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david v

and to prove people are not self-absorbed, i will pacify them by apoligizing for the most harmless joke ever.


I don't know about a streaming only plan....What will it be? A buck cheaper?

Plus if a large chunk switch to a streaming only plan it might hurt dvd rentals by mail. As I thought a chunk of everyone's subscription went into postal costs?

Which would suck as I as well as many others still value Dvds & Blu-Ray by mail.

I don't see the point of a streaming only plan? Just don't add discs to your DVD Queue then.

We shall see though. After all Netflix knows more than us on the subject.


To go with what I said above. I heard someone say if you keep the DVD/BLU Queue empty then you can't use the Instant Queue.

Well then if that's the case then Netflix should let people use the Instant Queue with an empty DVD/BLU Queue.


Can people on the American plan now stream in Canada? Or does it require a separate Canadian plan?

He was right the first time


Don't be surprised if they go to an all streaming plan you see more 28 day delayed titles from other studios.

Maybe Sony with Karate Kid, Grown Ups and Eat, Pray, Love and Salt.


I think Reed Hastings was thinking about soccer when he made that comment.

He just should have said what he said in the apology - US citizens (we're ALL North Americans geographically) are paying $1 more b/c it includes DVD by mail rentals. Simple.


i watch around 2 dvds a month so its worth the extra dollar!


What he said is actually right on accurate. But a CEO probably should not say it in public. We've taught executives and politicians not to say what's on their mind and to not always tell the truth.


Reed's a funny guy and the notion that a national tendency to be self-absorbed would mean that the pricing differential would go unnoticed is hysterical. How much do USoA people pay for gasoline compared to the rest of the world?


On one hand, he is kind of right. We have a crap-ton of people in this country or world who NEVER know what's going on, never watch the news, and prefer to be spoonfed pretty words that make them feel safe in their bubbles.
On the OTHER hand, we also have a crap-ton of honest, hard-working, extremely generous people who are well aware of what's going on in the world and do everything they can to help. America gives more to charity than the rest of the world combined. That's VOLUNTARY charity, not tax-mandated handouts.

So I can see what he's saying, in a way, but he had to realize that the half of the country who watches the news would be pretty pissed at his over-generalization.


There's a country north of the US? j/k

I think Netflix is pushing a streaming only plan because they want to eventually wean us off of discs-by-mail, I personally like the way it is now because only 20% of the titles are available for streaming.


@Mike, NF will offer DVDs as long as the studios manufacture them. But already, studios are cutting back on blu-ray release of catalog titles and will eventually begin to slow disc production across the board. People just aren't buying DVDs and Blu-rays anymore.



You can have an empty DVD q and still use the IW. Nothing about the DVD portion of the account effects instant watching



That's what I figured. I said that in the past of people wanting to use streaming only. Just use the 1 disc plan & not add discs to the Queue. That makes sense. Right?

Someone said that wouldn't work. Good to know it does.

Well see if in a few Months they decide to add a streaming only plan. Until then just empty your DVD Queue. :P


Considering all the complaints about how awful the Canadian selection is right now, I think Americans are getting a far better deal.


Exactly. I doubt were gonna see everything streaming anytime soon. So discs by mail is still very valuable.

Plus streaming still has some major hurdles to go through.

Perkins Cobb

@ Gran -- Your first statement is not accurate. Netflix has opted not to carry many of the catalog titles released by studios & indie labels this year. I can only take that as a sign that NF is moving toward dumping DVD support faster than it has claimed.

Crow Tom

He's right, Americans are also simple minded.


To add to what I wrote earlier:
There are no distro centers in Canada and the cost to send a DVD to Canada would be cost prohibitive, Netflix spends $600 million on postage in the US so getting rid of discs by mail makes financial sense.

Again I wouldn't be opposed to a streaming plan if their entire catalog was available for streaming.

Ryan P

We ARE self absorbed!


The quality of streaming really sucks.
Jumpiness and pixelization. Netflix servers are overbooked.


@DG The two are separate, so an American account cannot stream in Canada, and vice versa.

Miss Information

The (American) reporter was certainly self-absorbed enough to think Canadians pay $7.99 in US currency! How many Americans know the current CAD/USD exchange rate? (Hint: It is currently very close to 1:1, but not always!)

forewarned is foreskinned

anti-american is as anti-american does.

he could always move netflix to somalia and we can see how that would work out for him.


We aren't self absorbed... Canada just doesn't matter since it's more like America's toy than a real country.


I find it sick that we live in a country where we have to apologize over every stupid comment like this. Hey, guess what, America is a simple minded, self absorbed country. We want what we want, when we want it, and if we don't get what we expect, we're pissed off at the world and blame everyone around us.

Most of us don't want to read books anymore because if we want to know something, we look it up on the internet, we're too busy with our jobs, or finding out what happened on the latest episode of "Fill in the Blank" to read a book.

That's not an anti-American viewpoint, it's the truth, if you disagree your either a liar, or oblivious to the world around you.


Too bad he needed to apologize for simply telling the truth. Next thing you know he'll have to apologize for calling us fat.

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