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Let's hope it's also downloadable as a channel.

Matt Hendry

It is availible as a Domwloadable Channel if you have a modifed Wii that can run unsigned code .



Rumours on the net have non-disc Netflix on the PS3 as early as October. Any reason to think the Wii wouldn't be far behind?


Exactly. We don't know if it's not coming in October as well.


Wii is getting search capabilities before the Xbox 360? What the heck?

Crow Tom

Hells Bells when is the Netflix channel coming to download?


I have the version that has the search feature :D


I had a feeling the interface would be updated soon.

I agree they need to make it available for download. Having to boot it up from a disc isn't a huge burden or anything, but can definitely get a bit annoying. Especially when you're constantly having to switch between the Netflix disc and a game disc. There's really no reason the software shouldn't just have it's own channel on the Wii's internal flash memory.



I agree.

The app on the disc is around 35megs. The maximum size of a Wiiware title is 40mb. Also once the disc is loaded you can pop it out & continue to use Netflix on the Wii as it loads the app in memory.

I assume that since the PS3 goes disc-less in October the Will most likely will follow.

The PS3 had test discs as well with search on them.


@Richard: I'm not Surprised Wii is getting it before 360 because of how Stubborn Microsoft is when it comes to Netflix. I mean, Seriously, you have to PAY for an X-Live GOLD Membership in order to watch Netflix on the 360. I find that stupid and annoying. On top of that, They're Hiking up the Price for X-Live Gold another $10.

I'll wait a while to Order a New Disc to make sure that the one I get will be the New Version because I already have 2 because I accidentally clicked the "Need another Disk?" Link and there was no way to cancel.

I have a hacked Wii so I'll look into that Discless Hack.


I looked at the Screen Shot and it Reminded me alot of the New Roku interface for Netflix. I wonder...


I spoke with someone at Netflix on Friday and they are not going to release disk with search.

They said they working on streaming without disk.They could only tell me it will happen in the near future.

Anonymous Joe

My PS3 now can search without a new disc.

Anonymous Joe

^^ Never mind. That's what I get for not searching.


I just read that search is FINALLY coming to Xbox 360 this November.

True Religion

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