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How I wish I owned Netflix stock.


I wish I bought a ton of it when it was$9 per share, but I can't own the stock and write about it.

I don't think anyone could have predicted Netflix getting this far.

- Mike


I considered buying a bunch of stock at the IPO but I am too chicken to invest in individual stock. Also you know the saying - you don't buy stock in a company just because *you* like the product.

Well - I'm an idiot. ;)


Way back in 2003, I bought it at 5 and sold it at 10. Now, everytime it goes higher, I think "It can't go any higher." And then it does.


It *hurts* that the ESO stopped DAYS before I started working here! Blast!


It really shows the lack of business acumen amongst Blockbuster execs. Not only that they were an established business with lots of resources to throw at competing with Netflix -- and failed. But also that they had an opportunity to buy Netflix at a tiny fraction of what it's worth today -- and failed.

Yet, of course, they and entities like Circuit City love to blame the economy instead.


Hollywood Video finally shuttered it's doors in my hometown about 2 months ago. I've been expecting to see another small time chain called Hastings to be closing sometime but it's still open. 1 of the 3 Blockbuster stores closed 2+ years ago and from what I've been reading 600 - 800 more BB's will be closing soon; however, I did see my first BBvending machine last week outside a Safeway. Meanwhile, Redbox machines continue to propagate with some locations doubling up.

I think we can officially call NetFlix a juggernaunt as they continue to expand their realm of influence and market share just by making expensive content licensing deals. The investors have spoken, streaming content is the future and NetFlix has the best horse in the race. Cable/DBS who are already situated platform-wise to deliver VOD/PPV into homes continue to price themselves out of the race. Why the "f" would anyone pay them $4.99 for a movie they can get from Redbox for $1.00?

Terry Myers

It's funny. I thought NetFlix was over priced at $27 a share.

I suck as a stock market analyst.


I bought way back when Motley Fool Stock Advisor recommended it; sold it @ $57 when Motley Fool said it was oversold. Bought again on Motley Fool's recommendation @ $38. Just sold 30% to keep it from taking over portfolio.

Don't buy stocks you love, but do buy stocks you know. Netflix's PE is now astronomical (almost 67). I don't know how much further it can grow - my stock analysis sucks as well.

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