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Cool maybe comcrap will lower their high prices?


High prices and bad customer service are the reasons people are fleeing Comcast.


How many of those people just switched from Comcast to Verizon (or another company) though?


I know of three people who cut cable in the last year or so. Two went to OTA plus streaming solutions; one went to fiber optic.


I'm one of those 275k, kinda of, I cut my digital cable box cord, just switched to the basic service with local channels via Comcast (came out to the same price with Internet, since you get a discount if you get TV via them).

I didn't switch because of the lousy economy, but because Comcast kept raising prices and forcing me to pay for things I didn't want (ESPN, etc).


I cut the cord just last month. It's crazy to pay over $170.00 a month for the premium channels and digital cable. Just to watch a few favorite shows. Just got to be patient, and wait for it to come out on dvd and Netflix. I may consider going back,if they ever go,a la carte.

PS3 fanboi

Cut the cable 6 months ago - never looked back (the only thing I'm missing is HBO).

They either offer a la carte, so I can get HBO only, or it's torrents + PS3 media server streaming for me...


I cut the cable in January. Haven't missed it at all. Now, it's all OTA, streaming, and personal DVDs.


Yep, we were paying over 170/mo for cable, internet and VOIP- all from different providers. We switched our cable from Comcast to Frontier (formerly Verizon) FIOS and will be changing our VOIP when our Vonage contract is up next month. But already we're paying about $50/month less for more channels (and better picture quality) and faster Internet.


Still interesting is Comcast actually made more money. They got a lot of people to upgrade to the packages which brought in more revenue. May be an issue later though, some of these paying more could be looking to switch.

I would pay much more on any package. I get Verizon DSL only for $30 and no cable(use OTA). I don't have a land line.

An ever increasing amount of carrying fees to the Networks could be the tipping point. Cable cos will pass on the cost and consumers could be on the fence right now.


Deny, deny, deny. 'It's not our fault...' Blockbuster said the same thing and look where it got them. I cut next week and it's not because of the economy.


As much as I don't like the cable companies, it isn't all their fault. Look at the current battle between fox and cablevision. Last year cablevision paid fox 70 million dollars for retransmission rights, now fox wants 150 million for the same rights. 150 million to broadcast something that is free with an antenna. Who pays for that? Blame cable if you want, but it is the networks AND the cable companies that are driving up the consumer costs.

John Galt

There is nothing on Fox that I want to see. Actually there is nothing on censored Broadcast networks I want to see at all. The last thing I watched over there was 'Lost', and even that turned out to be a waste of time in the end.

Save money on that censored drivel, and give me some quality series (like HBO's for instance).


I dropped Comcast this spring. smartest thing I've done in ages (along with signing up for Netflix the same week). comcast was SUCH a waste of money.


Meh people may be dropping cable but they are still using them as an ISP.

Sock Puppet

I left Time Warner because of the high cost of service. They (TW) even started another "So Called" ...not going to roll over... campaign that amounts to nothing at all.

I have a friend who works for TW and she told me that the reason cable/satellite companies will not offer "Ala Carte" for subscribers is because they cannot. Networks refuse to offer channels on an individual basis, instead forcing providers to purchase bundles of channels or nothing at all, then demanding that all the channels in the package be broadcast to all subscribers.

So while its true that the cable companies charge high fees (they are for profit companies BTW) the larger villains are the studios and networks for forcing providers to pay for and broadcast all their loser crap channels.

I wrote Time Warner's public relations VP and told him flat out that I had cancelled my services (all of them including internet) and that I was not picking up anyone (for any service) until the providers took their service serious and instead of rolling over for content, told the content providers that they were no longer going to force their customers to buy all the crap channels.


My memory may be wrong but I recall that the wholesale price for ESPN is $5-6 per subscriber month. Add in the markup by the cable company and you're at $10.

C'mon, just get rid of the bloody sports channels and you can offer an affordable cable TV package. Otherwise, people are justifiably going to ditch cable TV.

Edward R Murrow

To repeat the phrase used during the Clinton campaign against George H. W. Bush, "it's the economy, stupid".


When we threatened to remove our cable television package the provider give us deep discounts not to cut the cable. Unless the industry moves to ala carte pricing and allows customers to remove channels they don't watch thus shouldn't have to pay for such as sports networks or whatever, the cable industry will continue to suffer at the hands of new cheaper alternatives.

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