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That would be great if it were a home media player as well. I've been trying to use a private channel someone developed to do that but it requires converting all my video files and it doesn't work all that well. But the author of this article seems to get really excited over the description when in fact they don't describe anything that a Roku HD doesn't already have.

Sock Puppet

Ooo maybe its an "Anytime, Anywhere" type thing?

I use Netgear bridges to have internet in any room I happen to be in, and to be honest they work great!

So maybe this will be some sort of hybrid that will be able to transmit through the power lines to any room in the house?

Sock Puppet

I wonder if they (Wireless Goodness) actually bothered to READ any of the documents submitted to the FCC?

A couple of interesting tidbits for label pictured above FCC ID 'PY310200132':

The antenna of this product, under normal use condition, is at least 20cm away from the body of the user. So, this device is classified as Mobile Device.

Operational Description
This device is an Netgear Roku XD Player, which operates in the 2.4GHz frequency spectrum with throughput of up to 270Mbps which OFDM technique will be applied.
If the signal to noise radio is too poor which could not support 270Mbps, the 11Mbps data rate with DSSS technique will be applied. The transmitter of the EUT is powered by the power adapter. The antennas are PCB printed antennas without any antenna connectors.

Of course there is the 82 pages of test results from the FCC's independent test lab which clearly tells you what the device is.


OF interest check out page 20 to see how the test was setup, you can see the device was plugged into a line impedance stabilization network (LISN) and that other support units were connected to the power mains through another LISN.

So I suspect I may be on to something, a wireless ROKU player that can transmit to other rooms in your house via the electrical outlets in your home...


Chris Utley

Isn't the XD Roku the extended wireless player? The $100 unit.


I think this partnering is to help get some Roku models in retail stores.

So like you'll have Roku branded players on the Roku site & Amazon. Then Netgear Roku players in retail stores like Wal-Mart & Best Buy....

They will most likely be the same players just slightly re-branded.

Like in the 80s with the Atari 2600. Series had a branded version of the 2600.


*Sears store


A Roku with a built-in powerline ethernet would be cool, since Netgear makes them it makes sense to integrate them.


I recommended last year that NetFlix just buy Roku and give away their boxes. This what they call the Gillette strategy - give away the razor sell the blades. I'm sure the smart guys at NetFlix have run the numbers so this must not work, at least for now.


Netflix once owned Roku but sold them in January.


It only plays comedies. Duh.

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