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I still buy both CD's (love the lossless audio) and DVD/Blu-Rays, but I don't buy them at Best Buy. I buy almost all my media at Amazon. I've noticed Best Buy has increased prices since Circuit City went under. The last Bu-Ray I bought was Iron Man 2 and that was $5 cheaper online. Audio CDs are usually $2 cheaper online and with Amazon there is no sales tax.



I might want to buy DVDs someday! ;P

Eh. There's always Amazon.

Larry Dallas

still buy CDs and buy Blu Rays, I'm fine with less self space because more often then not it's cheaper to order online and then have it picked up in store.

Will Dearborn

Mainly Blu-rays for me.


I buy them, but I tend to buy my CDs direct from the artists and my DVDs (rarely) from Amazon or Wal-Mart.


You won't buy Blu-Rays instead of DVDs? We'll just get rid of the DVDs


Yes, I occasionally buy must have CDs for a 9 year old girl, but I can still find that new pop stuff anywhere, Best Buy, Walmart, Target, ect.


Just gives me more reasons to hit the local independent record store (NC/SC dwellers must check it out).

I always buy CD's, but Blu-ray's not as often. Netflix has me covered on that front. CD's I have to buy because I usually know the artist beforehand, and want a copy for myself. Not a digital mp3 with no liner notes.

Most major CD's come out at my library now though (Wowbrary), as well as DVD's, so I'm buying less, and renting more. I see it as a way to try before I buy. Occasionally, random rentals from the library turn up artists and films I never would've tried otherwise. Those are the best kinds of finds.

Shellie C.

DVD and CD purchases I could really care less about but I do still purchase blank media.


I remember when a Best Buy opened near by home (along with a large Media Play store) -- interesting selection (of CDs) and good prices. The Media Play store closed about four years ago, and the Best Buy moved further out, but it's selection had been in decline for a long time and prices had been moving up. I still buy CDs, but mostly from Amazon or the single independent store in town. I assume CDs will be around for quite a while, but more as a specialty item. There was a time when I casually stopped in Best Buy just to browse the music collection, but I haven't had a reason to stop there in a long time.

Wuzzy Woozle

Buy music and DVD's?

No way. Too easy not to.

On teh other hand, plan to by some more Netflix stock. :)


I still buy used CDs, usually cheaply on the internet somewhere, and rip my own mp3s. The quality is good enough for me.

Only DVDs I ever buy are non-Region 1 and/or PAL format Standard Def discs (i.e. foreign discs), usually of movies that haven't been released in the U.S. yet. Frequently the U.S. DVD license holder of a given movie title hasn't released it, while that DVD title is readily available internationally.


I buy DVD's but seldom due at Best Buy. Our Best Buy is next to a Wal-mart so even on their first week release sales, it would be cheaper to just walk next door. But I don't do that either.

I usually buy from Amazon or Deep Discount. I'm more into buy old TV series, which even when you can get them at Best Buy they are outrageously priced, often double what you pay at the other places. And it's hit or miss as to whether you can view not just these shows but the complete series.

A couple of examples: My wife began watching Dexter on Netflix, but you can only stream the first two seasons. So I was going to rent her the discs except I can't get past Disc 1 of Season Three because Disc Two has been on long wait for an eternity.

I was going to watch The Paper Chase, but Season One is no longer available on DVD at Netflix, so why watch season two. I'll probably end up buying it at Amazon where it is avialable. And there are a lot of other examples, so I guess as time goes on it'll be more and more hit and miss on Netflix.

So yes, I still buy DVD's and Blu-rays.


Only buy Blu and CDs, but only on Amazon, and sometimes not even new (used!).


Think again Best Buy. Game developers consider resale of used games theft, and are doing more to support less on used titles.

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