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so now they can screw us over.
thats the way it is now in this greedy America


If by "screw us over" you mean continually drop prices while they add new features, sure.


$60 for the Roku HD has to be the cheapest Netflix player on the market.


Netflix is the good guy to consumers. Cable companies are the villains.


I've streamed Pandora music on my Roku and PS3 at home (Pandora on my [email protected]) but lately I've been listening to music on the Sirus Music channels that come with my DishNetwork subscription.

Wood was right, at least for myself, I no longer have a home "stereo" system (AM/FM/CDplayer). Haven't had one in last 10 years.

Roy Watts

No longer have a stereo or even a radio and my blu-ray player only sees use maybe once every six months.

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