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Surprised V is not on streaming.


FYI: Altitude, released last week elsewhere, is showing Nov. 9 as its availability date on Netflix.



If they were going to offer V for streaming, they would have done it earlier, then pulled it shortly before the DVD release to try and boost sales.

That's what has happened with other TV shows.


No "The Bridge on the River Kwai" Blu-Ray and no indication that they are ever going to get it. Not acceptable.

Larry Dallas

then cancel RIGHT NOW Kushokwim

Chris Utley

Interesting how the DVD for Toy Story 3 shows a Very Long Wait but the Blu-ray only shows a Long Wait. Hopefully it's not too long a wait.


just got the new "nightmare on elm st"...'netflix' is embedded on the disc like it wuz specifically made for them??!!

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