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THIS IS SO STUPID. If there was anything that could drive me away from Netflix, it would be waiting even longer for ALL new releases. Bullshit, really.


i have to agree with Nick. i dont understand how this could be a good thing for netflix.


Honestly, not many new releases are available for instant. So how is this paying off for a customer?


This delay stuff isn't what Netflix wants to do so why blame them? This is coming from the studios. Netflix is actually pretty smart to be able to use it to their advantage of getting more material for streaming. The studios were going to do this anyway so Netflix should be applauded for managing to get something out of it.

Steve I

Flip side of the delay for new releases on disc is that MANY more titles in the back catalogs have been added to streaming over the last year. I'm not that wrapped up in "this" that I HAVE to have the disc in my hands the day it gets released...28 days later is OK with me.


I'm always way behind on renting new releases anyway, so the 28 day delay hasn't affected me at all. If the tradeoff means more streaming availability, I'm fine with it.


I don't mind the wait either. The convenience of having more streaming titles is worth it IMHO. It would be nice if it was in HD...but I won't hold my breath on that.

Will Dearborn



I can't stand streaming!!! I will be going to blockbuster!!!!!!!


This move hasn't gotten the new releases (28 days later) to me any quicker than before however if it helps get streaming titles I'm fine with it. But I sure don't notice any more new release availability.


I get new releases much, much quicker after these deals and also like all the new streaming titles that have become available over the last few months. Good job.


No. Availability of New Releases has NOT improved. If you don't get a new release shipped on the Netflix release date, then lot's of luck.


Yeah more streaming from Sony.

I don't mind. Plus usually when I want to see a new release I get it quicker after the 28 day wait than before.

It's not the end of the World. Still plenty of stuff to watch. I don't care. Old or new. If I haven't seen it.... It's new to me & that's what counts as a movie lover.

Like DUDE!


No one cares bra.

You do whatever you wanna do. Blockbuster needs people to support them as they are hurting for Money from not doing the 28 wait dealeo.

They are joining with Comcrapst I heard so both companies can try and stay alive or whatever. That's totally like a shit sandwich with shit bread but whatever dudes.

You're an adult. If you don't like Netflix you don't have to use them. Simple as that.

Alright Dude? Stop yelling how you can't stand streaming and how it's ruining America.


I stream about 90% of the movies I watch, so it works out well for me.

It's also very rare that a movie is so great that I can't wait 30 days to see it at home. If it's that great, I probably saw it in the theatre already.


lean how to spell dude!! streaming is for lazy people get off you ass and put that remote down!!!!!


The whining over the 28 day delay is adolescent.

Remember kids, it wasn't so long ago that home video releases did not occur for many months, sometimes almost a year, after a movie stopped showing in the theater.

Nowadays, many of this past summer's movies are already on DVD/Blu-ray. Even with a 28 day delay you will still see a movie much closer to its original theatrical release than was possible (legally) in the past.

It's just whining otherwise...a generation with way overdone expectations.


Seems like it won't make any difference to me. The last season of Lost came out on August 24th and I am still waiting for it. So, 28 day delay would speed things up!


So much to watch through streaming could care less for the mostly junk of " new releases" Many people need to have the latest releases goto redbox....Netflix is for movie lovers of all genres and decades not just the latest which is not the the greatest.....


I am much more excited about the new technology that allows me to stream in dvd to hd quality than I am about seeing new releases when they come out. I actually joined Netflix to get access to movies Redbox and the local video store don't have. If it's something new I really want to see I'll rent and return it somewhere for a dollar. Is that competition for Netflix? I don't think so. I'm completely with Crow. If I haven't seen it before, it's new. Could anyone in their right mind say that all movies released prior to last year are obsolete and not as entertaining? No way!
Unless you're disabled or live miles from a town without transportation, you can get any dvd you want the day you want it. Otherwise get P2P.
"I can't stand streaming! I am going to Blockbuster!" was obviously a joke. There won't be any Blockbusters! Jv, I got it. wink.


neek get a life!! get off your ass and stop wathching tv!! Streaming is just for people like you just what we need more tv to watch!!!!!


Why did Netflix spend $1 billion on Epix content if they are making deals directly with the sudios?
Think about it...........

Vinnie Vegas

Thanks to the delay I get new titles mailed out to me on the day of their Netflix release and receive them in the mail the following day. The new streaming titles that NetFlix has picked up with these deals have been blessings as well.


jv, you are incensed at Netflix because you want your movies NOW, but you are telling those that are calmly saying they can wait to get a life??????? HA.

If streaming takes the place of renting, cable or watching just whatever is on, it doesn't mean they are watching more. In this case we are just enjoying it cheaper without giving the studios our hard earned cash. Get a life yourself!

James M.

I don't care about the release window for movies, but it really sucks for TV shows. Studios intentionally release the previous season of a TV show on DVD in the run-up to the next season beginning to air. Adding a 28 day delay screws everything up if you need to catch up before the new season starts.


I totally agree with James M. Not a big deal for movies, but stinks for tv shows.


Is there a delay for the TV shows? If so, they should rethink it. I see where they intentionally do that, the reason they do it still applies, if they want to create interest for the new season, they should then choose not to delay a Netflix release.

I think they should release the series a little earlier anyway. The way they do it, there usually isn't enough time to see the series before the new one starts, even if you were to buy it. A month earlier would be nice.

Obama Fan

Please stop acting like you can't wait 28 days for a dvd. Get a life.

Like DUDE!


"lean how to spell dude!!" -JV

You're cute. LOL! Awwwww..... I just wanna squeeze your cheek. On your face. I know you're a Gym teacher and all but I don't play that way.

You can whine all you want on how America is lazy and were destroying the awesome difficultness renting use to be. "People need to race to the video store and return that flick before midnight. It builds character!" -JV would say.

Go ahead keep it up. Well just ignore you. In fact I am no longer going to comment on any little widdle thing you say. Okay?

Have a nice day Bra. Keep fightin the good fight! If you don't then who will? Nobody! That's who. You are the real Ameri-CAN! CAN DO! Woo who!

Later DUDE! ;)


You know what's funny? Reading people who whine about people whining.

If you think people upset about the delayed new releases need a life -- what about the people who are upset that people are upset? I wonder if a lot of people just get up in the morning looking to belittle people who have heartfelt beliefs about something. Look, they pay for the service, they have every right to complain. Heck, even if they were getting it for free, they'd still have the right to their opinion.

Same with the friends feature and folks who were upset that got removed. They have the right to their opinion, and that's why comment sections are around -- to share their opinion. Shame on people who try to belittle folks for having a viewpoint and being passionate about something.

The 28-day delays don't really bother me much, personally. I still feel like I'm getting good bang for my buck, and getting new releases the second they come out isn't a huge thing for me (Though obviously it was better when they weren't delayed). But I respect people's right to feel differently, and can appreciate why they would, since previously part of the service was being able to get something same day as DVD -- and now that's gone. I understand why folks wouldn't want to get less for the same price.

A Movie A Day (A.M.A.D.)

Every time I make a humorous comment about whining about not whining, something happens to that post. I'm making a statement about how I'm pleased with the content of streaming (some made possible by the deals that Netflix made with the studios for extended licenses and with Starz and EpixHD), along with a statement about whiners stating stupid things about dropping Netflix over the 28 day wait from various studios.

If you want a complaint about windows, here's one about the double D's or the Disney Disappointed. Everytime someone comes through my line at work with a copy of Beauty and the Beast, I ask them if they knew that it was the Blu-ray version of the film. If they knew that it was, fine. If not, I give them the spiel about Disney's Blu-ray marketing and the release daye for the standard DVD. About 75 percent pass on buying the Blu cause it's not the standard version of the movie.

If they can wait 6 more weeks to get that Disney film, it should be easy for some to wait 4 weeks to get films like The Karate Kid.

By the way, if you think it's wrong to wait 4 weeks for The Karate Kid, check out the Karate Kid animated series on Watch Instantly. It is just overflowing with "wrong".


This is all about bottom line , they DO NOT buy more copies , if you dont get movies back by monday you WILL NOT get a new release

Thanks Netflix !


@John ...and you're upset about people being upset about people being upset, which is even funnier.

It seems like Netflix is heading towards having the best online catalog instead of having the lastest releases first, which I think makes a lot of sense the way things are going. Yeah, some people are going to be disappointed. I'm in the "stop whining about 28 days" camp. There's so much to watch it doesn't make a lot of difference, and DVD rerlease dates are already somewhat arbitrary (aside from the TV issue mentioned above). And anyway, maybe someday Netflix will be so powerful in the streaming world that they'll be able to negotiate better terms for online streaming of new releases.


netflix is working for the long haul and doing more with streaming content. I applaud Netflix for how they are doing their business. I would rather have more streaming content then access to content on day 1 of release.


Personally, I enjoy streaming and DVD's. I can understand why Netflix is attempting to bring more on-line for streaming (CEO's goal has always been to make ALL titles available for streaming, it has just taken him longer than he projected; he has never given up that goal).
All-in-all: this is entertainment, not life and death; I can live with waiting for a DVD when there is so much to watch, even if I really was looking forward to something).
The Office came out on disk a month ago - within 3 weeks it was available on instant: this is an example of Netflix' deal with NBC, they did as they said they would.
Who cares if someone makes a spelling error?


If I really don't want to wait for a movie I reserve it at the library. It's not a problem. It's amazing how many new releases for both Hollywood and foreign movies I can get that way.
So far I've mostly noticed foreign and indie films being made available for streaming -- and I do watch some of those, so that is good. Sure, more would be better, but as it is I have more than enough to watch.







Like someone else, I've got so many movies in my queue, waiting an extra month or so isn't going to kill me. However, if I do need to watch something immediately I can always run down to Redbox.


Soon all budget rentals (NF,RB,BBE) will have a 28 day delay. I am not counting BB as i think their retail store are going out of business within a year. Just in my area RB has installed 4 machines with in 2 miles radius of the only BB retail store. One of the RB machines is at a Walgreens across the street and BBE has one machine in the same shopping center as the BB retail store.

You either wait 28 days or rent it for $5 VOD. That’s what the movie houses want and that’s what we are going to get. For does complaining about the 28 days soon there will be no complaining because you will have no choice. You either pay up or shut up.


That JV guy is funny.

Complains about laziness then says blockbuster ... must be a kid or something.

Netflix has awesome content, they are making deals to survive and get more content on streaming. I find it hard to give credence to complainers unless they have seen every movie netflix has made. It just seems negater's main complaint is new releases ... honestly ... you can't wait 28 days? Really? Your life is that desperate that you can't watch any of Netflix's other 1000's of movies really.

The WB deal is working. I've seen a few WB titles show up on streaming. Just saw Justice League: Crisis on two worlds over streaming. Its getting there ...

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