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Season 4 of 30 Rock.


Sweet. Now that I've seen the original series, it's time for the new Battlestar Galactica.


I would be watching, but my Internet service provider is Clear, which has begun throttling all its customers to 0.25 Mb/s.

That's slow. Too slow to watch anything on Watch Instant.

So, stay away from Clear, netizens.

Chris Utley

Season 6 of The Office



Aw man. That's bullshit. Is that the only high speed internet you can get?


I may just spend all weekend filling my queue with all these new titles to choose from.
I may have a Roy Schieder marathon, I think.

Netflix is really impressing me. I don't even follow my dvd queue that much anymore.


I'll be sampling a bunch of the new offerings that Funimation has just loaned them. Bout time we had a new flood of anime Netflix releases on IW, especially as it seems that Netflix has all but stopped buying anime dvds unless its a mainstream title like Bleach, DBZ or Naruto or a Miyazaki film.


Er wait, what? The first 2 episodes of BSG are not available for streaming? Really?

It looks like a couple more missing in season 3, but the very first 2 episodes of the series?

Well, I'll most likely just get the discs over time now (very annoying, may as well not even stream the titles), however I've never watched the BSG. What is the recommended order to watch everything in, the series and the extra movies?


Correction: Damages: Season 3 is not yet streaming. Only S1 and S2 are available.


Thats too bad. Have they given a reason for the throttling? What city are you in? Clear is heavily promoted in chicago. They hype the ability to stream internet video.


I have been watching instant movies for a while now and last week started watching LOST season 1. Yesterday as I came to watch episode 3 , It tells me that this is no longer availible. ? what? why not? Then I noticed that Battlestar Galactica (my preference to watching LOST) Is now there Instantly. I am kinda peeved that they dropped LOST cause I was just getting into it. Anyone else noticed any titles that were dropped in lieu of these new streaming releases?



Yeah, some cool documentaries: The Cutting Edge: The Magic of Movie Editing, FDR: American Experience, Truman: American Experience. Which is odd since I highly doubt the licencing on those titles were expensive


Posted by: Clete--I am kinda peeved that they dropped LOST cause I was just getting into it. Anyone else noticed any titles that were dropped in lieu of these new streaming releases?--
Titles cycle in and out, apparently to create a kind of 'churning' which allows them to return later and be promoted as 'just added', drawing attention to those who may have missed a certain title. 'I had the British series 'Wire in the Blood in my queue for months but never got around to watching until the 'expiring soon notice' showed up. But when the end date came, I'm guessing the license for streaming was renewed, and the series remained.
Hopefully, Lost will return after a break.


..And I'm anxious to see an episode from Saturday Night Live's 12 season, featuring Joe Montana and Walter Payton. But s12 is nowhere to be found. I hope they add it soon. Only a handful of seasons are available at the moment.

david v

probably seasons 8-11 of married with children. you know, when it got really good ;)

actually i think i'll stream homo toxicus, that looks like an interesting doc to watch. most of the docs NF recomends me either have something covered in oil or george bush with devil horns on the cover.

that, likely an MST3k episode and maybe one of the great old b&w classics NF streaming is loaded with.


They've been adding a lot of titles but a lot of them are titles I have no interest in. Many of them are older movies that I have never heard of before. And while it would be nice to try Battlestar Gallactica the first two episodes aren't available on instant watch. I still have plenty to watch, but it is disappointing that out of over 400 titles added this week, I added six. Anyone arguing that a lot of Netflix's streaming titles are movies and shows that most people don't care to watch can make a very compelling argument.


Tim, I agree with you, I don't have a lot of interest in most of them. But I don't know if it's fair to say that "most people" aren't interested just because we aren't.


Psych, Monk, Bones and better off ted have become big hits in the family..our iw queue is over 200 titles movies/docs/Anime/unseen classics. ..so much to choose from....


Plus they added a bunch of Anime titles, about time they have been very skimpy on anime in the past, hopefully this is a turn around for them.


"Many of them are older movies that I have never heard of before." Tim how about taking a step into the unknown and watch something youve never heard of.... might be surprised on how good some of the movies are.



I agree.


As a lover of all film. I am happy. I could care less how old or new. Discovering new flicks as in flicks you never seen is part of the fun of being a Netflix member.

Don't be so judgmental on how old something is. Just find what sounds interesting & watch it.

Give it a whirl. ;)


Woohoo, all seasons of Married with Children!


The first two "episodes" of BSG are weird. I remember when I watched BSG via torrent downloads, the miniseries wasn't included. The first episode I ever watched was 33. I don't really feel like my BSG experience was diminished. I didn't actually get around to watching the miniseries until a year or so afterwards, and while I enjoyed it, there weren't any lightbulb moments where I was like, "gee, I sure wish I had known that when I was watching the series!"


Will be watching a lot of Married with Children episodes. Wish they would get around to adding all the episodes of Coach though. And seasons of Malcolm in the Middle beyond the first would be nice as well.




dropping LOST was retarded.


Yeah what kinda horse shit was that? Show the first 5 Seasons of Lost. Get people hooked then drop em and not put up the final 6th Season? Really? WTF?

Maybe it will come later....

Where the fluff is the Indiana Jones films too?


Some former-streaming items disappeared, too. No more of the good Pink Panther cartoons and no more Fat Albert.

I've been watching the X Files, and just added Parks & Recreation.


Streaming is down for me at the moment. Anyone else?


anyone notice a bunch of the new movies on instantwatcher has a play option but not a put in queue option?


Oh, nice...I knew Oct. 1 was a big day for new additions, but I didn't know there were so many! Will probably watch some Married With Children. This weekend I was watching Intervention, which I believe was a new addition, and the U.K. version of The Office (not new, I realize, I'd watched it before).

Incidentally, I have discovered some good things at times when I ran through everything I thought I was interested in (or when I was too lazy to keep browsing). It never hurts to try watching something you are not sure you will like, at least you did not pay any extra for it, and you can always just shut it off without losing anything.


I watch too much TV. I know because I keep track of the hours on my projector's bulb. I should get up and go out and train for the next Iron Man competition. Not bloody likely. I'll watch TV, I'm quite sure, all this winter.

Yet I have generally never seen any of these 1000 new TV episodes. Many of them I've never even heard of. The world seems to have changed.

When I was in graduate school the professor kept mentioning stories from the latest episode of "The Mary Tyler Moore Show". I'd never heard of it but it was easy to find and easy to watch. After a couple weeks I was a member of the group again.

Today none of that is possible - too many shows, too many episodes. We need new tools. I'm drowning in choice.


"Yeah what kinda horse shit was that? Show the first 5 Seasons of Lost. Get people hooked then drop em and not put up the final 6th Season? Really? WTF?"

You do realize the studios dictate how long Netflix has a title for right? It isn't like Netflix gets to choose how long a movie is up for streaming or what season they get. Unless your comment was directed to the studios of course heh.


NOT any of these ... except maybe EUREKA.


South Park Bigger Long & Uncut & season 13 streaming

Steve Plunkett

When will season 3 of Damages be streaming on Netflix?

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