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No mail today :(

Chris Utley

How to Train Your Dragon isn't dated for release until Friday. Any idea why?


Link broken for full list :(


Click where? :-/


"How to Train Your Dragon isn't dated for release until Friday. Any idea why?"

That's the official release date from the studio.



Why isn't the Blu-Ray available for Dollhouse. Did Netflix stop Blu-Ray for TV shows, most recent TV shows are only available on DVD.


slider121 : like House .. etc .. Its BS .. because we still pay more to get Blu Ray , so they should use that $$ to actually buy some


Gasp! All kiddie flics again.

Back in the sixties and seventies we were a rebellious bunch. At the movies there was a lot of cussing and nudity. We felt we were modern and progressive. In fact various politicians wanted to regulate Hollywood as they had done before with the Hayes Commission.

We all thought that the government was about to step in and apply censorship.

Well it didn't work out that way. Today every other movie seems to be an animated feature for children. If it is an adult themed film it is nowadays watered down and tame. For example I rented "The Big Bounce" recently. It had been remade with current stars from the Elmore Leonard book. The new version has no profanity and no nudity. The original version has Leigh Taylor Young cavorting in the buff and the characters swear. The story is about an ex-con and a nasty party girl. The new wholesome version hardly captures this plot or Leonard's style. Too much self censorship.

The world sure didn't turn out the way we expected.


Queued Dexter's Lab


This summer has been rotten for new releases, which is a bleak reflection on the movie industry. One only needs to take a gander at this week's stellar releases to see that. I'm on the 3 at a time plan, and I'm having difficulties finding keeping it filled with anything. I've resorted to watching some older television series that I did not watch when they first aired. Mostly, I realize within a few episode whey it was I didn't watch them in the first place.

Looks like I'm going to have to throttle down to 2 at a time....

Jeff Chambliss

I don't know what the logic behing the studio releasing "Dragon" on Friday is, but I have seen a few other titles released on non-Tuesdays recently. Seems that one of the Twilight movies was released on a Fri or Saturday-probably so that tweens could show up at Wal Mart at midnight to buy it.
Maybe they are releasing this Friday instead of next Tuesday (so is really a weekend early rather than a few days late)?

Jeff Chambliss

Folks may also want to book mark this link to Netflix's full release page (I think they hid it some time ago):

Chris Utley

Sure Bob, I understand that it's the official release date but why is the studio releasing it on a Friday instead of a Tuesday like everything else?


I'm just surprised to see Dragon available during the same week it's being released at retail.


I was surprised to receive my Netflix in the mail on Tuesday. Netflix estimated a Wednesday delivery date due to Columbus Day, so I had to wait until Wednesday to report a mislabeled disc.

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