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I refuse to buy movies. Years of building up a VHS collection taught me that lesson the hard way.


I buy blu-rays. I feel like blu-ray is probably the last physical format we're ever going to have. While having access to tons of media in the cloud is appealing, there's just something I like about owning a physical copy of something. Thus, I buy blu-rays. I'm slowly selling off my DVD collection and converting it to 100% blu.



Chris Utley

I certainly don't buy movies that I haven't seen.

Shellie C.

I rarely purchase movies and when I do it is within the first week of release and include both the regular DVD and Blu-Ray for $20. Blu-ray will be the last physical media. 20 years from now, everything will be available via streaming. The downside is that internet service providers witll eventully starting selling broadband service in GB packages due to high demand.


Why would I buy MacGruber?


I have not bought a dvd in 5 years and I only own a half-dozen or so. DVD technology will go the way of VHS one day...

Joe Schmo

I have never understood spending $20 for the latest popcorn movie, or for a season of a TV show I'm only going to watch once, and then putting it on a shelf. (I do understand buying kiddie shows that will be watched hundreds of times.)

However, I can't resist things like nine hours of Animaniacs, or a thousand commercials, or the complete Lucky Louie when they are at Big Lots for a few bucks.


Only buy foreign (i.e. other Region) DVDs that haven't been released in U.S. (i.e. Region 1), DVDs you can't rent. Why buy a DVD if you can rent it?? My DVD player plays all regions and both NTSC & PAL standards.


Yes I still buy DVDs. But not the kind you mean. I bought a regular movie "The Brotherhood of the Wolf" about ten years ago. That was the only regular movie DVD I've ever bought.

I do however have a lot of obscure and often home made opera DVDs. For example I bought four or five different versions of Verdi's Don Carlo (Carreras, Domingo, Pavarotti, Giacomini, etc). At $5 each it's cheap. A new audio only CD of Don Carlo can cost $50 or more. Some of these specialty DVDs are of good quality but some others are made from the footage shot by someone with a camcorder sitting in the audience.

These DVDs are excellent for opera fans like me who like to compare performances. I expect to keep buying these DVDs as long as I live. NetFlix has a lot of opera DVDs available to rent but the ones that I buy are much rarer and usually of much lower quality. I don't think this kind of material is likely to be streamed anytime soon.


I don't buy DVD's or Blu-Rays unless I've already seen the movie first. With that said, all the studios are doing as far as I'm concerned is delaying my desire to buy any of their movies. I strongly believe in try before I buy. I don't get to see that movie yet? To bad movie studios, your going to wait to get my money until I can see it first.


@Lacy how is Netflix a sellout?


I never buy. With hundreds of movies in my queue I have yet to see, I usually don't rewatch a movie I've already seen. The few exceptions that I do want to see again I just get in from Netflix (or watch on streaming) and I usually don't get the itch to see them again for at least a few years.

Steven Hoober

Interesting... I see it, but not the same as everyone else. I got it on the recent Robin Hood, and Get Him to the Greek, but not MacGruber.

Anyway: I also refrain from buying DVDs. Have amassed a bit of a collection from gifts, $4 clearance bins, etc., but nowhere near what VHS was. Because of the stupid rights. If I could trade in old media for viewing rights on another piece of media (etc) then sure. But I had to throw away my VHS tapes for example. How can I have a license to watch the performance (without true ownership of anything), but also have no replacement or transfer of those rights to different media? Yeah, that.


I would NEVER buy a movie. (Unless it was used and a few bucks max)

None are available for purchase for me.

Of course, I REALLY want to see the new Wall Street but refuse to pay the $9.50 so chances are I will wait for DVD.

Its not just the money, its my principles.

That said, If I could find a "deal", I might pay a few bucks to see the wall street movie.

Last movie I went to was "Boiler Room" and I think I had some kind of free pass that i got for buying something that I was buying anyway. A mail in kind of thing. Then I sat on it for months till a movie I had to see came up.


Steven, do you REALLY think a big company is going to come after you for watching a used DVD ?



Bunch of Cheap-O's on here! Damn!

I buy DVDs and Blurays. I usually won't buy New releases right away (I wait for the price to go down), and I netflix everything before buying. But I love having physical dvds! and Bluray quality is fantastic! Worth the money.


I own over 230 DVD's and BLu ray discs, but since getting a Netflix subscription, I haven't purchased any more discs. Discs are a waste of money, except for the most SPECIAL of content (like Mamma Mia, on Blu ray. LOL! )


I have never been a collector of movies - even in the days of VHS I only have (yes, still them too) about 15 titles. I have about the 25 in DVD format and, to date, I've bought 5 Blu-rays. I have 3 titles that are duplicates (VHS and DVD) and will probably own them again when they're re-re-release in Blu-ray.

Contrast that against the 180-200 disc's I rent & return per year for the last 8 years. I watch alot of content, just don't want to spend all the money to would take to purchase the media.

Now if I could just get one of the DBS companys to offer a HD-sports-only subscription I could save some real coin by cutting out the 85% junk and repeat channels.

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