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Too bad it's got the lame Netflix UI. I'm sure it will be updated.


I read somewhere that this will be around $300. Is that right? Anyone else have a different price?


so i just bought 2 roku boxes for what ?


So does this mean that the Netflix app for Android is close to happening?


$299 is what I read for the Logitech Revue, Google TV will also be coming to some Sony TV's as well.


Yes -- it looks like the final step in my plan to dump Comcast's TV service:

- Netflix streaming for movies and some TV shows
- Hulu Plus for other TV shows
- An HD antenna for over-the-air reception of local broadcast stations
- Google TV for breaking news over the Web (e.g., CNN).

We won't have some sports, and we won't have premium cable like HBO, but we don't care about the former, and we can wait to het the latter through Netflix-by-mail when the DVDs are available.


Now, if only they would add DNLA/UPNP support to this or the Roku then I'd have one box for all my streaming needs. The PS3 is just too noisy.


I can already do all of that and more on my HTPC. All you need is Windows Media Center + Zinc.tv


this will be the end of 8.99 netflix i bet.
greed the almighty greed will take over .
be higher than cable and satellite ...



No Alan because we the people vote with our wallets. They raise rates. We quit paying them. Simple as that.

We the people are these companies lifelines. We make the choice to pull the plug or not. ;)


I don't understand, why would Google TV cause netflix price to increase? If anything it will help keep it lower.



I agree, and hopefully this will help all applications that get content online. I suspect with google's weight, there will be more standardization of media content. No more needing a mouse for troublesome webpages. Even better is google urging content providers to make sites remote friendly.


Actually, what you need to worry about rising is Internet providers who want a bigger profit and look at how much cash they make from cell phone usage rates.

Get ready for widespread limits and overage fees.



That's exactly what is going to happen. If you notice, at least for me with Cox, over the last couple of years they have increased bandwidth greatly with very minimal if any increase in price. So, they will now raise their rates because a) if they lose your "tv" business they need to compensate and b) you're using more bandwidth now than you ever have.


are you guys seriously telling me that you wouldn't pay $15 a month for netflix if it included more popular recent movies, HBO content, all the major networks content, etc ? The only way netflix is going to be able to continue to build their streaming collection is with cash. I'd support a price increase 100% if the result was better streaming content. It's already a problem that HBO is circumventing netflix and will have their application on Google TV, that's only going to get worse if they don't have the money to act fast

PS3 fanboi

@ TZ
HBO's application on Google TV is completely useless, if you don't have cable subscription with HBO. Until HBO realizes they are making a big mistake by not bypassing cable companies, it's torrents + media streaming via my PS3 for me...


HBO is developing into a direct competitor for Netflix streaming. When the financials are right they will drop the required cable subscription and you will be able to subscribe directly with HBOGo. HBO has some original content but the bulk of their offering is films of which they control over 40% of the major Hollywood studio films released each year, and they control those films for 7-8 years.

The folks at HBO have made it pretty clear they will not allow Netflix to stream their content. They appear to be taking the long view on their content and keeping it as exclusive as they can. I wouldn't be suprised if 5 years from now, HBO stopped selling their shows on DVD so that the only way to watch them is to sign up with HBOGo(or pirate).

Jeff Jones

I will buy the Logitech Revue the day it hits the shelves. Although I can already stream Netflix through several of my devices, Google TV looks like it brings a lot more to the table. Love the integration with my phone and existing Logitech remote.


I was pretty sure that Google TV had nothing new to offer me until I saw this on the website: "If you're a DISH Network subscriber using Google TV, you’ll enjoy many enhanced TV and DVR features..."

As I am DISH subscriber with the Slingloaded ViP922, I will be very interested in seeing this device once it comes out of vaporware with regards to TV2 functionality.


I like the idea, but it really needs a price drop. $299 for a device in the world of $99 Rokus and AppleTVs is hard to justify.


@MaximusMMIV Hard to say. The features list on this indicate that Android apps will be made available over the UI and you can use Android-based phones as a remote control next year. But that is the extent of Android-related function I've seen so far.

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Talk of the Logitech Revue with Google TV first coming out wasn't very appealing at first, but now that it's out and I've purchased one, I've realized how much of a great product it truly is. I work with DISH Network so I was able to play with one when it first came out, and fell in love almost immediately. For all those out there, the retail value is $299, but if you are a DISH subscriber like me you can purchase one for $179, and there is a $4/month DVR integration fee. The DVR integration allows the Revue to communicate with your DVR receiver so you can pull up websites, current DVR recordings, and upcoming shows to record from a simple search. It's definitely worth checking out!

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