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$300!! Wow ... is there a DVR hard drive in there?

PS3 fanboi

$300? I'd rather get a 2nd PS3...

Andrew M

I'm pretty sure the PS3 will have Google TV, so there is really no reason you should waste your money on this if you don't have a PS3 yet. The PS3 has blu-ray, games, it's own movie store, and it will have Google Tv... All for 300 bucks.


I was going to buy it, then I found out it can't access Network websites such as ABC, NBC, CBS, and Fox.com. Hopefully I am wrong, does anyone know?


$299 is fine. It's Logitech, so I expect very high quality. Comes with a wireless keyboard with touch pad, and built in Harmony IR blaster type functionality. I expect to be able to connect my DirecTV into it, and connect it to my TV, and be ready to go.

I pre-ordered mine from Amazon. I will likely pick up a TV with it built in for the bedroom.


Two words: Google Phone.


$300 is way too much. Someone at Logitech was smoking some good stuff when they came up with that price point.



So Logitech's "high quality", and a couple additional features are worth it costing $200 more than competing devices? For an additional $200, maybe they should have thrown in the camera.


When you get the Revue, I'll have a bunch of questions if you don't mind.


I was considering buying it but not now. Logitech, as far as I am concerned, has overpriced this.

It seems to me the people at Logitech think their name, along with the Google name is worth a few hundred dollars extra. THEY ARE SO WRONG!


At $299 I'm not interested until the concept becomes proven. I'm a DISH Network subscriber and they're offering the Revue as part of their service at $179 so that's a little better. I'll keep my eye on it. $299 is too high.


i'm still waiting for the GoogleTV blu-Ray player, since i need one of those anyway. Not sure how well it will work with my TivoHD, or if i'll be listing that one on eBay soon after


@AndrewM - It's irresponsible to treat rumors and speculation as fact. Sony has announced a deal to include GoogleTV in Sony-branded televisions, but has been replying with "no comment" any time anyone asks them about putting it into the PS3.

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The page is good.

Obama Super Fan

I'm still trying to figure out why I need google on my TV. I don't see the point. This all seems like a tech fad that will die out in a few months.


Once I heard I couldn't play my personal media over the network it was a non-starter (although $300 would be acceptable if it could do all I wanted.) Show me a GoogleTV combined with the XBMC media scraper, a good DVR and a bluray player and you have me part and parcel. Until then I will stick with Boxee.


Apple TV ($100) and the Roku player ($60-$100) compete. They are simple players that play media via supported online services.

GoogleTV ($300 for Revue) is competing with the BoxeeBox ($200). They are more complex players that will play media via support online services AND via supported local media. These devices will also offer Internet browsing and 3rd party application to be installed.

I don't know specifically what GoogleTV will do beyond what is in their commercials, but a quick install of Boxee on your PC will show you that it is much more than a player. Boxee allows you to pick a movie, then lets you pick where you want to stream it from, this will include local media if present, Netflix, Hulu, or other service.

Interestingly the Logitech Revue for $300 and the BoxeeBox for $200 use the same main CPU chipset, so why the big difference in price?


$201.00 too much!


Google TV is too much like the ill-fated WebTV.
Roku($69) + Boxee Box($199) = everything I need.


My guess is it will drop to $199 after a year. Similar to game console prices that drop over time.


I guess the Logitech Revue will drop to $199 after a year as well. Not because of reduced hardware costs but because google will start ads after 1 year. Imagine that, you pay for Netflix, which is currently an ad free service, and google comes along and inserts ads.



From what I have read you can stream media with this device over your network. AVI, MKV, Mpeg, MP3s.


It is also a Harmony remote, which have cost this much by themselves in the past.


Give me Roku or give me death. Just Kidding!

Roger Bell

Not at the price. It's not competitive and will be old technology as soon as you plug it in.


Why do you see it's not competitive? It's feature may far exceed that of it's competition.

I don't know that it will be any older technology then it's competition, but I do think it may miss the market's needs.


Way, way too expensive. $69 would be more like it.


Too pricey for me. I think Netflix and Pandora are just fine for me. I use my BluRay and Wii for streaming. For 300 I could get an Xbox 360 or PS3!


The remote is a big part of the Revues features and I've heard from a number of folks who are willing to spend $150 on the remote alone.

Oh yeah and I did order one already- along with an AppleTV.


I agree, its about $201 too much. If this was priced at $99 I would have ordered a few of them already but at $299 I think its smarter to sit back and see what the competitors will be like.


Should have been $99. They are pricing themselves out of the market. Who in their right mind is going to pay $300 for what amounts to a browser on your tv when they could get that plus a bluray player and games on the PS3 for the SAME PRICE!!!???!!!???


Google TV dies on the eve of its birth!


I remember when Hulu blocked PS3's Internet Browser. :o(

wow gold

I guess the Logitech Revue will drop to $199 after a year as well. Not because of reduced hardware costs but because google will start ads after 1 year. Imagine that, you pay for Netflix, which is currently an ad free service, and google comes along and inserts ads.

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