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Hulu Plus is still not worth it to me - Netflix still has the best selection and value for its subscription price.


ill pass


I wonder if Hulu+ pricing is set relative to the monthly fee of a Tivo or a monthly fee from a cable co DVR. If I have a Tivo and can Tivo shows, why would I pay for Hulu+? Here it is in a nutshell. I want to watch 10 hours of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I pay $8.99 for Netflix and stream 10 hours of uninterrupted Buffy. I pay $9.99 for Hulu+ and have to stream almost 14 hours, 10 hours of Buffy and almost 4 hours of commercials, but it gets better, I have no way around the commercials AND they are specifically targeted at me. Budwieser and Viagra baby, that's what Hulu wants me to buy, get drunk and make babies.


Get rid of the commercials and I'll think about it. Until then, not a chance.


I would gladly cancel my current $60/mo U-verse service for a $10/mo Hulu Plus subscription. It contains most of the shows that my wife and I watch. I'm just not sure that my daughter would be happy losing the Disney Channel and Nick. If I could get these channels through some sort of similar streaming service, I'd switch in a heartbeat.

Fred Fredrickson



No Hulu+ for me thank u.


Dealing with commercials and having limited content including leaving out what's on regular Hulu; all for $10.00 a month....get real!!


No Thanks, another worthless channel just like the Amazon VOD channel. Hulu should have been on the Roku when it first came out.

Christian Calaway

I'd still like to know if regular, FREE Hulu content will be available (e.g., The View) in addition to the Hulu Plus content. If so, I'd subscribe to Hulu Plus AND get another Roku unit! But just offering Hulu Plus content alone isn't worth it to me. There's a wealth of regular, FREE Hulu content that I'm more interested in.


A large portion of shows are on netflix already and I also get Time Warner Cable's prime time on demand where lots of current shows are available for up to 4 weeks. Not really interested in paying $10 a month for only a few shows I can't get elsewhere. I use a DVR for those.


I have a Sony Sony BDP-S570 Blu-ray Disc Player which has an icon for Hulu Plus on the video menu and underneath it says coming this fall. I doubt if I'll subscribe though as Netflix has had more than enough to keep our family occupied.

If it weren't for Netflix streaming I never would have foundn Buffy, The Vampire Slayer which I would now rank as one of my favorite shows of all time. And the luxury of zipping through seven uncut seasons with no commercials can't be beat.

We've also watched all available seasons of Weeds, two seasons of Dexter, all four seasons of Wildfire, and my girlfriend is now able to watch all the seasons of McLeod's Daughters that were never aired here in the states. No, I'll just use Netflix.


no hulu + for me i stay with netflix

Tom Husband

Ten bucks and commercials? Nope. Ten bucks and no commercials? Maybe.


Is Hulu going to crank in the commercials AND charge the subscription fee?

If so, I doubt I will pay $9.99 for TV programs with commercials.

If they follow the Netflix design and the subscription is for non-commercial streaming, I would be a definite maybe.


i don't have hulu+, but i have a free subscription. does anyone know if i'm gonna have to upgrade to hulu+ before i can use hulu on my roku player?


I wouldn't pay $0.01 for it if it has commercials. Ever.


Whatever Netflix is doing when they negotiate for streaming rights, they're doing it right. When a show is added onto Netflix streaming, I know that I can get that same show on my PC, my Xbox, my Wii, my iDevice (if I were ever to get one), whatever. I pay my money, and the catalog is always the same.

With Hulu, I have to try to remember what's Hulu Web, what's Hulu Plus, what's Hulu TV, what's Hulu Mobile... eff that. If Netflix can get ALL the streaming rights to its shows, so can Hulu.


Hulu needs to add CBS


Interested for 99 cents per month.


Why don't they add a Hulu channel first (read the free version). I would use a Hulu channel. I like Hulu and don't mind the commercials in the free model. I watch it on my laptop and can hook that to my TV which is fine for me and use my iPhone as a remote. But asking my wife or kids to do all that (since the laptop doesn't stay connected to the TV) is out of the question. Which is why I now own a Roku (recent purchase just received the XD-S on Monday). I use my 360 downstairs for Netflix and the Roku in the bedroom for Netflix. Again, a free version of Hulu would be great and welcomed on either device by me. I have a Hulu Plus invite sitting in my inbox but can't see using it since as of now we have Cox Cable with every silly channel they have.


this is why i dropped satellite after 12 years
just feed up with commercials .we have netflix and are so happy to watch full shows and no ads so to pay Hulu to watch commercials just want cut it for me...been there did that...


Absolutely not. I don't have cable or satellite because I'm against paying for the "privilege" to watch commercial interrupted programming. If I didn't have Netflix streaming on the Roku I'd just go back to watching the TV episodes on DVD.

Hulu Plus is not priced very competitively either. $10 a month for streaming of shows that are already available on free TV? Uhh... pass.


In two words...FU** NO!

I'm expected to pay $10.00 a month and I have to see commercials...again FU** NO!

Hulu, if you want to pay me to watch your commercials and limited offerings I might be persuaded to do it, otherwise...FU** NO!

Hey Hulu execs, in case you didn't understand what I said I'll say it again...FU** NO! FU** NO! FU** NO! FU** NO! FU** NO!

Netflix is still the way to go.


To those who are complaing about commercials:
They only have two 30 second commercials during a show, much better than the 22 minutes per hour on your cable or satellite service.

As for CBS content, the CEO of CBS is considering Hulu Plus.



To those who are complaining about people who are complaining about commercials....

I don't want commercials, Hulu+ has commercials, I don't want Hulu+.

Commercials are commercials regardless of length. You have to pretty naive to think that they'll keep it at 1 min when there's more money to be made with longer/more commercials. Hulu+ has to be even more naive to think that I want to pay for commercials. It's one thing to get to watch stuff for free because it has commercials....it's another thing to have to pay money to watch the commercials.


They won't allow the free version of Hulu on the Roku, because that means the TV programs they took off the TV and moved to the internet would be moved back to the TV, which means that you would be able to watch the TV programs on the TV at the time of your choosing with less commericials than the original TV broadcast without any payment from you for the priviledge.

Get it?

(That's okay, neither do I.)


I currently watch streaming content 2 ways: NetFlix and my Slingloaded Dish DVR (be it live TV or recorded programs.) That pretty much covers past and current TV content. Unless I'm wrong, I'm sure Hulu/Hulu+ has nothing to offer me.



First, if I pay for services such as HBO, The Movie Channel, etc. I don't have to be concerned about watching commercials, not even "two 30 second commercials".

Second, as far as CBS, the CEO said "CBS Corp.’s broadcast network may participate in the Hulu Plus online subscription service eventually."

They "may" "eventually"...WOW, that sure makes it seem they're going to do it.


Tester you need to work on your reading comprehension,
First you are comparing apples to oranges with premium channels, I was referring to network TV(ABC, CBS, etc). Secondly I didn't say CBS will join Hulu Plus I wrote "considering".

I'm sure some of you subscribe to things I don't like but that doesn't mean they are worthless.


I just hooked my laptop up to my TV and watch Hulu that way. It's free, and I have access to all the content I'll likely want. With current TV shows, I don't really care about having all past episodes available. It's not like I'll be re-watching old episodes of Glee, looking for continuity errors.



"Tester you need to work on your reading comprehension, ...I didn't say CBS will join Hulu Plus I wrote "considering".

Mike you are the one who needs to work on your reading comprehension. Nowhere in the CEO's quote does it say they are "considering" Hulu Plus.

You said "As for CBS content, the CEO of CBS is considering Hulu Plus.

Again, what the CEO said, was ..."CBS Corp.’s broadcast network may participate in the Hulu Plus online subscription service eventually." May participate and eventually does not mean they are considering it. Just because someone says that something might happen someday, that does not equate to them thinking about it now.


Paying for cable television with commercials - now that's what I call worthless!


I heard it's $10 for playback on 1 device?

1 device? Plus yeah ads not fan of unless it's free....Doesn't sound that appealing.

As for content. I'm sure once Plus is released & outta preview they will add a lot more content.

I might try Hulu Plus for a Month....

However that's BS that you can't have it play in other rooms because the opted for playback on 1 device only.


they need 2 add more full catalogs of older shows & i may consider it..


would also luv to see back catalog of shows not on DVD..but wouldn't hold my breath on that one....


Why pay for Hulu + when the following year it'll be out on DVD and I'll either be able to netflix the DVD or stream it on netflix as part of my regular netflix subscription? Regular Hulu with commercials on the Roku would be fine, convenient even, but I'm not going to pay 120 bucks a year to watch something that's already on tv--antenna for free, or if I'm paying already a monthly fee for cable/satellite?

Hulu should drop the fee and just focus on the additional ad revenue by putting it online. If Facebook can do it, what is up with NBC/Hulu? Charge the advertisers for the additional audience. Don't charge the audience for the additional viewing venue.


Oh, and as far as the "two 30 second commercials" thing goes...I just watched an hour long show on Hulu (the free version, not plus) and there were six commercial breaks: one 15 second ad before the show started; two 30 second ads; a 1 minute ad; a set of two 30 second ads; and a 15 second ad right before the credits ran. That comes to a total of 3 and a half minutes of ads.

That's still not much compared to watching broadcast TV, but far more (250% more) than the amount suggested in an earlier post.


Look if you want Hulu Plus use it. If you don't then well don't.

Competeion is good. Redbox streaming is coming soon too.

If people want what Hulu+ offers with ads for $10 let them make that choice. You don't have too.

I doubt Hulu+ will be the only service to deliver newer tv programs. More of these services will come as time goes on.

Don't forget that Hulu also offers Movies.

I think it's BS we can't get a service that offers FREE content that we have been getting on the PC for awhile.


don't be so hard on Hulu.
Hulu was founded by a guy named william Hulu
bill Hulu for short .how do you think he feels being bad mouthed over his product.

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