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Good grief this person needs to fix his Wifi....Loads so slow....

As far as the UI look. It looks awesome. They took a page from Roku I see.


Recycle your old disks when the new one for the wii comes out, and when you can stream directly on the PS3. Don't need them filling up landfills like the AOL cds...


Wield ! Why is the Netflix channel the second channel icon, and not the disc channel?

Look at the first few secs


"Wield ! Why is the Netflix channel the second channel icon, and not the disc channel? "

Not weird - (or wield as you call it). It seems it installs as a Wii channel. Once a channel, you can rearrange them by drag and dropping them as you like.

There are several games that can install a channel as well. You do know you can rearrange the channels, right?


It could also be Homebrew. Netflix is a channel on mine because I copied the Netflix disc to an external hard drive and copied a channel installer someone on the web made. My guess is this person did the same thing.

(Nothing immoral about it if you own the discs you are doing it with, jail breaking is legal, though it can void your warranty.)


Wow, his connection is lagging big time. And I thought my WiFi was a bit slow...

Can't wait to get the new version. Start mailing those discs Netflix!


Rumor mill is reporting the Wii getting this as a Download channel.

I don't see why not?

So well find out the end of October? When the PS3 gets it's Netflix disc-less.


I didn't want to waste a disc (or wait for shipping), so I did a quick Google search for "Netflix Wii 1.01 disc image" and installed it to my hacked Wii.

The search functionality works fine, but I don't think the lag you notice in the video is due to the guy's wifi-- I've noticed a significant increase in loading times since switching over from 1.00 to 1.01. Also for some reason they nixed that handy little slider-bar that lets you quickly skip around your queue.

It's worth it for search, but it still kind of sucks that they had to remove a feature and decrease performance in order to add a feature.


Hmm. Well maybe you're using a beta version and they're still working out the kinks. I hope that's the case anyhow.

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