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Steve I

@BP, as I said before, "bite me"...I'm not here to satisfy you. I post what I please, if you don't like it..... I talk about things I like, things I don't like...BFD.

david v

it's nice, only issue is that they have all the other categories displayed, why not have the HD category displayed as well?

i'm glad i have the option to search HD streaming titles on the PC, but the point is to have the app able to do everything right there in the app.

Isaac Church

Man I'm really loving the PS3 Netflix app. After installing and the initial setup, this app is fast and really nice to use. It looks like they are using the latest Netflix technology as well. I notice that streams seamlessly shift between the low to high versions of the video (press the "Display" button on the PS3 remote to see what the quality is). I'm thinking I could eliminate my ROKU box now, because this is just so much better. (And I don't really use all the other ROKU channels anyway.)


To whomever posted to me about the RGB settings, RGB Full Range was set to full. Super-White is on, Deep Color Output was on auto but I turned it off after reading your suggestions. I'll see if that helps.


Didn't help. Picture is still dark. It's watchable, but it isn't as clear and sharp as the video I get from the Roku.


tim, try this

setting > video settings > BD/DVD Output format

Change that to RGB. It'll force it to use the next setting.

Then go to

settings > display settings > RGB full range

Turn that off. It'll brighten the picture. Full range is good for games on TVs that support it but movies usually don't need it.

Superwhite shouldn't be an issue since you will be using RGB but just to be sure turn that off as well. Again it's a spec that isn't officially supported by the BR standard so it may not play well with all TVs.

That should brighten the picture to normal standards.


The subtitle option is handled well. You can choose them before the movie or on the fly by hitting the subtitle button on the remote. Not many things have them yet as far as I've seen though.


My boyfriend started the 1 month trial for friends and families. He doesn't have an instant queue. Is this something new for trial accounts? Will it remain this way for the duration of his trial?


Yea wtf... it changed within 12 hours of me first setting it up (around 11 am) then I go to use it at night and its changed to some new crappy way of sorting things. Uh wtf Sony? Not only does it take forever to scroll through stuff, it doesn't even seem upgraded since its as if they crammed the original version, mixed in 360 style and called it quits.

As for the guy who said his PS3 doesn't stutter, I mean buffering and loosing quality. The PS3's wireless is worse then a Verizon Aircard :(. Had 360 in SAME spot in beginning of year when renovating and Netflix looked, loaded, played normal as if it was downstairs. PS3...not really.


The first thing that garnered my attention was that if the video was 480 it wouldn't size to that format on my television as it did with the disk. It plays every streaming video at the same aspect ratio. The default ratio of the connection to the television 1080p.

It may have something to do with the reason why I have to log into my PS3 account to access Netflix streaming, which tells me there's something askew in the way in which I'm receiving my streaming selections.


As an update to my prior post I do not want my PS3 or my Television to convert the aspect ratio only refine the pixels to clearer perspective of viewing in the highest quality. If it's 480 then make it crystal clear, if it's 720 then make that crystal clear etc... and not spout out every streaming video as the same.


Elite, the wireless in MY PS3 is just fine. I can handle my 20mbps connection with no stutter or rebuffer at all. I suspect you are just a fanboy making things up though.

jdinor, mine outputs at high resolution as well. I think it's supposed. Sony just wants you to automatically sign in like most people do. The machine comes on, talks to Sony, and all is good.


cj and rowdy, thanks for the help. I did find that without needing the disc there is no longer the requirement to be connected to PC and PS3 at the same time. You can do everything at PS3 to activate.


Not a fan of the app (yet). I don't like how it reconfigured my remote. I'm finding that the first minute or so of a movie is digitized (slower streaming than with the disk inserted?), and also the app has trouble remembering the last episode of a TV series I've watched.

The jury is still out on this one. But I like the fact that an attempt was made.


I am enjoying the app but I thought this was an interesting article, how the app varies slightly from person to person:
Anyone else had this?


I love it, so much! No more digging through dvds to find the damned streaming disc. So easy and convenient. PS3 is f**king awesome! XD

E.M. Dyer

It would be awesome...except that it apparently uses different methods to detect I'm outside of the 50 states US. On Gov't assignment and still should be able to get my nf, but no dice at the moment.


Netflix's decision (and don't kid yourself that it is anything other than that -- such things are not left to chance) to hide the HD indication, in conjunction with the upscaling of all material output from the PS3, smells an awfully lot like a typical Marketing display of contempt for the marks... er, I mean customers, who they believe can't tell the difference anyway. The sad thing is that they are at least partially correct, as some of the comments here have made clear.


@Marshall that didn't help. The PS3 video is just darker than the Roku, and darker than I would like. Maybe a later update will fix it. If not, perhaps I can tune my settings on the PS3 or the video profile on the TV to improve it. But other media looks great with the existing setup so I am reluctant to change it just for the PS3. The Roku is always on and ready to roll. And it is quieter. Oh, well. It's nice to have two options. I have picked the PS3 over the Roku in the past because some streams looked better on it.


On my Playstation 3, a blu-ray looks fantastic, but Netflix (the new no-disk version) looks much too dark. Too dark as to be watchable and will likely drop Netflix unless they fix this in some way.

Unclear how to adjust the Playstation on an application-by-application basis. Any attempt to adjust the Netflix appearance would likely ruin the blu-ray appearance.


@Ed Exactly! That has been my experience. DVDs and Blu-ray look accurate. But the Netflix app is too dark. The disk-based version did not exhibit this behavior.

Tyler Mason

I also have the same problem where the video is too dark (Even If I blast the brightness up on the display device). Shows like BSG are unwatchable. I've tried an inFocus projector and a Panasonic Plasma. I took pictures of the same scene on the XBOX360 (looking great) and the PS3 looking like TOTAL CRAP with my digital camera just to make sure I wasn't crazy (I'll post em online and provide a link later for all to see). Dvd & BluRay looks fine. Also my quality is always HIGH/HD or X-HIGH/HD

Tyler Mason

OK. This has to be a problem with the app and not my settings. I am sure becase when I fast forward or rewind the video looks correct. However, when I press play it plays too dark. Pictures: sorry they're so big!

pic 1: Look at the car. Its a BMW:

While playing:

It is not as noticable in daylight scenes, but night or space -yuk! Anyone fix this or check and found you too have the problem? FYI my PS3 is directly connected to my TV- and I've tried 2 others with the same issue.


@Tyler: Thanks for posting the followup and the PICs! I agree it is the app. The face that I didn't experience this problem with the disk tells me this is the app and not the PS3 or the TV. I mean, it was so noticeably dark that it caught my attention. Not slightly dark, but dark enough to wash out detail and look unnatural.


This is a great example of the problem. Look at the guy with his back to the camera. His suit isn't black, it is clearly a charcoal gray in the preview, but in the actual video it is black with no detail to be seen. Now look at the car. In the preview you can tell it is a BMW. You can see the grill, the license plate, the detail through the windows, some reflections on the sides, but in the actual video it is all gone.


I just connected my Samsung Blu Ray Player to Netflix streaming. There has been a serious degredation of picture quality on all aspects of my viewing now. I run my cable Hi Def cable signal into my Samsung. My cable and also video discs now have a pixilated and slightly blurred looked to them(lots of white dots and splashes where there were none) The Netflix stream is not that great either. What have I done? anyone else with this problem? I'm frustrated as...


How do you tell which streaming titles are 1080P?

Also how do you set the PS3 to display 480P movies in 480P and 720P instead of up-converting everything to 1080P?

Just curious....


I traded in my LG blu ray player for a PS3. It buffers way faster which is awesome, but I can't get it to stretch the 4:3 ratio shows like my former player did automatically. My example is American Dad. I used to watch it on my LG player through Netflix streaming and it always filled up my entire TV. Since switching to PS3, the annoying black bars are on the side and I can't figure out how to get rid of them. Anyone know how to do this?

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