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"how do you think he feels being bad mouthed over his product."

I doubt Bill cares what the little guy thinks at all. Aren't all big businessmen that way? I think they tend to be desensitized by their fat paychecks.


I fell for the Hulu Plus early on. Signed on and received the programming via PS3. What a mistake...it CAN NOT be compared to what you get with regular Hulu via your PC. They did not have EVEN ONE show available among my favorites. So I cancelled that subscription to Hulu Plus and subscribed to PlayOn that sends Hulu to the tv. And the nice thing about PlayOn is that its content is not just limited to Hulu....via scripts you have access to a lot more (like we have access to more content on ROKU that just Netflix). It does appear that since my initial trial of Hulu Plus that they have added more shows - but you should definitely check http://www.hulu.com/plus#content-current-season to be sure that they include what you are looking for before you sign up.Just saying...


@ Mike
Totally agree many are just missing the point. How much do you guys pay for cable only to see hundreds of commercials. You need to subscribe to HBO Or Showtime which is ususlly another 30 bucks a month for no commercials...So hulu for 10 for thousands of tv shows just like cable has commercials and short ones at that...


I've read that a lot of you won't pay for Hulu Plus because of the commercials ... umm, have you ever subscribed to cable or satellite tv service? Was it commercial free? I think not.


I watch VERY little tv these days, mainly because the extended length of time we have to watch commercials is not offset by the quality of the content in the actual programs. If I switch on the tv set at all, it's to watch commercial-free high quality content at Netflix.

It's the greed propelling more and more commercials and worse and worse content that is killing television.


Even with no commercials, it doesn't make sense. Think about it: Hulu is free on my computer. So I can hook my computer to the TV, and watch Hulu free on my TV. But they say if use my Roku player instead of my laptop, they deserve $120 a year? Why? As I said, makes no sense...

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