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PS3 fanboi

PS3 owns!


It's great... faster navigation, faster buffering, etc., etc. I'm in love. I even found an HD offering in 5.1 (a National Geographic movie about solitary confinement I think).

HOWEVER: When you're hovering over a movie, it should say if it's in HD and if it has 5.1. Right now it does not - you have to enter the movie and see it next to the title. Small annoyance but certainly should be fixed.


Anyway they could consider a "Browse" Streaming? Sometimes I just want to see what's available by genre, and can't think of shows/movies,until I see them. It would be great if they could add this.

Also, I am not sure if they are trying to avoid getting pounded when new titles appear for streaming, but it would be great to have a "Now available" in streaming (I only see 75 max listings when I scroll)....


I'm definately looking forward to "making it a NetFlix Streaming night."

Steve I

I'm LOVING this update so far. When I was using the disc based app my system would switch back and forth between 480p-SD and 720p-HD. Now.....my system locks at 1080p when I turn the PS3 on and it stays there no matter what I'm streaming from Netflix. Appears to me that the PS3 is upconverting SD content.

I tried a couple SD programs I'd already watched and the vid looked a LOT better than it had originally.

I was expecting more DD5.1 that I found, but . It's better than nothing at all and I'm sure the use of DD5.1 will expand.

Overall...GREAT work Netflix.....


Not sure why they would promote 5.1 and 1080i as new features, yet not tell users which movies support them. Kind of a let down. I still have yet to find a single movie in 5.1 -- why don't they make a separate section within the app? The HD offerings are also confusing on the website. There are two HD sections...one for "PC" one for "All HD" (presumably PS3?)

Also, why is there not way to quit the app other than to force-quit using the PS button on the controller? Fast forwarding/rewinding also seems to be disabled. What a let down! Netflix needs to get their act together for HD fans, especially if these new features were pumped up so much in the past few days.


works great! streaming is very quick and the image (content-dependent, of course) is excellent. My monitors show 1080p when I check the resolution--NOT 1080i


When I play a standard DVD movie (480i) in my PS3, my HDTV shows resolution 1080p. Having the PS3 automatically do the upconversion is a definite benefit for making the picture quality more acceptable. I've only see a few upconverting machines do their magic, and by magic I really mean it - making something from almost nothing, and I think the PS3 does a superior job of it.

It is interesting to hear that the content from the NetFlix app might be rolling the same upconversion. As others have noted, if I streamed a non-HD movie with the old NetFlix disc, my HDTV would show resolution 480p. Hence, I avoided non-HD streaming titles. It sounds like the non-HD titles will now be more enjoyable to watch and that is definately a good thing.


good app! fast forward and reverse works better than before. The app start quickly and shows start much faster as well.

Issues: you have to check the details of the movie to see if it is HD/5.1.
When you open up a detail view of a movie in your queue, you have to go back to the queue to check the details of the next movie in the queue. Previously you would just go right and left without leaving the detail view.

Otherwise, I am so happy I can shred and burn that disk, I really did not like it!


So the update upconverts SD content to improve picture quality?


A lot better than before but still not as good as Xbox one. Xbox one loads fast and plays fast, no stutter as I've seen with my PS3.


It's great, if only because it finally upscales my content. It also buffers faster than it used to. The nav is better once you get used to the design...I found it a little confusing at first with the way it goes from the first five movies to SEE ALL because it looks a little like it skips a row (it does, but it's the first five movies that it skips).

My biggest gripes are that skip view doesn't tell you where in the timeline you've skipped to...I'd like a numerical indicator personally. The other is that it cuts off summaries for shows in the Overview, you have to click to finish the description. It'd be nice it they showed the whole thing, like on the website.


Oh yeah, and I also wish they'd make use of the top four buttons to aid in navigation...there's no way (that I can tell) to quickly page up/down or to get to the See All button.

James M.

I like it a lot. The GUI makes a lot more sense to me than the 360 does. Using nested menus is a lot easier than scrolling up and down through rows of genres.


Elite--I never have "stutter", playing any content from netflix, on my PS3. something must be wrong with yours.


I was really looking forward to discless streaming with PS3 but... I was hoping to automatically "stretch" SD content to my 1080p display using the PS3... (Hopefully it is something I can configure somewhere and not have to change each time) I can change that somewhere on my universal remote but have not had to mess with it for several months...
From what I've seen so far I suspect I'll continue to prefer my Roku over the PS3 for streaming... (but it is a nice option for those people that don't have Roku players)



The Netflix app quits like any game on the PS3. You can either press the PS button once to bring up the XMB, where there's a Quit Netflix option or hold the PS button to bring up a menu to Quit the App or Turn off the System.


My PS3 stretches content...I only saw one series that didn't stretch completely and even then there was only a tiny amount of vertical space on either side.



You want the PS3 to automatically stretch SD content or 4:3 content? If the former, the only reason that I can see that it wouldn't is because it's not formatted to do so. There are several Starz titles that are 4:3 letterboxed, so stretching them lengthwise would only distort the picture. If the latter, well, I would have to say you're likely in the minority on that one. I for one have no desire to see my picture stretched/distorted solely in the name of filling my widescreen display.


I was trying to watch Did You Hear About the Morgans? but it is squished into 4:3 for some reason, but on my Roku it was fine and in widescreen not stretched widescreen, can anyone take a quick look at the movie to see if they have the same problem, and have others had similar problems with other movies that are sqished, not just 4:3 but sqished from 16:9 into 4:3 and distorted.


So far I'm enjoying it and have already saved myself a trip or two across the room to switch out a game disc and put in the Netflix streaming disc.

My only quibble (a minor one) is that I wish you could set the default list it loads. I curate my Instant Queue carefully, so I wish it would load that and not the "Suggestions for You" tab.


has anyone encountered being not to Rewind or Fast Forward with the triggers on the ps3 controller without hitting the dpad first?


It's a good update, but the Roku wins in my quick test tonight. Comparing HD video quality with both inputs set to the same profile, I can verify that the PS3 video is darker, causing details to be lost. It was noticeably darker so I played the same content and had the TV set to the same profile. Audio seemed richer on the PS3 though. I need to run more tests, but I am disappointed in the video quality given that with the disc I felt video was just as good if not slightly better than the Roku.


Tim, the video brightness of Netflix via my PS3 is definitely not even remotely dark. I've tested it on too different monitors and it's plenty bright at normal settings. You may have an issue with the HDMI inputs, regardless of the fact that you set them up identically. Or there might be an issue with your specific PS3.


oops, make that "two different monitors"

The darkness it probably caused in the video settings. Do you have it set to RGB or auto in the video settings. Is it set to full range? Try turning that off, some TV's don't do well. Is superwhite on?



You are correct. The aspect ratio on Did You Hear About the Morgans is hosed. I guess we really can't be too surprised seeing as it's a Starz title. If you set a horizontal stretch aspect ratio on your TV, it will fix the aspect ratio, but like many of the Starz titles, it still looks pretty bad.


Seems that I owe you an apology, apparently there are some titles out there that have aspect ratio issues. Though this isn't necessarily caused by the new app, Starz titles have had a propensity of issues since they were first being offered.

Funny, I keep hearing people say how Netflix paid Epix too much and Starz too little for the content provided, but considering the standard quality of Starz content, I can't say that I agree.

Aaron L.

The disc made me install the client, but to install the client I needed to join PSN, and to join PSN I had to update my PS3, the update failed, but worked the second time. Then I finally get the client installed, it starts loading my queue and the image is all distorted like it thinks I have a widescreen tv... Well I don't and my PS3 is set to 4:3....... It's borderline un-usable. How the heck do I change the setting in this stupid client???? All I wanted to do was watch a show before bed and I've been effing with this stupid crap for almost an hour. I work on computers for a job, I'm not a moron...Why is this so complicated? Bueller?


@ Steve I

Well, that's not exactly what I call eating crow, but it'll do, pig, it'll do.


Bit of a rant here. Frustrated at getting PS3 setup for Netflix. I was hoping it would be a simple connect PS3 to internet after inserting Netflix provided disc and that would be it. Found out the PC and PS3 have to both be connected to the internet at the same time so this looks like a purchase of a router is now needed for this one purpose. Tried cellphone web browse and that didn't work with Netflix for sign-on. PS3 browser to log onto Netflix was also not an option since it can't be running at the same time as Netflix disc on PS3. I guess it's a router or going to a internet cafe to connect to Netflix while someone is home with the PS3 connected to the net so they can both be running.

Any suggestions outside of the options I'm thinking of to get this up and running?


Worked great for me. Streaming wireless over 802.11g. Movies started within 5 seconds. Surround sound worked. Controller worked well. I used the dpad to get to the in movie controls. It did lock up once for me and required a reboot. Also a couple moments of jitter. I didn't have any darkness issues. It looks the same as my cable which is also delivered via HDMI to the same TV settings. I love it!


1ST.. You no longer need the Netflix disc to run the IW on your PS3.
2nd. You don’t need the computer connected to the internet at the same time as your PS3. You do need to activate the PS3 on your Netflix account.


Of course the whole point is that now the disc isn't required. I had already authorized my PS3 to Netflix with the disc, so I didn't have to authorize it when I downloaded and installed the native app last night, but I imagine even with the new app you still can't use the PS3 browser and the app at the same time. When the app gives you an authorization code to enter into your netflix.com account, does it have to be done immediately while the app is still running, or could perhaps it be done a few minutes later? You could always call Netflix support as well.

ALTHOUGH, I'd highly recommend just getting a router. For $20 you can even get a wireless one, or could probably find a wired one for less. It's worth it to not have to switch cables back and forth between your PC and PS3.


I see. Yes to activate the PS3 for the first time you do need both the comp and PS3 online at the same time. You can always buy a router from Wal-Mart then return it after your are done lol..


Is it me or did the UI change drastically since yesterday's launch, or did I press a button somewhere that it changed the way titles are displayed now?


Pressing [square] switches to category view, though I don't think my interface ever looked like the screenshot above. Mine went straight into a grid with my instant queue on top and each row beneath it is a different category full of suggestions.


I'm having a strange issue - I'm not getting any audio at all from 5.1 titles. I've tried both Linear PCM and Bitstream with no love...using a Sony amp over HDMI. Blu Ray plays 5.1 and so do games, but not the 5.1 streaming in the new Netflix.

Do I need to be using an optical cable?


Well... I wasn't aware you had to have a Playstation Network Account to use this Netflix app (I'm not a gamer). I managed to download the app, install it, and run Netflix without joining the Playstation Network - which I thought was pretty clever. I thought I was home free, but then it balked at retrieving any titles, saying "no go", go join the Playstation Network first you dummy!

After fiddling around about a half hour trying to join the Playstation Network using the PS3 TV controller (what a pain), I bailed, went to the PC and joined there. Then back to the PS3, where after typing in logins and passwords for both the Playstation Network and Netflix, the PS3 finally retrieved Netflix titles.

So, what I thought would take 30 seconds, took the better part of an hour - but the native interface really is nice and much better than the old one.


Tried it out yesterday and loaded up an episode of thirty rock. It froze after about 20 seconds so I loaded it again and same thing. I left it up while I switched to tick to watch the show and when I was done I switched back to ps2 and the show was playing but only have over. So far dissapointed but ill try again. Also ps3 is wired to router so no wireless issues.


The UI DID change from what I can tell. Now the PS3 setup is more crippled than it was yesterday. On the release one could browse by categories such as TV/DRAMA/COP DRAMA etc... now everything is lumped together like it was with the PS3 disk.



The lack of a HD identifier doesn't seem like an issue at all for me. If there's something I want to watch, and it's only in SD, I'm pretty sure I'll watch it anyway. HD is nice, but I don't pick programming/movies based on resolution or surround sound.

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