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Netflix is rolling down the checklist of streaming content. NBC is yet another feather in their cap to add to their already good library of growing titles online. With the recent additions, it is bordering on great. If netflix can keep this up, it will have no issues competing in the streaming world.


Will it be in HD?


"With the recent additions, it is bordering on great."

God I'm sick of you people.


new shows a day after they air

Look out HULU and your $9.95 plus commercials.

[Ironically, NBC is partial owner of Hulu.]

Go NetFlix!


Aw, I was hoping for the 4400.

Rob Molecule

I hope AMC is next. I want Mad Men on my Roku.


Right on with BSG, though I do wonder why not the whole series.
Hey Netflix: Jurassic Park is on a long wait? Really?


USA doesn't get Mad Men. Wow that must be the only exclusive thing that Canada gets.


"So what shows does this deal include?...More than 75 episodes of Battlestar Galactica, plus Destination Truth and Eureka."

Having just finished all 4.5 seasons of BSG by mail, I totally should have known this announcement was coming! :)

Thumbs up to Netflix for continuing to expand their streaming selection.


Way2go Netflix! I just LOVE my subscription.


PSYCH!! My favorite show... ive been buying them up... but i guess i can stop now...

BSG, looking forward to starting that one off from scratch as well.

James M.


That was my first thought as well, but I looked on futoncritic and it seems that The 4400 was actually a CBS & Sky production that just aired on USA.


I am excited about Psych and BSG, but most of the stuff mentioned is just extending things that were already available.

James M.

I take that back, In Plain Sight and Monk are also new and cool. SNL will air faster too, I guess.


This is good news because I feared that with Comcast buying NBC/Universal that it would have had a reverse effect. Perhaps NetFlix's ability to write mega-large checks proved to be to much to ignore.


I hope that the other major networks(CBS, ABC and Fox) will follow. Netflix is lacking CBS shows.


Always appreciate new content, but where is the promised closed-captioning, Netflix?


because CBS thinks streaming is for the dogs. They think that they will keep higher value by being very limited in their streaming selection.


Since the duration of this agreement is not specified, watch theses shows while you can. When the Comcast merger goes thru you will not see deals like these in the future.


I just hope they renew Lost with ABC. It's expiring Oct. 1 and I will be devastated. My wife and I just started watching it.


I guess I don't need Hulu Plus now, right on Netflix!

PS3 fanboi

Public networks? Couldn't care less about that censored drivel. Let me know when you get some quality cable programing (HBO, Showtime, etc...)...


this deal is through the 2012 tv season (i'd guess end of summer 2012 the way they usually renew the NBC content).


netflix has showtime content.


HD? worthless without it.

Like DUDE!

You people bitch too much! :P

Never f**king happy with anything are ya?


if netflix delays anymore more new releases i am done with them can't stand streaming picture is not 1080p!! Why would anymore who bought a new tv with 1080p want to stream? this is for lazy people that can sit there and stream anytime they want and watch more tv!!!


Yea I love SNL! But the key phrase here is "recognizing the value." At least Netflix know what "value" is!


HD? Probably (and yes naysayers, 720p is still HD) since all NBC content from recent seasons has been HD so far.


jv, see previous post by dude


dude and frank it's people like you that keep these companies going more movies to watch for people like you that's what streaming is very easy to get!! Just because you don't care about getting the new movies on time people do care my kids care!!


If you want HD for everything just get cable, problem solved.


Other avenues to get movies, junior varsity.

Netflix's streaming deals are fantastic.

Like DUDE!


I do enjoy getting new movies. I do enjoy getting movies by mail. I do also enjoy streaming. Waiting 28 days doesn't bother me as I have other things to watch as well.

Streaming helps fill the void until the next movie arrives in the mailbox.

Streaming is for people who want a lot for a good price. If HD was as cheap as SD then things would be different. Calling people lazy who watch streaming content is ridiculous.

No one made Netflix delay movies. The 28 day windows is not for streaming jack ass.

It's so movie studios can sell more discs. So it's because people aren't buying enough movies.

Other companies are doing the 28 day wait or suffering because there not and it's costing too much.

Netflix got smart and decided to ask the Studios for more streaming since they have to wait 28-days for a new releases and they can get more new releases in stock when they become available.

Sounds like you should maybe look at Dish HD or Redbox or maybe Blockbuster then.

Netflix is for people who want to watch movies and content from all eras. Who don't care if they get latest and greatest on day one or in HD.

As long as the price is great and content plentiful.

You get a lot for what you pay for.

So quit yer Bitchin and either enjoy Netflix as is or go somewhere else.


Dude so you rent by mail and stream that's great just the point i am trying to make it's is so easy to watch more tv and netflix is not the only reason now people like you have more options to sit on your behind and watch tv!!!

Like DUDE!

Yes I rent content by mail and watch it streaming. It's called Netflix.

You trying to say I sit all the time and watch TV just because they make it easy?

Why are you putting me in some kinda category too?

I only watch a movie or two every night or other night. That's hardly sitting on my ass all the liv long day watchin the Television. I do other stuff as well.

Which is why I choose Netflix as it fits my lifestyle. I can watch what I want, when I want. Wow amazing inst it?

What's your point exactly? What are you trying to get at exactly?

Your comprehension is also a bit hard to understand.


They list Friday Night Lights as one of the shows coming but you can already get it via streaming.


if it's hard for you dude i will try and explain. what i am saying is we have enough options to watch tv with!! Do you understand? if you have a family then you might understand the point i am making!! It used to be fun when you could just rent a movie and sit down as a family and watch it now there are so many ways to watch movies it takes the fun out of it!! Why do we need all these ways to watch movies?

Dr. Quasius


It used to be fun when you could just rent a movie and sit down as a family and watch it now there are so many ways to watch movies it takes the fun out of it!! Why do we need all these ways to watch movies?

They say there is nothing original anymore, but you sir have proved them wrong. Bitching about having too much choice is original indeed. My hat is off to you!


So it's bad because... you can get movies two ways? Does it remove that "thrill of the hunt" feeling?

I guess you could set up an obstacle course in front of the TV or something. Really, what's the problem?

"Boy, it sure sucks that there's so many ways to get movies now! It was way better when I had to pay the highway robbery prices of the brick and mortar era!"


Ah nostalgia. In some respects I get where your coming from. The name calling not so much.

Who doesn't have fond memories going to the video store & trying to figure out what to rent.

Yes it is fun & in some ways I will miss that or I could goto a Blockbuster or the one Total Video in my area.

Yet there are many positives of having it available on demand. Or come in the mail. Or in a kiosk box.

I get what you're saying. You miss the old days. You're not a fan of Redbox & Netflix....

I remember when some video rental stores were right next to Pizza places.

I don't know if I would say these new ways take the fun out of it though.

Look if you want to vent your feelings that's fine just don't start pointing your fingers at others blaming them.

I kinda had feelings when the Hollywood Videos in my area closed. Then I realized I use Netflix & enjoy it more. It had been a year or two since I rented from them.

Plus Hollywood went outta bizz because the head person made some bad choices.

I get the feeling of the Family running around in a video store & how fun it was. Also risking some DTV flicks that had cool covers but turned out to be crap. You'd watch it anyways though.

Yeah I kinda miss the old ways....Yet not so much. Video stores have become a thing of the past. I can still pick & watch movies with the Family be it on Netflix Instant or like Amazon On-Demand.

Like Arcades....It's history. I look at the positives. I don't have to run to video store & have more time to do other things. Not worry about late fees. Who doesn't have a story about rushing to return some movies before Midnight. Or missing the last New release on the shelf.

However the future is bright. You can still have fun with the Family. It's not the end of the World.

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