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PS3 fanboi

"So, what streaming device should you select?"



Wow, now that Apple TV has this, it's like streaming NetFlix content to the TV is all new again. Fall in love like it's the first time. After all, the apple is the symbol of forbidden fruit - just to good to pass up. That's why their product icon has the bite taken, isn't it?

PS3 fanboi

'After all, the apple is the symbol of forbidden fruit'

Actually - you only got it partially right. Apple is the symbol of a 'fruit' - which is why the worst thing about owning one, is having to tell your dad you're gay...


I see on another forum that there is a new web site that claims to let you cut the cord. It is called ivi.

It claims to provide live TV channels on your PC for $5 a month. If this is true it should complement NetFlix and Roku and make it possible to save a lot of money on cable access and services like Starz.

New equipment and products are coming at us mighty fast. I'm not quite sure what this Apple box provides that is different and/or better than my Roku.

Your site is consistently excellent as a source of new information. Maybe you should expand the format?


Does Hulu Plus work with AirPlay?


I was unable to get Home Sharing or AirPlay working... Setup was quick and easy

Shome mishtake, shurely? Maybe you meant "apart from that setup was quick and easy"?


I am excited for the Logitech Revue. Rumor had it being released today, I guess not.


I'm sticking with my Xbox 360 for the foreseeable future (or at least until my current Xbox Live subscription expires).

I will probably make a final decision once Google TV and Boxee are available.

Joe Friday

I'll pass



I MUCH prefer my Sony Blu ray players that are internet enabled for Netflix, pandora and a ton of other content providers. AND, here's a SHOCKER---it can play CD's, DVD's, and Blu rays!!!! Imagine that! try that, Apple iCant


I also would really like to know if Hulu+ works over Airplay.


Pass, as well.

However, I consider that new Roku HDS a pending future purchase along with a cancellation of my pay TV this fall, after the year term is up.

Edward R Murrow

So why does the gear from Apple always look cooler than all competitors?


I'll take a pass on the Apple TV, cool as it looks. I think I'll stick with my Roku HD, if only because it's familiar and I know how to finagle it.


Right now Rokus line up of boxes seem better.

Apple won't be great until they release an app store & get more content channels.

Plus Google TV & Boxee Box on the way.

Gonna be interesting.

Really though just get what you like. If it serves you well. Then well good.



I don't think Apple TV provides anything compelling enough to pique my interest.

But, the great thing is that all of this competition should fuel plenty of innovation across the board. I doubt that Roku will simply rest on their laurels with all of these other players in the game.


Apple is far to restrictive....ROKU all the way.


Ok, I personally have xbox 360, and ps3. Ps3 cd application works very slowly compared to the xbox 360, but the xbox 360 is a bit louder, if its important to you.
Thats why I wonder, does Apple TV make any noise? what about Roku? which one of these non-console systems works fastest when you browse the menus?

Like I said so far xbox360 worked the best for me. I do not have to insert dedicated Disk to run Netlifx.


most of my friends have older tv's...therefore, since the Apple doesn't have RCA jacks....it's Roku!!!

PS3 fanboi

PS3 will no longer require the disc by the end of October. (Microsoft exclusivity expires then).


Netflix Search is a key feature that Roku, PS3, and Apple TV share but many others lack. I'm a late-adopter of Blu-Ray shopping for a player that has Netflix Search, but I'm finding only models that work only from Instant Queue.

Can anyone recommend other Blu-Ray players that search Netflix?


Roku -- easy choice. It's a shame Apple pushed for aesthetics over functionality -- the lack of outputs is a real buzzkill for those of us who pack the Roku box on business trips. AppleTV's size would have made it an ideal travel companion, but the lack of analog outs is a huge misstep.

Forget connecting this box up in most hotel rooms, or your stereo. Not even a measly 1/8" audio out. Optical audio output, sure, but why? Low-bitrate compressed music isn't going to benefit from optical transport. Never mind the fact that the vast majority of home stereos aren't of high enough quality to make the difference between optical audio outs and the analog outs of a Roku box. Besides, who is going to waste a $300-$3,000 DAC on internet audio?

Then there's variety of content. Roku's got this hands down. Roku's Newscaster channel made it quite easy for me to pull the cable plug. Evening news whenever I want it, even if I'm just getting home at 11pm or 3am.

Then there's product support. When the Roku was first introduced, it was a Netflix-only box. Now look at it. Amazon on Demand, Netflix, NHL, MLB, Hulu Plus, RadioTime, and more. Even the lowly first generation Roku box has all of these new channels available to it. Even though the original Roku HDXR is no longer being sold, they'll still be giving us more features like 1080p later this year. Want to see the weather forecast/radar or headlines? Roku can do it, AppleTV can't.

Contrast this to the poor 1st generation AppleTV owners. AppleTV2 is out and Apple's abandoned the 1st gens. No Netflix for them, no Youtube, no new features, ever. And those poor users spent $300 for that box.


Apple TV 1st generation.....
Roku HD photobridge.....
No one is immune!

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