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I was wondering that when I didn't have the Blu-ray option for Star Wars: CLone Wars Season 2


I'm of two minds about this. I prefer to watch everything in Blu-Ray quality, but I imagine that previous seasons of some of the titles mentioned weren't rented heavily.

I can certainly understand Netflix not wanting to purchase a bunch of copies of something like Dollhouse: S2 on Blu, since after the initial flurry of renting they'll just gather dust at the distribution centers.


I think if they're going to charge people $4 extra for Blu-ray, they should try to have it for whichever new titles they get to justify the price. If new titles aren't getting released in Blu-ray, I would drop it. As it is, the only television shows I watch on Netflix are the ones that Netflix streams and on the occassion I want a BD movie, I now go to Redbox. So the Blu-ray addon is not of value to me and if they keep slacking, it really won't be.

Greg Smith

I noticed this too. I had a several titles including Back To The Future selected as Blu-Ray. They went from unknown to moving to in my Queue to being unavailable and reverting to DVD only.


I always had assumed that the premium price I was paying for the blu-ray subscription guaranteed that I would be getting all the available blu ray titles on netflix. Still angry that Twilight Zone: Season 1 on blu ray is not available on netflix!


Netflix doesn't give a shit anymore. Why should it? We have nowhere to go. They get rid of features we love, we stay. They make us pay EXTRA for a format they don't deliver, we stay. They delay all new movies for a month, we stay. Fuck them. Fuck us.


when Netflix was offering Blu-ray for $1 extra to all accounts I really liked it as soon as Netflix added the tier pricing for Blu-ray I dropped Blu-ray from my account. I wonder is alot of other people did the same?


I've noticed a particular problem with Criterion Collection Blu-Rays which had been previously released on DVD. For example, I'm still waiting for any information about the Blu-Ray editions of "Black Narcissus" (released July 20, 2010), "Black Orpheus" (released August 17, 2010), "Charade" (released September 21, 2010) and "Crumb" (released August 10, 2010). Very frustrating for a long time Netflix subscriber.


Honestly I don’t care…I want them to focus all resources on streaming. That’s where the future is and that’s what I use.

Will Dearborn

Absolutely they should, if they should justify their $1, then $4 price hike for crappy availability.

Jack Johnson

deathstrike you realize the 28 day waiting period was to keep prices down and be able to get more instant streaming. You realize Blockbuster was the only major company to take that deal right? Where are they today.....chapter 11....hmm


"Honestly I don’t care…I want them to focus all resources on streaming. That’s where the future is and that’s what I use. "

I should add that HOWEVER IF I was paying extra I would be pretty upset right now.


I wonder if this is a sign that the industry is starting to lose faith in Bluray as a format. They've been pushing it hard, but I don't think the public has adopted it as quickly as they did the DVD.

Of all my friends and family, only one has yet bothered to buy a Bluray player...and he bought it mainly for the Netflix streaming feature.

It would be interesting to know the ratio of Blurays to DVDs sold, as well as the ratio of Netflix users who pay the Bluray tax to those who don't.

Physical discs may well be gone in lieu of streaming before Bluray reaches the level of penetration that DVDs have.

As to the question at hand, I think Netflix should be obliged to at least purchase 1 Bluray of each title available, since they are charging a premium for this service. If not, what are they charging for? Catalog titles only?

Steve I

Blu-Ray??? I'm an "early adopter" so I've had a PS3 forever and I've got a 2nd BR player in another room. But the cost of the BR players was too high as the economy tanked, most people already had regular DVD players and they were "good enough". Often, the cost of the BR titles themselves is too high in this economy, although I have started to see to cost of some new releases come down (ex. Ironman 2 was sold during release week for $17.99).

PS3 fanboi

To the person saying Blu-rays are not being adopted - not true. Market penetration is very good - google it.

I myself am on 3 disc Blu-ray plan, and don't mind paying extra. It means there's less people competing for my discs, and usually I have no problem getting new releases on Blu-ray (which wasn't the case with Blockbuster at all).


I have found that blu-ray titles take a lot longer to move through the queue. So my past thoughts have been, yes they are not supplying enough titles in blu-ray to supply the masses. I also note that titles I have in the queue are more then 28 days old but not able to be streamed. So frustration is building on my part and hopefully others. I will give them about 6 more months to get the streaming setup so titles DO get moved in 28 days then I will forgive them, if not well it might be time to say bye bye Netflix.


Yes, damn right they're obligated to buy the new releases in the format if they're going to charge extra for it. Otherwise, they should be like Blockbuster and not charge for it. I myself have dropped it because of the extra charge and limited availability. Will be dropping Netflix entirely if they keep signing delay agreements with the studios in order to get mostly sub-HD quality streaming of old movies. I don't care about old, mostly unknown movies.


Wow. One of the main reasons I subscribed to Netflix in the first place was because I wanted a way to utilize my new Blu-Ray player without buying an entire new collection of discs. If they're backing off from providing Blu-Ray discs, I'll be severely disappointed and may cancel my subscription.


Yes I believe Netflix is obligated to provide us with as much Blu-ray content as possible. It's especially surprising that new release like "Dollhouse: Season 2," which released simultaneously on DVD and Blu-ray, would only be owned in DVD format by Netflix. I'm not nearly as concerned about older releases that might have just recently gotten a Blu-ray treatment. When a brand-new movie or TV show comes out, I would only want to rent it on Blu-ray. Netflix needs to get their act together.


"...Netflix added the tier pricing for Blu-ray I dropped Blu-ray from my account. I wonder is alot of other people did the same?"

I did the same without hesitation.

I found it disagreeable to pay extra for 1) something I may not even have sent to me once in any given month based on my viewing habits AND 2) whether or not NetFlix would choose to procure in BD format. NetFlix never proclaimed to always buy BD copies but they sure were in a hurry to charge extra for it. That was a big red flag for me.


Just last night I signed up for the Blu-ray upgrade and was shortly disappointed upon finding that Black Narcissus Criterion isn't available on Blu-ray and no expected date is provided. :(

I wish there were an easy way to request more information in cases like these - I feel like I'll need to get this disc from another source but don't know for sure.

At Netflix's price, I'm okay with the occasional omission but it's the lack of info that concerns me. Does no expected date mean it's not in the pipeline, or not?


I wish there was a way to rent any and every Blu-ray disc. It would be great if amazon started renting every disc in addition to selling every disc. Netflix appears to be putting all its time and money into streaming, and it's stock keeps going up. I hope Blu-ray discs don't get relegated to videophiles, like vinyl has been to audiophiles. I don't want to live in an mp3 world.


As long as new releases come out on BD im cool. I dont expect for NF to go buy old (1947) catalogs movies in BD. I have 240 titles on my Queue almost all in BD so i dont see whats the big deal.


There is so much dumb in this thread that my brain is hurting.

I will address the most obvious of the dumb and nothing more: Yes, you pay extra for Blu-ray. At 3 discs, you pay roughly $1.33 extra a disc. Considering the high cost of Blu-ray I would say this is fair. You are NOT paying $20.99 a month for access to Blu-ray - you are paying $16.99 a month for access to the largest DVD catalog in America and $4 for a fairly decent Blu-ray catalog.

Titles like "Dollhouse: Season 2" will most likely have an absolutely minuscule demand. I assume this because the show (1) sucked and (2) lasted barely a season and a half before being canceled. If they had ordered "Dollhouse: Season 2" instead of some Fuck Yeah Blockbuster (tm) then people would be bitching ten times more than they all ready are. As I have said before, and will say time and again, making a business decision is like performing triage - you're going to piss some of the people off, so you might as well accept that and either piss of the userbase that you don't care about or that costs you more money than is worth.

As far as Criterion goes... that is an extremely niche market. I should know, I used to manage the movie shop with the largest Criterion stock in all DFW. You'd think people who rent Criterions would treat the discs better, but they don't, they're the same mouth-breathing Wal-Mart shoppers as the rest of us. Plus, Criterions cost a LOT more than your average Blu-ray. For all we know Netflix is working to get "Black Orpheus" on HD streaming. If you really detest paying extra for Blu-ray, cancel your Blu-ray membership and send a letter of support to Netflix saying "Your Blu-ray selection is disappointing. Either buy more Blu-rays or purchase the streaming rights to said titles." That would help more than bitching on a blog.

Comparing Blu-ray to vinyl is quite possibly the stupidest thing I've ever heard of in my life. Then, on top of that, stating that should Blu-ray be relegated to "videophiles" we'd be living in an "mp3 world" only manages to compound the stupid with a healthy dose of ignorant. I've spent the last hour of my life trying to understand what it is you were trying to say - trust me, I KNOW what you were trying to say, but I CAN'T comprehend why you chose to say it that way - and I've come to the conclusion that I'd have an easier time understanding Creedence Clearwater Revival's continued relevancy than that.

I swear, sometimes you people make me vomit in my own mouth a little. I hate corporations. They are evil, unsympathetic entities which only serve to diminish the personal responsibility of the management while simultaneously fattening their wallets. Yet, I find myself constantly defending Netflix against people who want the moon, want it now, aren't willing to pay for it and then become increasingly unreasonable the longer they have to go without. Oh, poor pobrecitos! How hard it must be to cheaply have access to one of the three or four best rental services in the entire world (I've used the other three, and while the top three have VASTLY superior catalogs, NONE of them come as close to being as convenient as Netflix + BT). Your bitching is only serving to ruin a corporation that actually TRIES to service its clients - my one and only hope in this world is that Reed Hastings is so busy bathing in delicious, delicious money that he forgets to pay attention to your inane ravings.

If Netflix doesn't have what you want, in the format you want, when you REALLY REALLY want it, drive down to your local video shop and rent it in a show of support to "the little guys" or, if it's something you RRRREEEAAALLLYYYY want, LET THE CREATORS AND STUDIOS KNOW BY BUYING IT AND SHUTTING THE FUCK UP.



@ byteme
Blu-ray will never reach the level of popularity of DVD. Netflix, apple, MS, etc are focusing more on streaming that disc media for the future.


I admit being disappointed that Chuck, Season 3 wasn't on blu-ray.

However, from what I had been reading, the blu-ray standard isn't all it's cracked up to be: some studios keep on pushing the envelope and that results in blu-ray discs being unplayable on some players (no, not Profile 1 vs. Profile 1.1 vs. Profile 2, but some Profile 2 players not playing Profile 2 discs).

Also, it seems that the lighter blu-ray disc is more fragile in the mails than the heavier DVDs.

On the other hand, I was surprised to see Time Warp: Season 1 is available only on blu-ray.

Should Netflix buy blu-ray titles when available? Well, isn't that what I am paying extra for? However, I do understand some reluctance if higher breakage rate and more incompatibilities exist and some stalling may help get those issues straightened out between the disc manufacturers and the payer manufacturers.


I echo Rhayader's sentiments, that I wouldn't have signed up for Netflix if not for blu-ray. For DVDs, I'd have continued paying just $1 each at a kiosk.

I enjoyed Dollhouse on tv when it was aired, but if I had watched season 1 on blu-ray but then Netflix limited me to dvd for season 2, I'd have been upset. (I watched three seasons of Mad Men on blu-ray via Netflix earlier this year, and they were beautiful. There's a huge dropoff to dvd.)


hahahahahahahahaha BP that was the best post I've ever read on any site ever.

Larry Dallas

Blurays from Netflix have not stopped or slowed.

Netflix has just signed a ton of new deals (28 days) and are waiting for certain things to take effect. Ever notice right before a new deal gets signed that companies titles are hard to come by? That's because Netflix stops getting them from that company and has to go 3rd party. Which costs more. So why buy now when you can buy in a few weeks at a cost savings of a lot?

J.P. McDevitt

Definitely disappointing to me; I fear for that future date when I finally do start trying to rent all of the Criterion Blu-Rays. :-) However, I've seen Netflix do things like this in the past. They still don't have the David Lynch Lime Green box set, which has a bunch of previously unreleased material (one inclusion is Lost Highway, which Netflix has ONLY the gross fullscreen version of). And from what I can gather they never got the newer DVD releases of Star Trek: The Original Series because they have those old DVDs with like 2 episodes each. They did get the Blu-Rays though.

So at least we don't have to read this as a rejection of Blu-Ray, since with certain DVD titles they never bothered upgrading from crappy old releases to newer DVDs either.


I'm ticked off about the Seven bluray. Still not available from netflix


To the person saying Blu-rays are not being adopted - not true. Market penetration is very good - google it.

Hmmm. I Googled it. I guess it depends on what you consider to be "very good."

I saw some articles indicating that DVD players are starting to lose market share to Bluray players...the basic assumption being that the manufacturers are beginning to phase out DVD players due to Bluray's ability to play both.

However, at blu-raystats.com, it looks like the market share of Bluray disc sales keeps hovering around 10-14%. This doesn't appear to represent any change over 2009's stats. Perhaps you were looking somewhere else.

I've personally been avoiding Bluray due to several factors, such as players bricked by firmware updates, higher cost, upconverted DVD's looking "good enough," streaming titles vs discs, etc.

I will likely skip it entirely and wait for the day when all HD content is available to stream at a reasonable price.


"Netflix charges an extra monthly fee for Blu-ray ($4 extra on the 3-out) to offset the higher cost of Blu-ray purchases, so is Netflix obligated to purchase Blu-ray discs? "

YES. Yes, yes, unequivocally YES. Or don't charge extra. Peroid.

david v

of course they should be buying catalog blu ray titles. it's not like they have to buy 50 copies of each movie for each distribution center, but to not buy a movie at all?

when a studio restores a film from looking muddy, dark & damaged to the quality of it's original theatrical release, that's the version i want to see.

that said, they're slowing, they haven't stopped. Forbidden Planet, THX 1138 & The Thin Red Line are older titles, released recently, available on blu ray. so they haven't quit, they could just be a bit better with it.

Captain Celluloid


NETFLIX is obligated to purchase all new Blu Ray releases
and that would include RE-MASTERS, DIRECTORS CUTS, and ALL the discs of Blu Ray Special Editions.

If you charge money for the service it MUST be fully supported.

TO BE CLEAR: NETFLIX has a legal obligation to support, and support EQUALLY, the services it offers.


I have been using Netflix streaming more of late since they added
more new TV shows ie 30 ROCK and I have to say it looks pretty darn good and I'm pretty happy with it AS AN OPTION . . . .

That said, the fact remains
that the picture and audio quality of streamed feature films is sub-DVD quality and that should be unacceptable to anyone.

Streaming is definitely the Wave of the Nearing Future and I have no issue with that . . . .

BUT IT AIN'T HERE YET re; not in quality OR not in selection. . .

The issue I DO have is that quality is being jettisoned in favor
of expediency.

NETFLIX can quote all the statistics they like about how many people watch streaming video . . . . that in no way
exempts NETFLIX from it's obligation to fully support Blu Ray and DVD.

I sense the risk of throwing far too many babies out with
far too little bath water.

What we could likely end up in the short term is mediocre
physical disc selection to make way for mediocre streaming selection and quality.

Where is THAT a good idea.

Where is the OUTRAGE?


With Hastings mentioning the importance of streaming vs DVD in the earnings call, I think that does not bode well for blu-ray rentals. Besides when (if?) netflix delivers 10800 5.1 sound streaming, will blu-ray really matter much? Sure blu-ray may still give a better picture, will it matter to the average subscriber?


@ Captain Celluloid

Wow, you're a wanker.


@Captain Celluloid, No they do not have a LEGAL obligation to FULLY support Blu-Ray. If you disagree, then you could sue. I think they do have an obligation to provide you with as many BR's as they economically can. The extra cost of some of the really expensive BR just might end up costing more than the $4 warrants. Do you think they should buy every BR, no matter the cost, but then they are limited to only charging $4? It would be like any studio a blank check. There needs to be cost control in any all you can eat environment where the customer price is fixed.

If everyone thought Netflix should buy every BR, the studios would force Netflix to pay more and more, just like Fox is doubling the price of its networks for Cablevision. It is the same dynamic.

If the normal 3 at a time person gets 12 a month, then he is only paying .33 cents a DVD extra. If he only gets one BR a week, then he is paying $1 extra per BR watched. It is either a good value, or it isn't. I don't think Netflix cares if you go back to straight DVD, I am betting they only entered into the BR market take care of those that wanted it, I am sure the extra costs involved aren't worth it to them.

I actually see the point if some believe they are not getting the value of the $4. Everyone needs to make the determination. Some it seems want to much though, and the complaints are way over the top. As a value judgment I don't think BR is worht it, but I am not asking Netflix to give it to me for free, like many here did.

J.P. McDevitt

Hahaha, at first I thought Celluloid was being sarcastic but now I'm not sure. I agree with everything after his first 5 paragraphs though.


If Netflix is going to charge a $4 premium for Blu-Ray discs, they have an obligation to have a reasonable number of copies of most discs. However, I don't think they have an obligation to make every item that is available on Blu-Ray available in sufficient quantities so as to avoid all customer complaints. Clearly, a relatively small number of Netflix customers are interested in Blu-Ray discs, and it is questionable (at least at this time) whether a sufficient number will sign up for Blu-Ray to allow Netflix to keep large numbers of Blu-Ray discs in stock.

Although it is hard to be sure without knowing the numbers of Blu-Ray subscribers, it sounds like Blu-Ray is a lose/lose proposition for Netflix. They've had to add to their costs, but are unlikely to able to use the option as a true way to increase their customer base (and profits). I have a feeling Netflix might be in better shape if they had just decided to skip Blu-Ray.

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