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it's its. [Fixed, thanks. You'd never know I have a college degree by some of the stupid mistakes I make. - Mike]


Ooooh, new generation of Roku! My parents' cheapo player just went belly-up, looks like a nice Christmas present.

Are the Roku remotes featured both yours, Mike? Looks like your original Roku remote has seen a lot of love!


Gah...I just bought one a couple months ago. Anyway, I like the old remotes, but it would be nice to have a "go back 10 seconds" button.

Me Here

Will the old players work with the new remotes? If so, I'll be switching my Harmony to the new codes.

Jason Hansen

Does the new box that has a single component port come with an adapter?


Component Out --
* Requires Roku XDS component cable, sold separately (http://www.roku.com/roku-products#2)


Just yesterday my Roku went dead, it can't find my internet connection. Has anybody else had this problem, lately. Sounds like a conspiracy to buy this new unit to me.



New remotes will be for sale on the Roku site & work on all the boxes.

@Me Here

Why wouldn't they? I'd expect them sometime soon.


Could be a number of things causing it. Try using it with an Ethernet cable. Try hard resetting your router & box.

If you need further help. Post a thread in the Roku forums. http://forums.roku.com :)

That's how I know this much. :P


Still no Hulu. Still no MKV support. Pass.


As is well known NetFlix HD streams a 720p picture at about 3800Kbps with stereo sound. Amazon HD is about the same except it has at least some 5.1 sound movies.

To get HD for either of these takes an Internet connection of 3.5Mbps or better. I have a typical AT&T DSL connection which is about 5 Mbps. Comcast cable has a sustained rate of about the same speed for about the same price. The 5 Mbps connection is, I believe, the top speed targeted by NetFlix and Amazon. Much faster connections are available from fiber network vendors but above 5 Mbps the price sky-rockets. This means that Amazon and NetFlix will not soon be offering 1080p video. 1080p takes roughly twice the bandwidth of 720p.

So the question naturally arises - what is the new 1080p capability good for? It looks like just a future expansion capability to me. Or have I missed something?


The big Roku news as far as I'm concerned is the availability of YouTube on RateRix. The previous big news was the new NetFlix grid interface.

Software is more important than hardware and content more important than either.


love my roku player...

also, the $1 roku app for the iphone is better than the remote that comes with it.

Bob Emmerich

My brain ain't working right today so I may be wrong but isn't "Roku Launches New Line of Netflix-Ready Roku Players" redundant? I mean, wasn't the Roku built to stream Netflix and is there any reason to have ever thought it would be taken out?


@Bob Emmerich

It's so they can be sold cheaper & have models that support local file sharing of 1080P and whatever future web content.

All the boxes offer a lot more than just Netflix:


Also have a good list of private channels too. That aren't in the official channel store:




Lots of private channels also appear in the Roku forums.


I should add it was built for Netflix at first. As it was called the Netflix player. However they decided to expand it.

So thus we have the Roku Digital Video Player. Which it should be called the Video & Audio player as it does a good job of streaming audio too.


Roku XDS needs composite ports?

Roku folks, do you really think anyone buying your top of the line product needs composite ports?

Seems like you could drop that and gain some space, no?



Ouch, they have removed the s-video port from all models. That was much appreciated in my house as my standard def TV's most accessible port was s-video, and it offered a noticeable bump over the composite quality.

Might want to pick up an old Roku HD model while I still can as a replacement...


"...wasn't the Roku built to stream Netflix ..."

I believe Roku has (or had) a music player. I've been disconcerted at times reading forum posts somewhere (maybe AVS?) talking about a Roku player, only to realize they weren't talking about the Netflix player.

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