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Bob Emmerich

I don't know if Hulu will gain a lot of new subscribers dropping the price to $4.95, but I don't think it will cost them any members (unlike the big bruhaha when Apple dropped the iPhone price).

And for those who are thinking "keep the price $9.95 but drop the commercials" I think they will get more marketability over a 50% price drop (people love sales) rather than more jargon of "we dropped commercials".

I'm still not paying, but it's almost tempting now. Competition is good.

John G

Paying for commercials, not going to happen at any price.


I find getting all the short commercial interruptions are distracting. If they had fewer, but slightly longer commercial breaks it would be better. Because you can't fast forward, I would hope that each commercial is more valuable and they could get by with less.

I just don't see any value in what they offer compared to Netflix and OTA. I can see where it would be good for someone if they didn't have Netflix to save money and didn't have cable. I am not sure exactly what they offer over OTA, but some people don't get good reception. Then they may be looking at a $50+ cable bill or $5 for Hulu. Hulu wins there, but how many people would that satisfy? I still think they have some tweaking to do, but their hands are tied by the providers.


It's the damn commercials.

If I want to pay to watch commercials I'd subscribe to cable channels.


one commercial on the paid account, yes, id be more accepting, besides that? noooope!


I got the approval email for the Hulu Plus preview but didn't bite. I agree that the available shows didn't compare to Netflix and the price was a little high for the service.

Doug Turner

Using the PS3 with Hulu+ is a great experience. I love it.

Chris Osborne

I will admit that on shows like Hell's Kitchen the commercial break isn't that bad since they do a little recap when they come back from commercials. But for most everything else, if I'm paying I don't want commercials. One before the things starts is fine, but not during the show.

Mr Nethead

I'm not a fan of the commercials. However, I am a fan of the closed captioning. I don't like watching TV on TV. However, with Hulu+ I was able to catch up on Lie To Me, House, and Lost.


Take away the commercials and get rid of the ridiculously stupid restrictions of what device I can and can't watch a given show on and I would consider looking through their catalog. Until those two things happens, even at the reduced price point, I'm not even tempted.


Drop the commercials, charge me $4.95 per month and let me watch content whenever and wherever I want and I will pay.

The other option is have commercials and charge me nothing, stop blocking my access from TV and phone, get more viewers and get more money from each commercial.

Right now, I watch commercials on live sports and Hulu. I can avoid commercials on all other avenues. 1 Hulu TV commercials is like 100 on a network, they target me specifically because they have lots of data on me and I can't bypass them with a DVR. I even occasionally click on something because I don't wander away.


I would definitely consider Hulu Plus for $4.95. They should try this. It is a price point where it's so small it's pretty easy to go for and almost too much trouble to bother canceling.

The inclusion of the commercials on Hulu Plus is a bit odd though, I must admit.


Let's see... Hulu Plus with commercials for $5.00 a month, or file-sharing TV shows with no commercials and no cost... Which will the Internet users choose?


For $5/month, I would sign up in an instant.

Mr Nethead

If you download or share TV shows online you run the risk of being sued. That doesn't happen if you fork over a few bucks for Hulu+.

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