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Silverlight works with Chrome, but is not officially supported by Netflix.


It's always worked in Chrome as far as I know.

My Sister uses Chrome.

I am still using Firefox. Leaning toward Chrome. However some add-ons aren't on Chrome yet. Then again Chrome has some add-ons not on Firefox.

The browser wars is awesome & nuts. Can't wait for hardware accelerated browsers.


Yeah, I think Chrome has been working with Netflix screening for some time now. I've been using Chrome as my primary browser for at least the past 6 months and I've not had a problem with Netflix streaming.


Yeah, I've been finding myself on Chrome more often of late, simply because with similar add-ons it is a bit faster than Firefox and less 'kludgy'. However, the Firefox that uses video card acceleration looks like a huge winner.

Larry Dallas

over a year at least


Well, maybe it worked in Chrome for Windows, but on the Mac version, which is what I am using, it hadn't worked until I tried it yesterday.

This is the Mark from the tip.


Yeah it must have been the Mac port, because I've been streaming Netflix on Chrome (Win7) for quite a while now. I'm guessing it has something to do with Silverlight support on the Mac version.


Well, I'm both a Windows and Mac user and have been using Netflix streaming on Chrome for a while now (on the PC). It doesn't work on the Mac though as Mark said.


I've been using Chrome to stream Netflix since May when I signed up. I didn't know that was unusual.


I never had a problem until I tried the dev channel version of Chrome and it didn't work. Then I switched back to beta and it worked again.


Nothing new, it's been working for a long while as others pointed out. I do believe at one point I had to use the IE extension with Chrome for Netflix but haven't used it in a good while.


For quite a while now...I've never had an issue in chrome for as long as I can remember.


The reason Netflix doesn't support Chrome is that sometime Chrome will open up multiple streams of a movie which will cause the user not to be able to start another movie until the streams expire.

Joe Besser

Hmm. Only a few weeks ago, I tried streaming on my Mac in Chrome, and it didn't work. Then, after this article, I tried it again, and it DID work. Strange.

The only thing is, Chrome seems to use almost twice the CPU resources than Safari while streaming. So, I think I'll still use Safari for streaming, at least for now.....


I've been using Netflix on Chrome for AT LEAST 6 months now. This is nothing special, nor new.


Netflix hasn't always worked on Macs with Chrome. I hadn't checked in a few weeks, but Saturday I tried and it worked. So it is new and maybe even special to Mac users.


it can also cause issues with identifying the computer as new each time a movie is played, reaching the 6 device limit quickly.


I have been using Chrome to watch Netflix since Chrome started supporting SilverLight ( about 10 months ago).


It always worked for me. I'm a firefox user but I usually use chrome to watch netflix because it's faster.


HA! Just watched the BBC version of HGTTG last night. Still think it's one of the best things I've ever watched. Good taste, Mark!


A WARNING TO CHROME USERS: Each tab in Chrome is considered a "Sandbox" or virtual computer, meaning it identifies itself as a separate machine to outside servers. This is good for security reasons, but on Netflix's side, because each tab displays as a new machine, it will try to store the random ID for that "virtual computer" in your account as an active device if you play back a movie in the tab.

Once you have reached a maximum number of devices on your account (I think its 6), the Netflix system will block all future attempts to play back a title until a device ID is deactivated from your "Manage Netflix ready devices and computers" link in the "Your Account and Help" page on your account. Just a heads up!


Bilo and fyi:
I am a power user of tabs in Chrome (32 open right now) and have never had a problem with Netflix recognizing one computer as multiple devices. I have been streaming Netflix movies in Chrome for months.

Using Chrome, when I open multiple tabs to attempt to stream additional movies, I am presented with this message:
"Multiple Play Error
There is already a title playing instantly on this system. To resolve this problem, close all open browsers and then try opening a new browser window and starting again."

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