't matter what Netflix does, someone is always going to be dissatisfied that their needs aren't being met.

The PS3 and Wii required discs because of Netflix's exclusive agreement with Microsoft. It has nothing to do with Netflix neglecting to perfect it's PS3 offering.

Steve I

And yet you were able to express that thought without personal attacks or multiple obscenities....

I mentioned much more than just the disc issue. My point was that netflix seems to be doing what a lot of outfits are doing these days....putting out a 1/2 finished product and then flitting off to the next project so that it looks like they've got market penetration.....

Is there something hindering netflix from updating their streaming from 2 channel stereo to something more modern (DD5.1), offering content in HD on a regular basis (not every third day or???), the ability to use closed captioning on more than one platform?? The ability to stream media with the audio and video in sync on a consistent basis????

I can see that it's much more important to make the stream available on people's android phones.....just as the cell phone providers begin to choke bandwidth.....

Many time people "settle" for what they get because it's just good enough. While not being what it could with just a bit of polish. We'll have to see how this works out as netflix matures.


Yeah, I'm not a big fan of flinging insults and obscenities. :)

I would argue that the first to market strategy is working pretty well for Netflix, and has also benefited their customer base. They have managed to get their player onto a wide variety of devices in a relatively short period of time, which has resulted in an explosion of new subscribers. The additional revenue generated by those subscriptions has has resulted in better content deals, which has ultimately led to happier customers and even more subscribers.

I'm not denying that the Netflix player has issues. It definitely does. The good news is, they can push updates to most of the popular devices at any time. Devices like Roku, Xbox 360, PS3, iPhone, etc… have already received several updates that have improved the browsing and viewing experience. I'm guessing that the issues you brought up will probably be addressed sooner than later.


@ Mike

Does that mean you'll start having to moderate all the idiotic anti-Netflix comments before they're posted, too? Just because Netflix is a corporate entity doesn't mean people aren't insulting them.

Just a thought. (FWIW, it's not my problem if your blog turns into the equivalent of the Slashdot forums, so moderate away, but it IS your problem that your readership continues to nosedive into new and interesting realms of stupidity. If someone posts something unreasonable and/or slanderous, I dish it right back to 'em, at which point they whine and cry and throw temper tantrums. If you'd rather your Netflix News blog was populated solely by the "NETFLIX SUXX BCUZ THEY DONT PANDER TO MY .000001% DEMOGRAPHIC!!!" crowd then that's fine by me, I'll make sure the door doesn't hit my ass on the way out.)


@ Steve

I'll start expressing my opinions with less swearing if you agree to start expressing your opinions with less punctuation. Deal? (See, ONE question mark.)


don't take it personally, i would imagine that 5.1 surround isn't out yet bc of the tech issues and the simple fact that the % of users who have 5.1 AND have a strong enough internet connection to stream the 5.1 is less than the number of people who have android phones. no business (even one with a rapidly improving stock price) has unlimited resources and netflix will allocate those resources accordingly.

Steve I

@BP I haven't said any of the stuff you claim I have. But I guess if you wish to sink to pointing out perceived spelling grammar errors, be my guest.

Steve I


I've made the bandwidth point in other forums when I see people whining about Netflix max resolution of 720p. The desire from some is 1080p.

I would see the pipe required to stream 1080p along with DD5.1, closed caption, and eventually alternate language streams to be enormous.

When I only had DirecTV VOD my 12mbps service was fine, when I added Netflix I bumped to 20mbps service.


@ Steve

Grammar has nothing to do with punctuation.



you're missing the point. your set-up is stellar and you still barely satisfy the requirements for 1080 and 5.1 streaming. while you (and me for that matter) could support the 1080 and 5.1 stream, the vast majority or people (and customers) can support that type of stream at this time.



*can't support that type of stream at this time


I think it's fairly clear that the only person Steve cares about is himself, damn everyone else, including Netflix.


All I have to say is if you don't like it, don't pay for it. They are creating the service, not you. If you think it can be done better, do it better or stop complaining.


Is it not too late to abort BP? Just another clown dragging down the site.

Obviously BP has never been in business (most 13 year-olds have not) because if it was, it would understand the logic behind a company providing value to its customers (when faced with growing competition that did not exist a few years ago). Maybe when the clown grows up and it goes to college (doubtful, but just maybe), it will take a few business courses and learn to understand that the world is much bigger than it thinks it is.

Steve is a douche bag

Steve, why are you being a douche bag? are you sucking the netflix CEO's dick or something? the only reason im signed up with netflix is for the streaming, its 1,000x more convenient then deciding what u want to watch one night, waiting a week, and then being able to watch if you still even want to watch it- i say [email protected]#K that if i want to watch a movie, im going to watch, via torrent or netflix not freaking renting a dvd through the mail.. With technology why would you want anything to come through the mail? when was the last time you sent a letter over an email? if its recently then i think your retarded, its the same with being able to watch what you want, when you want.




I know I'm kind of late here, but I just wanted to mention that I was streaming through my Wii, and I have never had problems with the service. I don't have the ability to stream HD through the console, but it doesn't bother me. I would much rather be able to watch videos on my phone on the go than have HD just at home. I think that's what Netflix is going for. That said, I think it would be a good idea if they included two tiers for instant: HD included for those who desire it and standard for those who like me don't really care one way or another as long as they can watch something.

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