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As a horror fan, this is my favorite month of the year as there's always lots to see.

Will be renting:

30 Days of Night: Dark Days
The Rig
Human Centipede


Nightmare on Elm Street (2010)
Splice (2010)


I have been waiting to see Human Centipede...hope its decent.


Speaking of horrors? How was that MacGruber?


I’m a liberal through and through and I don’t believe anything should be censored…with that said…I will be skipping Human Centipede…some things I don’t need to be desensitized to.


I saw a preview of Human Centipede. No sir. There is something wrong with who ever came up with that idea.


@Dante: I loved the MacGruber skits on SNL. I really wanted to like the movie. It was really bad. Just watch the preview and don't waste your time on the movie.

Wuzzy Woozle

I will not rent Human Centipede.

No way. Torture porn is not my gig.

Sick puppies. (ugh.)


I think The Human Centipede is just going to be one of those movies you have no normal interest in seeing it but you just HAVE to see it to see how crazy it is.


A Human Centipede sequel is coming next year that sounds even sicker/more twisted than the original.


Anyone here also still a Blockbuster Custy ? what the hell is up with new releases saying "On Order" ?? so much for the 28 days early .. both Splice and Nightmare on elm street should have been shipped to me but say on order .. anyone have a different experience ?


Jon same here on order!!!!!


Ever since Blockbuster announced their bankruptcy, I've noticed fewer titles being shipped out. They are listed for you to put in your Queue but say ON ORDER. This mostly independent new releases.

Elm Street and Splice on our my queue as long wait though..


Update : Well i had No movies out and they went from On order , to Very long wait .. What the balls

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